May 23, 2022

Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Early Morning Knacks Are Divine (Episode 5- Part 2)[18+]

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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Early Morning Knacks Are Divine (Episode 5- Part 2)[18+]

When Mirabel finally let the woman go, we all had a huge group hug, with Rita in the centre. It wasn’t sexual, it was for friendship.

“That’s good,” said Anayo. “Now, what do you all want to do today?”


We made a plan. The morning was a film (James Bond) until lunchtime. We cooked together, sharing the jobs of preparing Jollof rice, chicken and salad for lunch.

The afternoon was board games. We couldn’t all play one game, so half played monopoly, while the others played chess, checkers and other classic games. I was in the monopoly group and came second to Anayo.

We watched another movie (Wedding Party – Mirabel’s choice), before going to the kitchen for dinner. Again, we needed to cook, so we helped each other in preparing a dish that Ahmed called ‘Dambu Nama”’. It was good, with fried and shredded meat made with suya seasoning.

We took turns in preparing or cooking, while Ahmed instructed us.

While waiting for the meat to cook, we moved to the gym and used the equipment for half an hour. Rita could lift more weight than I could! Her body looked really sexy.

She had an athletic build, complete with a six-pack. Watching her using a treadmill, boobs bouncing up and down, then seeing her move to a lifting bench, flexing her muscles caused me to rise in excitement. I wasn’t the only one.

Chris and Ahmed started working out right next to her, trying to get her attention, and also to get a good look at her sexy body. Rita clearly noticed, but didn’t seem to mind.

We all built up an appetite, for food and more, and we wolfed down the chicken when it was ready. Many of us had our eyes on our new housemates, realizing it wasn’t just the meat we wanted to eat.

After dinner, we decided we had to test out Rita’s singing skills. However, we regretted that immediately. She was a beautiful woman, and great in the gym, but she couldn’t sing. Not without damaging our hearing, permanently.

So instead we had a go at one of those miming games, acting out films without speaking. We played boys against girls. Surprisingly, the boys won, my natural talent for drama helping us to victory.

It was 11 pm by the time we had finished the game and got ourselves a glass of wine. The wine was a fine red wine, and we soon opened another couple of bottles. We talked about the films, and the games, and the quality of the wine.

Nobody wanted to address the elephant in the room. Tonight’s sleeping arrangements.

“OK.” I said, taking charge. “I’ll say it. It’s almost time for bed. Especially as some of us…woke up earlier than others.” A giggle from Mirabel and Sandra.

“There isn’t room in any of the bedrooms for all 8 of us. So we are going to have to sleep in the living room.”

A murmur of approval floated round.

“First, we will go together into each bedroom. If it’s your room, grab a pillow and divide up the blankets. Once everyone has a pillow and something to cover themselves with, we will return to the living room, and make our beds for the night.”

“Good plan” answered Anayo. Others agreed.

We grabbed our bedding for the night and made 8 small sleeping areas. Some were on couches, while others were on the floor or trying to balance on beanbags and cushions. I chose a space on the laminate floor, in the corner of the room.

Hadiza was on a couch on the north wall, and Rita was on a sofa to my left. To my right, Ahmed had made his bed of beanbags. I used a bedsheet, folded in half so I could sleep in the middle.

“One thing we need, guys!” Mirabel said, insisting everyone joins her in the towel room before the shower. She picked up a medium-sized brown towel and urged others to take one each.

“Why do we need towels?” asked Hadiza, picking a large white towel from the huge rack.

Mirabel looked at her like she was missing something very very obvious.

“If any of us have a bit of… nighttime fun…there might be some fluids to clear away. We won’t be able to run to the showers or kitchen. Not without breaking the rules. So unless you want to wear those fluids all night, you’ll want a towel.”

Most of us thought she had a good idea, but Hadiza wasn’t sure.

“We are all together. There will be no privacy. Will anyone really want to have sex?”

“YES!” boomed Chris, without any laughter in his voice.

I decided to take charge again. “We are all adults here. And we have already seen or heard each other if nothing else.” I looked around, realizing I had seen every man and woman, with the exception of Rita, naked. And I had been inside every woman, and I had shot my seed inside every woman, save for Rita.

“Tonight, we all respect each other. Nobody does anything they are uncomfortable with. But we are all adults, and we know what adults do in the dark. It’s your choice. As long as everyone involved agrees…well…” and I gave a shrug. There were mutters of agreement going around the room.

“Now for the hard question.” I said, “Shower now, or shower tomorrow?”


With a vote of 6 to 2, we chose to shower now. Most of us were a little sweaty from our gym session earlier. We undressed, carefully, and moved into the shower. Rita looked a little self-conscious. This was her first time naked with us.

She didn’t have anything to be ashamed of. She had a beautiful body. Not feminine, in the way that Hadiza was, or Mirabel. She was more primal. She was not submissive and weak like Sandra. She was strong, even in her self-conscious shyness.

She had sexual power in person. She was sex when sex was first invented. She was sexy in the raw heat of passion. She was sex in an untamed world. The way she moved, the way her body curved. She was a woman built for fighting, not for nursing.

She was a jaguar in an ebony woman’s body. She was sex as the gods and evolution intended. Everything about her screamed a call that only testosterone could answer.

As the 8th person stepped into the room, the water turned on, its temperature just right. There were 12 water fountains, so we all had space to wash. I moved myself to a shower area near the beautiful, naked Sandra. Because of the noise of falling water, it was the most private area we had been in all day.

“Hey. I just wanted to check, if I upset you this morning? Things went a little weird.”

She shook her head, water splashing left and right. “No, it was not you. It was just that that position, from behind, was my boyfriend’s favourite. It reminded me of him for a moment.”

“I understand,” I said simply, returning to my washing. To be honest, I was frustrated at that. If she had told me at that moment, I could have changed position and kept fucking her. I had enjoyed my foursome with Mirabel, but Sandra’s pussy had a wonderful tightness to it that I could find nowhere else.

I turned to look at the rest of the room. Just as I had been talking with Sandra, others were talking too. Ahmed was saying something to Hadiza. Chris and Anayo were saying something that could have been sports-related. Anayo swung his hands in a way that suggested basketball or weight lift. In the final corner, Mirabel was giggling at something with Rita.

Suddenly, Rita and Mirabel moved away, and over to where Chris was having his discussion with Anayo. They both kneeled down and began sucking the men’s cocks – Mirabel with Anayo, Rita with Chris. The water was still pouring down over both men, and now also onto the heads of the two women.

I turned to look at Sandra with surprise, only to see she had a smile on her face. She in turn knelt down before me and began sucking the tip of my dick with her tiny, soft lips.

It shouldn’t have really come to me as a surprise, but it did. The shower room slowly became an orgy. Ahmed moved Hadiza onto a dry bench and began licking and lapping at her open cunt. Mirabel and Rita swapped men and were both deep throating as far as they could. They were making it a game, competing on how far they could get the cocks down. It was clear Rita and Mirabel were becoming fast friends.

I picked Sandra up from her position in front of me and stood her near the centre bench. I bent her over, and entered her tight pussy from behind, in exactly the same place and way I had entered Mirabel just a few days before.

Sex noises were all around us, with the background ambience of water falling. Skin was slapping against skin. Moans of pleasure were coming from both men and women. Ahmed had mounted Hadiza’s open pussy, thrusting his cock in at a fast speed. Chris and Anayo had moved to sit on a long bench against the wall, and the girls had mounted them, both sliding up and down the cocks.

Mirabel was on Chris, while Rita rode Anayo’s cock. I couldn’t see their faces, but both girls sounded very happy. They were holding each other’s hands, squeezing when pleasure hit them.

“Tobi,” Ahmed called. “Swap?”

Sandra’s pussy was amazing, but I wanted to fully enjoy this orgy. So I pulled out of her and walked over to the waiting Hadiza. As soon as I vacated Sandra’s pussy, Ahmed stuck his cock inside. I heard Sandra say something in her native tongue, as he began rigorously, yet not uncaringly, pounding her pussy.

Hadiza was lying on her side, boobs dangling off the edge of the bench. I offered my cock to Hadiza’s mouth first and enjoyed it as she sucked Sandra’s juices off me. Then I moved behind her. I lifted one leg up, and thrust myself into her, using that leg to give me leverage.

Her mind was only on the pleasure of my cock, and I soon felt her orgasm, her muscles twitching all over her slim body. Anayo moved to join us and put his cock in her mouth. She accepted it eagerly and began slurping it in and out.

I pulled out of her, deciding to find a fresh pussy to pound. Ahmed had finished with Sandra, and she was now lying face-up on the bench, with Chris’s big black cock sliding in and out. He had his hand on her breasts and his face was full of ecstasy at her tight pussy. I realized she wouldn’t be tight for much longer if he kept going like that.

Rita was kneeling on the long bench, at the right edge. Ahmed was behind her, doing her doggy style. Mirabel was open in front of her and had Rita’s mouth licking her pussy. Her hand was on Rita’s head, guiding her.

Seeing me without a woman, Mirabel released Rita, stood up and walked towards me.

“I have a promise to keep,” she said. She grabbed my hand and led me to an unoccupied bench on the other side of the room.

She knelt down, legs wide. I didn’t have lube, so I spat on her waiting asshole, then put my cock’s head at the opening. She relaxed, and I pushed myself in. It was so much tighter than her pussy, and it felt amazing.

I used her hips to help me thrust. I began pounding hard, but Mirabel spoke, telling me “slow strokes. I enjoy long slow strokes”. I changed my speed, going slowly in and out. I would push myself in as far as I could, then slowly pull out, until only the helmet of my cock was inside. Then repeat.

I had not done much anal before entering the house, but I could do this all day.

Sandra walked over to us, a little bow legged. She started to kiss Mirabel passionately. I moved my eyes over the room. Chris was inside Rita, as she sat on the bench. Anayo was lying on the bench where Hadiza had been. She was riding him while kissing Ahmed, her hands around his cock.

Sandra stopped kissing, and instead laid herself in front of Mirabel. Sandra opened her legs, and Mirabel put her face down to lick. I was getting close just from the sight of the girls together.

I wasn’t the only one close to finishing. Hadiza was kneeling now, with Ahmed and Anayo sitting on the bench. She was taking turns to suck their cocks. To my great surprise, the two men were kissing each other, and as I watched, Anayo blew his load in Hadiza’s mouth, all the while locking lips with Ahmed.

Hadiza didn’t flinch and immediately moved to Ahmed’s cock, while semen dripped out of her mouth.

“That looks like fun,” said Sandra to Mirabel, pointing at my cock in her ass.

Mirabel looked up from the minge. “It is. Wanna try?”

“I’ve never tried anal,” she said, with a twinge of worry.

“Then you must try it. Don’t worry, I’ll help you” said Mirabell. She pulled herself off my cock, and helped Sandra take her place. Sandra knelt nervously.

“I’m already very close” I warned both girls.

“That’s OK,” replied Mirabel. “It’s more about her trying the feeling of a cock in her arse. A minute or two should be all we need. The shampoo dispenser has lube. Wait here a second.” She returned ten seconds later, her left hand full of clear lube. She smoothed it carefully onto my cock, and around Sandra’s asshole.

I put my cock at the entrance, but she was clamping it tightly shut.

“Relax,” instructed Mirabel. “You need to relax.” She knelt next to Sandra and started to gently kiss Sandra. As the two girls began to share each other’s tongues, I felt Sandra relax. I didn’t miss my moment and pushed myself inside. It was the tightest thing I had ever put my cock inside, and it almost hurt as her asshole clamped down on me.

“Remember Tobi, slow and steady.” Mirabel’s instructions kept me focused. I glanced around the room. Hadiza was sitting between the two boys, relaxing. By their two flaccid cocks, they must have both finished. Chris was inside Rita, shouting “I’m cumming! I’m cumming” as his thrusts increased speeds.

I felt a twinge, and I knew I was past the point of no return. “I’m here,” I said, quietly, distracted by the amazing tightness of her ass.

“Then pump her hard,” instructed Mirabel. She went back to Sandra’s mouth and began a passionate kiss. I took Sandra’s hips, and began thrusting quickly, and as far inside her as I could. I shot my cum deep inside, and collapsed in an exhausted heap, while the girls continued to make out.

I had learnt later that this shower scene trended on Twitter for weeks.


We left the shower room, all the girls walking a little more bowlegged than before. It was way past midnight. After gulping down a few glasses of water, quenching the thirst our shower-room exercise had given us, we found our makeshift beds and settled down for the night. Hadiza turned off the lights, the last to find her bed.

It was like being 10 again, having a sleepover in your friend’s house. None of us was ready to sleep yet. We were all awake, but lying quietly in the dark.

“Hey, Sandra,” called out Mirabel, into the darkness. “Was that your first orgy?”

The voice in the darkness replied. “Of course it was! Wasn’t it yours?”

Mirable chuckled. “There’s a big estate where I live. My girlfriend and I go to an orgy like that at least once a month. What about everyone else? Hadiza? Rita?”

Hadiza answered with a laugh. It was a little odd to hear laughter in the darkness. “Until this house, I had only ever slept with my husband! The most exciting thing I had done sexually was watching porn with him.”

“I’m glad we are broadening your horizons.” Replied Mirabel. “Rita?”

Rita replied with her chocolate smooth voice. “I have done a two-man, two-woman thing before, a couple of times with my last boyfriend and his best friend. But nothing like tonight.”

“And boys?” Asked the Mirable.

Ahmed was first to answer. “We don’t get many chances for orgies in the North. Hard enough finding one girl in my area, never mind four!”

“I usually stick to one girl at a time,” said Chris, the next to speak. “Not that I’m complaining.”

Anayo was next. He sounded sleepy. “I’ve had a couple of smaller groups. MMF, and one with three men and two women.”

My turn. “I’ve had an orgy once before. A while back, in my university days. I must have been about 21, 20?”

Mirabel urged me to share more details, a bedtime story for everyone.

“We were finishing our third year at university. We had all done well at our papers and knew we only had one more year to go. So we were at a house party. I was with my girlfriend from back then, along with a few of her friends. My best friend was there too, a beautiful Igbo girl and her girlfriend.

About twenty of us I guess. Maybe thirty. Well, the drinks started coming and kept coming. It was February or so, so everyone was warm, and in t-shirts or less.

Soon more clothes came off, as we got hot drunk-dancing to whatever was in the speaker.”

I paused my story for a second, and got half a dozen ‘uh huh’ noises from the darkness, showing at least some of my housemates were still awake and listening.

“I started making out with my girlfriend. Others were making out too. This was normal for a house party. But the booze and dancing had got us all horny. One couple was already in the bedroom. My girlfriend’s friend pulled out her boyfriend’s cock, and just started sucking it, right there in front of everyone.

First, we started, then we laughed quietly, thinking how drunk they were. But then a second couple started going. Gbenga, the guy who owned the house, just pulled down his girlfriend’s shorts and began fucking her against the wall. My friend put her girlfriend onto the table, and began to lick and play with her breasts.”

I could hear somebody’s bedsheets starting to move, as I told the story. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman in the dark, but somebody was getting excited at my story.

“So I’m standing in the living room, girlfriend in my arms while we see the other couples start going at it. She moved her hand down to my trousers, and finds my cock is hard. Very hard.

She whispers to me “fuck me now.” I kissed her and pulled down her short skirt. She pulled down my trousers, and I stepped out of them. I sit on a nearby chair, and my girlfriend climbs on top of me, straddling me. She pushed me inside her, and began rocking up and down.”

“Nice” whispered Ahmed.

“I felt so self-conscious. I had never fucked in public before, or even had a threesome. Sex had always been private to me. But the drink and the atmosphere meant we didn’t care. At that point, everyone in the room was fucking or sucking.

My best friend, Lilian, was lying on the large table, her girlfriend eating out her pussy. A third girl, who must have been gay or bi, was also getting involved, helping to lick her pussy, or playing with my friend’s breasts.”

I realized that I was getting hard, just from remembering the story. Which was odd, because I knew how the story ended.

“Other couples had begun swapping partners, and my girlfriend bit my ear, and whispered to me that her best friend Victoria (the first to start sucking dick), had always fancied me. My girl climbed off me and called her friend over. Victoria came to me and started sucking my cock. A second girl came over to me and started to make out with me. My girlfriend walked away at that point, saying she wanted to get a drink.

Victoria pulled out a condom from…somewhere…and rolled it down the length of my penis. I remember it was bright orange, one of those flavour condoms. Then she climbed onto me and began riding me, the way my girl had been doing minutes before.

The second girl alternated between kissing me and kissing Victoria. Every time she made out with Victoria, I would finger her pussy through her panties. But that stopped when Victoria’s boyfriend came over. He was a big muscular guy, a bouncer in some nightclub in town.

He didn’t care that I was inside his girl. Instead, he grabbed this second girl, pulled her panties down, and took her hard from behind. He never asked permission or waited for consent. He just took what he wanted. But she didn’t complain.

This other girl (I never found out her name) just bent over and took it.

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