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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Expect The Unexpected…Mafo! (Episode 8)[18+]
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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Expect The Unexpected…Mafo! (Episode 8)[18+]


It was a strange instruction, but we all obeyed. Most of us took a seat on the couch.

We whispered amongst ourselves, even though Big Brother had not told us to be quiet.

“new task?”


“new housemates?”

I noticed I was getting drowsy. Which was strange, because it was only about 2.30 pm.

I tried to read the clock, but my eyes were having problems seeing. Or staying open. From the sounds around me, everyone else was having the same problems.

My limbs felt so heavy.

‘I’ll just close my eyes for a moment’, I thought ,’to gather my strength…’


I woke up somewhere new. I was alone.

It looked like a hotel suite. It smelled like a hotel suite. It sounded like a hotel suite, the minibar hum in the corner.

I stood up groggily, feeling slightly hung-over and walked to the main door. Locked.

I looked around the suite. There was of course a bed. To my surprise, I had clothes on. The clothes I had worn when I first arrived at the Big Brother house. Someone had dressed me while they were moving me.

I looked back at the bed. It was large. It could probably hold four people. I sat on it, testing its softness. It was perfect. Not too hard, not too soft. Exactly as I liked it.

I moved around the suite a bit more.

The bathroom was large too, with a corner Jacuzzi, as well as a large shower cubicle and two sinks. I noticed that five toothbrushes in five different colours waited on the side.

Then I went to the attached living room. Inside were two sofas, both pointing at a large TV. Next to the TV were the latest games consoles, each with four controllers and a wide variety of games.

On the other side of the wall, five slightly smaller TVs were set up. As I looked more closely, I could see my housemates in each one. They all appeared to be in identical-looking hotel rooms. Some of them were looking at the TVs, like me. Others were still walking around. The CCTV camera footage followed them wherever they went.

I waved at the housemates on the TVs. Sandra and Anayo both noticed on their own screens and waved from their respective living rooms.

After so long together, 24/7, being alone felt so strange.

The main TV turned itself on. Static filled the screen, but a familiar voice came from the speakers. I could see from the 5 screens that it was happening for everyone at the same time.


The voice paused for a moment, before continuing.


Another dramatic pause.



I wolfed down the food provided (a perfectly cooked steak) and waited around in the hotel suite, wondering what would happen. What did Big Brother mean by ‘roommates’?

I thought over the bizarreness of the past few weeks.

I entered a reality TV show called ‘Big Brother Oniranu’. I had been trapped in a house with 11 other housemates from all over the world. After the first day, they removed most of our clothes, and we spent the following week in our underwear.

Then they started eliminating us, one by one, using a series of tasks or challenges. Usually sexual in nature. We had blowjob competitions. The men had raced to be the first to creampie in a sexual ‘hide and go seek’ game around the house. The women had been forced to fuck in front of the people they cared about most. We’d spent 24 hours together in the same room and we’d survived three dominatrixes forcing us into humiliation. We added a housemate and lost far more. Now there were only six of us.

Except now they had all been separated, and placed in large hotel suites, completely alone. Instead, five small TV monitors let us watch each other’s rooms.

I was clothed again, and waiting under Big Brother’s instructions, for visitors to my hotel suite.

I still had over an hour to go. I watched the small screens for a few minutes, showing my Big-Brother housemates in their separate rooms. They were all like me, sitting or walking around alone. There was no way to put on sound, so I made a few supportive hand gestures to the ones watching their screens too.

After that, I loaded up one of the video game consoles connected to the huge normal TV and played the latest pes soccer game. I hadn’t played it before and soon found myself engrossed.

There was a knock at my door. I glanced at the only clock in the room. 18:00 exactly. Time for my new ‘roommates’ to arrive.

Pausing the game, I opened the door.

A tall woman with dark brown hair and almost no makeup walked through the doorway. “Good evening,” she said with a smile.

“I am Ezinne.” She was tall but curvy in the right places. She looked like a supermodel.

I held my hand out for a handshake, but she refused.

“Non. I cannot touch you until everyone is here. I will wait in the living room.”

At that she just walked past me, sitting in the living room.

Next through the door was a guy who introduced himself as Kola. He had an “Americanized” accent but told me he was originally from Ekiti. His skin was slightly brown, and he was a few inches taller than me. He was wearing a smart shirt and trousers. He too walked through the bedroom and into the living room.

A woman with dreadlocks walked in next. She was a bit shorter than me, and her skin had tattoos on her arms and shoulders. She looked like a gangster, and told me to call her “Bisi”. I asked her where she was from. “Ogun state” was her reply, without giving more of an explanation. She too went into the living room. I realized none of them was talking. They were just sitting, watching me. It was a little weird.

The final roommate was shy, creeping in, rather than strolling in boldly like the other housemates. She looked about 21, had a skinny body and wore nerd glasses.

“Um..how far. I mean hi. I’m Natasha.”

“Hello, Natasha” I replied, trying to make her more at ease. “It’s nice to meet you. Please come in. The others are in the living room.

I double-checked the door, but nobody else was coming. So I walked into the living room with my four new roommates.

“Um..hi?” I said as they all stood waiting in silence for me, once they had all sat down. Natasha and Ezinne were on a sofa, Kola relaxed in an armchair and Bisi was cross-legged on the floor. “I don’t know what will happen now.”

“Didn’t Big Brother explain?” asked Kola quizzically.

I shook my head.

“It’s quite simple.” He explained. “We will share this hotel suite with you for the next 24 hours. After that, you choose one of us to come back with you to the Big Brother house.”

Bisi explained more. “And we will win A LOT of money if we go to the house with you, so we will do ANYTHING to get you to choose us. ANYTHING.”

“OK?” I said, trying to take it in. “So…you’ll do basically whatever I say for the next 24 hours, in the hope I choose you? You’re basically my slaves?”

“Yes” replied Ezinne, slightly dismissively. “Fuck, talk, sleep, ass, pussy, mouth. As you will.”

“ummm…” the young Natasha spoke softly. “…everything must be our choice, and we can leave any time we want if we’re not comfortable. But yes, you’re kinda in charge. So…um…what do you…um… want to do?”

I stood in stunned silence, trying to understand this crazy moment.

“Fuck?” suggested Ezinne, already starting to strip.

“Wow!” I replied quickly, pulling her top back down again. “Let’s get to know each other a bit first.”

I turned to the guy. “And I’ll be honest Kola, guys aren’t really my thing.”

Kola laughed. “I’ll have you know I’ve turned straighter guys than you! Anyway, there’s more to life than sex. I’m smart, I’m funny and I’m great at computer games. Plus I look amazing. And I’m bi, so I’ll make sure everyone is having a good time around you. You’ll choose me at the end, don’t worry!”

“OK”, I said, starting to feel more confident as I understand the rules of the day. “Give me a moment to think.”

I paced around the living room, thinking about my next move. I had a quick look at the cameras. All other housemates had guests in their rooms too. The same split – 3 of the opposite gender, 1 of the same.

Most were still talking to their new guests, but Chris was already receiving a double blowjob in his room from two of his female guests.

I knew I could do exactly the same if I wanted. I could just say the word and all of them would be naked and in the bed for me. And knowing Big Brother, I was sure the evening would develop that way eventually anyway.

I moved again, walking to the large selection of video games and consoles. I changed PES into Need For Speed. I passed each of my ‘guests’ a controller. Then I sat down on the empty couch, nearest the TV.

“OK – my room, my rules. We’ll play computer games together. Strip car racing. Every time you lose a race, you take off a piece of clothing and you pass on the controller since only 4 can play at a time.”

Everyone agreed. Kola excused himself from the first game to go to the bathroom, so I played against the girls.

Ezinne was hopeless and lost the first game terribly. Bisi wasn’t terrible, coming a close third. Natasha beat me by seconds. She had clearly played it before.

Ezinne stood up, took off her top, (bringing herself down to a light pink bra), and passed the controller to the returned Kola. Instead of sitting back down in her former seat, she sat next to me.

As the next race started, she slowly began playing with my neck, then stroking my arm as I tried to stay on the road race course. Soon she was whispering into my ear in her sexy voice. “I have been watching you, Tobi. We all have. We’re all big fans of the show. I cannot wait to see your big cock in real life. I cannot wait to have you stick it into my ass.”

I lost the race (due to Ezinne’s little distractions), and all four of the housemates seemed pleased when I took off my t-shirt, my upper body now bare, though there was a timidness from Natasha. The other three looked ravenous, and if I’d told them to get onto the bed, they would be naked in moments.

As I was sitting out the next race, I quickly popped into the bathroom, while trying to work out what I was going to do with them next. Ezinne took her place on the other sofa again next to Natasha, leaving ‘my’ couch empty.

When I returned, they were waiting for me. Bisi had lost that race, and was now topless, sitting exactly where Ezinne had been before – waiting for my return. Her boobs looked amazing, with henna swirls all around. I wondered if the rest of her body had henna patterns too.

I took up my controller as we played yet again. As the race started, Bisi moved her hand down to my trousers, and slowly unzipped them. Then she reached her hand down and pulled my cock out from my boxers. As I desperately tried to keep gaming, she put her head down and started giving me a blowjob. She was good too, a real pro.

The race ended, and I ended up in 3rd place, but only because Ezinne was truly awful at video games.

Bisi grudgingly moved away from me at Ezinne’s insistence. Before the next race had even begun, Ezinne’s head began bobbing up and down on my cock. She had chosen to remove her skirt rather than her bra, and so was now in just her underwear.

My time in the big brother house had done wonders for my sexual stamina, and I somehow managed to keep from cumming for two more races. It helped that I could focus on the game, rather than the amazing feeling my cock was experiencing.

Bisi lost again, and removed her trousers, so she was only in her panties (which were surprisingly feminine compared to the gangster look she had been wearing earlier). She made moaning noises as she sucked on my cock while all around us we focused on the TV screen.

The next loser was Kola, surprisingly. He seemed to deliberately lose, especially considering that Ezinne was playing. Removing his shirt, he sat next to me, giving me a cunning smile.

“Um, I’m not comfortable with you giving me a blowjob” I said to him honestly, pausing the game before he could put his head over my cock.

“That’s a shame. But you’ve got to let me please you somehow. It’s only fair. How about I just play with it with my hand for a while?”

I reluctantly agreed, but also made the choice for the shortest racetrack in the game.

I was already close, but it took me by surprise how good Kola was at giving hand jobs, and halfway through the course, I suddenly felt myself cumming! It shot over his hand and onto the carpet in front of the sofa. Kola had a satisfied look on his face, even more so than me.

I paused the game to get paper towels to clean the mess, but Bisi stopped me.

“I’m a Neo-Pagan. We believe all acts of sexuality are acts of worship, and the seeds that come with those acts are sacred.”

With two fingers she carefully scooped up the cum now sitting on the carpet, and began to wipe it on herself, over her shoulders and thighs, making swirling patterns on herself. Finally, she licked her fingers clean.

“Wow,” I said, just as shocked as everyone else. “OK. Um..I’m going to go to the bathroom, and clean myself up a bit. Then we’re going to do something else. Maybe something Natasha isn’t quite so good at.”

It was true – Natasha hadn’t lost a single game. Most of the rest of us were in our underwear or at least had our tops exposed (though nobody was fully naked). Natasha was still fully clothed.

I quickly popped into the bathroom again and used some towels and warm water to clean my dick. I thought about my new roommates. How was I meant to choose one to bring into the Big Brother house?!

When I came back out, I glanced at the screens, showing my Big Brother housemates. There was no sound, but the pictures were very revealing.

Sandra was apparently just sitting and talking with her guests. They were all clothed, except for her only female guest, who was completely naked.

Mirabel was in the middle of a huge orgy on her bed. It was hard to tell exactly what was going on, as limbs were constantly moving.

Hadiza was on the bed being fucked missionary by one of her guys, while the other two guys and woman just sat talking in their other room.

Anayo was in the bathroom, the only place the cameras didn’t show. But he was in there with at least one of the ladies and his male companion.

Chris was sitting with his 4 housemates on the sofas, just watching a movie. But since they were all naked, I guessed they’d already had at least one massive sex session.

‘Everyone one of these guys is also going to bring in a new housemate’ I thought, as I watched the screens. ‘Sarah’s going to choose someone from her orgy, Chris from his. Whoever tries hardest to mend Sandra’s broken heart will also be in, as well as whoever pleases Hadiza and Anayo most.’

I looked back over to my waiting housemates. Bisi was talking quietly to Natasha, while Ezinne was making small talk with Kola. But they were just killing time. They were waiting for my instructions like the willing slaves they were. Willing to do anything to be chosen by me.

“OK, everyone. My room, my rules. I’m in my boxers, so you should be too. Clothes off, panties or boxers only.”

Obediently, they all finished undressing, though Natasha was hesitant to remove her bra. When she did, she had skin just as beautiful as Bisi, and had the smallest boobs which she was trying to shyly cover with her arm.

Kola didn’t have boxers, he had a tiny pair of white y-fronts, which bulged with his excited cock.

Ezinne and Bisi both looked completely relaxed in just their small panties.

“Right, it’s time for an interview. I want to get to know you all. I’ll ask the questions, you give me the answers. First question – name, age, country, job and orientation”

“I’m Kola, I’m 27. I’m from Ekiti. I’m a Banker based in the US and I’m Bi, though I have a preference for men to be honest. I like the strength men have.”

“Ezinne, 31, Imo, Model. I prefer men, but I will sleep with the girls if that will make you ‘happy.”

“Call me Bisi. I’m 23. I was born in Ogun, but I was relocated to Germany when I was young. I’m a dance instructor and economics student. I told you already, my religion believes all sexual contact is sacred and an act of pure worship.”

“Ummm…I’m Natasha, I’m from Benue. I’m 21. I’m studying mass communication at UNILAG. I want to be on radio one day. I’m pretty much straight, I guess. I mean, I could try it, with a girl, if you wanted.”

“OK. So far, so good.” I told them. “Favourite sexual position.”

Again, Kola answered first. He was not shy at all, and he wanted me to know it. “When I’m kneeling on the bed, he’s got his big cock stretching my asshole and my right hand is jacking myself off as I bite down on a pillow.”

“Wow, OK. Ezinne?”

“All is all. Maybe when I am on the top. I like to have control. I too like it in the arse. It feels good for me.”

“As I said before,” said Bisi, knowing it was her turn to speak “all sex is worship for me, and there are many ways I like to worship. If I am with a woman, or women…” (she smiled playfully at Ezinne and Natasha) “…I like 69. I think that circle of pleasure is so godly. If I am with a man, the cowgirl feels most holy to me, though all positions have their own form of worship.”

Natasha spoke very softly, extremely unsure of herself. “Um…maybe doggie, or missionary?”

I had a theory about Natasha and used my next question to confirm it.

“Two more questions, then we’re going to move to the bedroom.” All but Natasha seemed pleased to be finally moving out of the living area. When they knew they would be on Extreme Big Brother, I don’t think any of them expected to play PS4!

“Question one – when and how did you lose your virginity?”

This time Ezinne was the first to speak. “With my step-brother. Our parents left us alone for the weekend. We were old enough. We drank some wine. We had the sex. First time for the both of us.”

Next was Kola. “First time was with my school sweetheart. It was in our old school storeroom, after dark when the school was closed. We both just turned 18. I wasn’t very good back then. I didn’t last twenty seconds, and came inside her, though I promised that I wouldn’t. She got angry. We had a fight. She left. I cried. The school PHE teacher overheard me. He asked what was wrong. I told him. He told me some techniques for lasting longer.

Then he told me I was a handsome young man, and then he took off his trousers and gave me a practical demonstration of his techniques. He lasted a lot longer than twenty seconds.”

“Mmm,” said Bisi. “I feel the energy of your story.” She started rubbing her pussy from outside her panties. “The sexual wisdom imparted by the very act of…”

“Bisi… later,” I told her firmly. “Story first.”

She calmed herself down. “I was raised very religiously. Catholic. I was told sex was something for marriage, and then it was a duty, not a pleasure. When I got to university, I met a guy who challenged my beliefs. Through him, I realized there was more to religion than the rules. That life itself is a thing to be worshipped.

We held our own ceremony under the full moon in a nearby forest. I lost my virginity under the full moon’s rays. Every year since then, on the 13th moon, I have taken a boy, or a girl, or a group, to that same place to rededicate ourselves to the covenant of life.”

“I’m an atheist,” replied Kola, “but THAT isn’t a religion for full disclosure”

We all looked at Natasha, waiting for her to speak. She confirmed my suspicions.

“Umm…I can’t tell you anything. I’m still a virgin.”

We sat in silence, shocked by what she was saying. It was not that she was ugly – she wasn’t. She was pretty, in a nerdy way. It wasn’t that she was old – she was still young, only 18. It was the fact she had come onto Big Brother ONIRANU’…as a virgin.

“You’ve never been with a guy?” Asked Ezinne in shock. “never? “Have you ever seen a cock?”

“um…” she answered, clearly uncomfortable “I’ve seen on. And I’ve given a blowjob before. Once. But I’ve never…you know. It’s never been…in me.”

“OK” I said, filling the silence. “Natasha, let’s talk privately, in the bathroom maybe? Everyone else, amuse yourselves for a few minutes.”

She walked sheepishly into the bathroom with me, as if I was going to tell her off. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Natasha,” I said, softly, once the door was closed “I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable. I’m worried about you. Big Brother Oniranu is…well…90% about sex. I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. OK?”

She nodded silently.

“Tell me what was going through your mind when you agreed to come on the show.”

She smiled a bit when she realized I was trying to be supportive. “Well, I’m not religious or anything. I just haven’t found the right guy yet. But I’ve been watching the show. I liked all of you, Ahmed especially (but he’s left now..), and so I applied on a whim. When the producers heard I was a virgin, they said I was just what they were looking for.

They wanted six virgins to go into each of the six rooms. And I thought, well, you are all handsome, and I might get some prize money. I never for a second actually expected to be here with you.”

She looked down to her feet. “If you want me to leave, I will.”

I took her by both hands, the first time I’d touched her since coming into my hotel suite. “You don’t have to leave. In fact, I hope you won’t. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Sleep on the sofa, not on the bed with the rest of us. Go only as far as you’ll let yourself go. OK?”

She smiled. “OK. But later. But I won’t leave now. But…oh, you understand.”

“Yes, Natasha. I understand. Now, let’s get back to the others.”

We opened the door, and all three of the others had taken their final bits of underwear off. They were all naked and watching the other big brother housemates on the 5 TVs.

Ezinne was shaved everywhere, with the exception of a tiny strip of hair leading towards her pussy. “The landing-strip” as my old best friend used to call it.

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