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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Early Morning Knacks Are Divine (Episode 5)[18+]

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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Early Morning Knacks Are Divine (Episode 5)[18+]

DAY 6. – 6.15am

I woke up at about 6 am, from an odd noise. As my brain restarted, I realized it might have been a snore from one of the other housemates, now that we could hear and almost see each other. It was still pretty dark inside the bedrooms.

Big Brother seemed to be trying to mirror normal lighting, and the rooms started gradually brightening up.

I looked over to the sleeping Sandra. Her black hair was covering her eyes. She looked beautiful and innocent. She was still naked from our mutual masturbation. I remembered my promise to her. If I made a promise, I’m a man to keep it. But I also worried about my housemates. I didn’t want to wake them up too early, with the sound of our fucking.

I decided to keep it quiet and slowly wake Sandra. I had a feeling if I just climbed on top and began pounding away, I would fulfil her fantasy, but piss everyone else off with an early wake-up call if she screamed in either surprise or delight.

I ducked my head under the covers of the large bed and moved around until I found her pussy. Her legs were closed. I thought about pushing them open, but instead, started massaging her calf muscles and the areas near the top of her legs.

After about 20 seconds of gentle massage, her legs parted slightly as blood began to move to her lower parts.

Finally having access to her pussy, I slowly pushed my head down between her legs. I was sideways to her, giving an odd angle. Still, it was enough to get my tongue near her clit. I licked and lapped at the pussy, and soon felt juices running around my chin.

She had a different taste to any other girl I had eaten out before. It was still nice, just…different. Her legs opened completely, fully spread under the bed. I glanced my eyes up at her, but she still appeared to be sleeping.

I had a strong hunch she was now awake, as her breathing had changed, but if she wanted to keep pretending to sleep, I could fulfil her fantasy if she wanted.

I was facing the wardrobe now, rather than her head, so I slowly climbed out of bed. I walked near the wardrobe, then put my head back under the blanket. I slowly wriggled myself up, using her open legs as guidance, seeking that perfect middle. I found her pussy after a couple of seconds, and licked it again, checking she was still wet for me. She was.

I pushed my body further up, to her belly button. I licked round that too, one more hole for my tongue to investigate. Then I moved upwards, finding both her small breasts. I didn’t spend any time on them but instead found her neck…and her face. She was still apparently sleeping. I pulled myself slightly further up until my cock was starting to rub against the lips of her pussy. It was now or never.

I slowly eased my cock into her open pussy. She was the tightest of the girls I had fucked in the house, and I was glad I had spent the time on foreplay, her juices helping me slide in and out.

She opened her eyes, sleepily. It was fake, showing to me that she truly had been awake long before I entered, but I played along with her game. I changed my rhythm from a regular beat, into short, strong movements with long pauses between.

“Good Morning…(thrust)”. I said to her softly. “Was this..(thrust) what you wanted… (thrust)?”

“Mmm…” she replied “Yes…this is…(oooh) what I…(oooh)…wanted. It was …(oooh)…perfect…(oooh). You’re so…(ahhhh)…big inside me…OOOH!

She moved her hands over my shoulders and pulled my head down, so she could start kissing me. She almost bit me accidentally after one strong thrust, so I shifted into a soft, steady rhythm instead. We weren’t fucking, we were making love.

We kept going, in a simple missionary for much longer than I normally would. I usually like to vary the positions far more. But this just felt right. Eventually, my hips began to tire from being on top. I rolled next to her, back into the spooning position we had spent yesterday in while watching the others enjoying their moment. Now it was ours.

I angled myself around behind her, and she lifted her right leg slightly, allowing me into her pussy from behind. I moved my right hand over and played with her from the front, while I pushed inside her behind. But she moved a hand over and stopped me from massaging her. I pulled out, and slightly away. She rolled over to face me.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered, still trying to keep the noise down as much as possible.

“It’s nothing,” she said. “Just not a good angle for me. It didn’t feel good.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, honestly. “What do you prefer? Do you want to go back to missionary?”

“Hmmm,” she said, thinking. It was a bit of a sad noise. “I’m not sure. I thought this was what I wanted, but now I don’t know.”

My brain fought against my primal nature and tried to calm down. Everything animal inside me wanted to climb on top of her and finish what I had started, but my civilized brain won.

“OK. We’ll stop for the moment. I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

“Thank you” she whispered, truly meaning it.

There was a loud fake cough from the left. We looked over, and saw Mirabel, at the frosted glass wall, waving.

“If you’re not using him, maybe you can let him come over here?” She said, still quite soft. “You woke us up, and Chris was not pleased. So I suggested I do something to make the two boys happy. And if Tobi is free as well…?”

I put my hand up to Mirabel, to show I needed to check with Sandra.

“Go,” she said, simply.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Go have fun.” She replied.

“Come and watch,” I told her.

“Maybe in a minute,” she said. “I think I need a few moments alone.”

“Sure.” I replied gently. I kissed her lightly on the forehead. “And later, we will talk, OK?”

She made an agreeing noise as I got out of the bed. My cock had already begun to deflate, and Mirabel had moved away from the window. I opened the door, naked, and walked a little along to corridor, to Chris, Mirabel and Ahmed’s room. I tapped gently on the door, and Ahmed opened it. He was naked, with a fully erect cock. It was a little intimidating, pointing straight out at me.

“Morning?” I said, hesitantly. He didn’t say anything. He beckoned me in with a simple movement of his head. I walked in, telling him not to fully close the door, in case Sandra came to join us.

As I entered, Chris was standing at the foot of the bed. Mirabel was kneeling on the floor in front of him, sucking his big dick. She was completely naked, her boobs giggling as she moved her mouth up and down on the cock. Ahmed, still silent, stood next to Chris, two sides of a triangle. As soon as his cock got near her, she grabbed it with a hand and started to move it up and down in quick, vigorous strokes.

I realized my place, and joined them, completing the triangle. Mirabel cupped my balls, still sucking away at my friend’s dick. This really was like a porn movie.

She stopped sucking Chris’s, and moved onto mine. I’ve never shared a woman before, but I was enjoying it. She deep throated me for thirty seconds, then suddenly stopped and moved round to give Ahmed his turn in her warm mouth.

We kept going like this for four or five minutes, always rotating. She never let us get close to cumming, or to becoming flaccid from lack of attention.

As she was again sucking Chris, while fondling both mine and Ahmed’s balls, she said “I’ve never had (suck, suck, suck) three men at the same time before (suck suck suck). Ready to make a girl’s dream come true?”

She stood up, letting go of our privates. She knelt on the bed, seductively. “So? Who’s going where? Not my arse, Chris, or I’ll never fart again.” I glanced at the big guy, but he shrugged. I guess with a dick that big, he doesn’t often get to try anal.

Ahmed moved over to the bed and laid down. Mirabel grabbed the lube and placed lots on his cock. Then she put some on her own asshole. She knelt down, in a reverse cowgirl way, and eased him into her asshole. She slowly began sliding up and down his pole, her legs wide open, showing her available pussy.

Chris nudged my shoulder. I realized I had just been staring at the sight, without understanding it was my turn. I moved onto the bed and knelt in front of them, my knees outside of Ahmed’s together legs. With careful angling, I moved into Mirabel’s open pussy.

As I began to build a thrust, I could feel Ahmed’s cock moving inside her, through the thin walls of her pussy. It was a strange thought to think about another man’s cock, while hard fucking a woman.

I had been solely looking down at our crotches, trying to make sure our double penetration was right, so now I was confident, I looked up to kiss Mirabel. But her mouth was already full of a big cock. It wasn’t helping me get into the zone, watching him getting sucked off. I moved my eyes instead to her jiggling boobs while trying to avoid eye contact with Ahmed.

It was a very awkward angle, and after a minute, I pulled out of her pussy, and instead offered it to her mouth. Chris took my place inside her wet pussy. Ahmed just kept pushing into her asshole, not minding us. Her mouth felt great, and I could feel the tongue piercing she had been showing off all week.

She was right – it did feel different to a normal blowjob. It was distracting, reminding me it was a mouth, not a pussy, but at the same time, the metal made new and interesting sensations.

Occasionally, she would take me out of her mouth to shout something like “oh god!” or “That feel’s so good!” or “Harder, harder!”

Chris and I swapped round again. I would have taken over Ahmed’s place, but he didn’t seem to want to give up his prime spot buried inside her asshole. It was certainly her tightest hole. Not to be rude to Mirabel, but her pussy had the least grip of all the girls in the house.

“I’m getting close,” I said, half to Mirabel, and half to everyone else.

“Me too” chimed in Ahmed.

“Back to the (suck, suck, suck) circle,” said Mirabel, starting to climb off Ahmed, my cock still inside her, and her lips refusing to release Chris’s manhood.

As I slid out of her wet pussy, I saw that Sandra had indeed joined us. She had put panties and a bra on and was leaning against the wardrobe in the room. She wasn’t touching herself or anything like that. She was just watching, in the way you might watch a TV show.

Mirabel knelt back down where she had been earlier. We all stood up and circled her. She didn’t start to touch us or suck us off. Instead, she just put her head up and her mouth opened wide. “First inside, get’s a prize,” she said, in a mock voice. She stuck her tongue out, expectantly.

We all reached for our cocks, and began masturbating furiously, trying to be the first to shoot our cum into her open mouth.

“What’s the prize?” asked Chris, as we wanked.

“Guaranteed anal, later today.” She said, with a cheeky smile. “Even you, Chris, if you win”. His hands began moving even faster to that announcement.

Without warning, a small, petite hand wrapped around my cock and fast-moving hand. Sandra hugged me from behind and began helping me masturbate. I turned my upper body towards her, while still keeping my dick aimed at Mirabel. I lent down and kissed her, as she kept the up-and-down pace going.

Sandra’s tongue danced with mine, while we worked together to jack me. It felt like something I had never had before, and without even expecting it myself, I exploded over Mirabel. Though most had landed on her eyes, hair or ear, some had found her mouth. I was the winner.

It didn’t feel right to step away from the circle, while the others still wanked themselves over Mirabel. Sandra stepped away from me and moved behind Ahmed. She french kissed him and did exactly what he did for me, for him. I felt a tinge of jealousy.

Not because she was holding another man’s cock, but because her kiss with him was more passionate. Thirty seconds of her touch, and Ahmed became the second to spunk all over Mirabel, again mainly missing her open mouth.

Finally, and in full fairness, Sandra moved over to Chris. She repeated the same action. She kissed him (he had to stop and fully bend over to reach her) and then she began helping him with his hand job. He couldn’t kiss her while wanking over Mirabel, as he was just too tall. So she hugged him from the side and planted little kisses on his bare chest as she too, helped him spunk all over the waiting Mirabel.

When Chris’s final spurts finished, we all moved away, helping Mirabel to her feet. “Fantasy fulfilled?” Ahmed asked.

“Mostly,” she said, as all 5 of us began moving for the showers. “Usually at this point in my fantasy, Alex Ekubo walks in, naked, holding an ice-cream corn, but we can’t have everything, now can we?”

The shower was not for sex. We all washed, unceremoniously. Mirabel spent most of the time trying to get our cum out of her hair and eyes.

After the shower, Mirabel and the two men returned to their room. Sandra returned to ours. It was still only 7.30 am. I didn’t want to go back to bed, so instead, I moved to the large living room, found a comfortable beanbag, and wriggled myself onto it. I must have been more tired than I thought, and my eyes closed into a deep sleep.


The 9 am call from Big Brother woke me. I was surprised to see everyone else was already in the living room. I’d been so deeply asleep I didn’t hear anyone come in.

“This is the voice of Big Brother. Today’s task will be explained shortly. First, due to yesterday’s surprise double exit, we are left with an imbalance of men. This must be fixed.”

We looked around, expecting Big Brother to announce a surprise eviction. Instead, the god-like voice took a different path.

“The three remaining women, Mirabel, Sandra and Hadiza, will now cast their vote on the following two options. Option one, immediately evict the male housemate with the lowest public approval currently. Option two, have a brand new, female housemate brought in.

She will be subject to the same rules as you, and be eligible to win the final prize, just as you are. The male contestants are not permitted to vote. You have two minutes to decide before voting. Beginning now.”

Everyone’s voices started shouting at once. The girls were complaining that it wasn’t right for them to choose, while the boys were begging not to be expelled. Sandra shouted up, asking which man would be evicted, but Big Brother refused to reply.

A few days ago, that had been Ahmed. But he was no longer Mr Two Minutes. Anayo was strong and reliable, and his stamina with Hadiza last night must have won him some fans if the public only voted on the grounds of sex. But our foursome must also have gained us a few supporters. It truly was anyone’s game.

“The time is up. All housemates must be silent unless called. First to vote is…Hadiza.”

She looked around at everyone. “I’m sorry guys, but I’m here to win. And that means being the last one in the house. So I vote to evict.”

Sad and disappointed faces filled the room. Nobody was angry, yet. She had a good point. We all wanted to remove the competition and win the 100 million Naira.

“The next to vote is…Sandra.”

Sandra answered quickly, even before the voice had finished announcing her name. “It is not fair to force a boy out today, just because two girls left yesterday. I want to win, but fairly. This isn’t fair. I vote to keep the boys, and add another girl.”

The vote was tied. We all looked, silently, at Mirabel, wondering what she would decide.

“Fuck it.” She said as the robotic voice announced Mirabel’s vote. ” Bring in another girl.”

It was about ten minutes later when our new housemate arrived. She was a young beautiful woman. She said her name was Rita, and she was 21. A little taller than me, she was already in her underwear, a sexy-yet-practical matching set of white panties and white bra, holding her medium-sized boobs inside.

I’ve never known cup sizes, so I couldn’t give them a number or letter. But these boobs were great. Clearly big, but not so big that they became overpowering, or difficult to squeeze with just one hand.

She just said hi, a little overwhelmed at the sight of us all. She sat on the closest chair as Big Brother’s voice came through again.

“Today’s task is called ‘sleepover’. It will help you get to know your new housemate. You must all stay in the same room for the next 24 hours. If you move to a different room, all 8 of you must go as a single group. The shower and sauna will be set for 8 people.

The only exception to today’s rule will be for toilet breaks. These breaks will be monitored, and cannot be used to avoid other members of the house.

There will be no mandatory eviction today.”

We all looked at each other. Though we enjoyed each other’s company, our daytime was usually spent only in rotating groups of 2 or 3, taking turns in the gym, film room, cooking in the kitchen or chatting in the living room. We never spent a lot of time together as 7, or now 8.

Chris broke the silence. “You’ll all have to be very quiet when I go for my afternoon nap later!”

We all laughed and moved to the kitchen for breakfast. We moved chairs so we could all sit at one table, and listen to Rita. We asked her about her job (she works as a receptionist in an oil drilling company in Warri), her personal life (one older brother, single, never married) and her sexuality (not a virgin, straight but open to experimenting).

We also asked about what people thought of us, out in the real world. “I’m not allowed to say much” she explained. “They gave me very strict instructions. And, I don’t really know much, either.”

It turns out that Big Brother has another set of contestants, waiting in case they need to add people unexpectedly. Rita had spent the past few days alone apart from Big Brother employees, watching us on a TV. She had seen us all, up to midnight yesterday.

“That’s good,” said Sandra. “It means we don’t have to explain how quickly we have all bonded. It must seem a little odd how quickly strangers have become…” She searched for a word “…very close friends.”

Rita laughed. She had a nice laugh. “Stick twelve sexy people in a house together, in just their underwear, and of course they will become close friends!” she replied. “They will also fuck each other!” She added with another laugh. We all joined the laughter, and several people kissed the nearest person. I was near Sandra, so gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

As I ended the kiss, we all realized that nobody had gone to kiss Rita. She was the outsider. Mirabel took charge.

“OK, everyone. Bonding time, super quick. She’s got six days to catch up on.” Mirabel marched us to the big living room. “Boys and girls, in a line, please. Not you Rita.”

We made a line of 7, with Mirabel at the far end. It was like the competitive blowjob line, all facing one way. But the girls were there too, and we hadn’t removed our underwear.

“Rita…make friends,” Mirabel said with a sultry smile.

Rita walked up to Chris, the first in the line. She kissed him, passionately. As she kissed him, her hands moved into his boxer shorts. After about a minute, she broke away.

Next was Hadiza. Rita moved in and again began a passionate kiss. The girls hadn’t done much girl-on-girl kissing, especially publically, but it didn’t seem to be causing Hadiza or Rita a big problem. As Rita kissed the Hausa woman, her hands moved around her breasts and then resting between her legs for just a few seconds.

Ahmed followed, then Sandra, myself and Anayo. With each person, the same actions. Her hands were warm when they got to me, and her lips were wet with the saliva of so many other people’s kisses.

When she got to Mirabel, Rita got the surprise, as Mirabel started to squeeze the breasts and ass during their make-out session.

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