May 16, 2021



“I want you to fuck me in the ass” I thought I’d heard wrong but she said it again

“Fuck my ass Wale. Please.”

I wasn’t quite sure how exactly to respond to that seeing as she already had her pussy being smashed by a ravaging Dayo. But it didn’t take time for Dayo to reach his climax again. His body glistened with sweat as he held Peju’s hips and thrust repeatedly from behind, her ample ass cheeks slapping against his groin with each thrust. Pam Pam Pam Pam.

“Ooooh fuck” Dayo groaned “Oh fuck yeaahh”

Dayo continued to thrust and soon enough he disengaged, took off his rubber and shot his cum across Peju’s bare back. Peju moaned and used her butt to rub against his dick. Dayo staggered a bit but regained his bearings. He must have been exhausted but I could see that he still had desire in his eyes. He still wanted another fucking round.

“I think that’s enough for the night.” I finally said

“No” Peju said. Looking at me. Her eyes pleading. She really wanted my dick in her bumhole. I was nearly shocked at her sudden brazenness. This whole night began with her asking me if I’d ever fucked a girl in the ass and now here she was asking for it.

“Don’t keep her waiting Wale”  Mide said, still filming.

“Yeah, but not on camera. You can shut if off now.”

“Haha. Yeah, right. Abeg do quick before the battery dies.”

Peju had already gone into the bathroom to get Dayo’s cum off her. Dayo had gone to get the bottle of Red Label and was gulping directly from the bottle, trying to get in the mood for one more fuck. I grabbed it from him and looked at it for a while before taking one long gulp. I coughed hard at it and they both laughed at me. Peju came in from the bathroom, took the bottle and took as many gulps as she could. I stared at her in amazement. She didn’t even flinch when she handed the bottle back to me. I had already began to feel funny after just that one gulp. Peju fell on the bed and urged me on with a finger.

“Hey Wale” Dayo said and I looked at him. He threw something at me. I caught it. It said “Love Lubrica”. How the fuck did he even get this? I wondered. I got on the bed and handed it over to Peju. She first sat up, put my dick in her mouth once more and got me hard then she tore open a new condom and put it over my erect dick.

She applied a generous amount of lube on it before getting on all fours, her ass towards me and applying it just at her butthole. I watched her while she did that and I suddenly felt turned on as memories of that night with Folake came to mind, and some other nights with some other girls. The truth is, I loved fucking girls in the ass but I usually didn’t know how to go about asking for it. Most girls didn’t like it and it was difficult to find the ones who did. This one was presenting it to me on a platter. How did she know? Who was she, really?

“Be gentle” Peju said “I haven’t done this in a while.”

So I wasn’t even her first. Of course. I kissed her tenderly on both ass cheeks and fingered her pussy. Then I traced that finger upwards, tickling her hole for a bit before inserting a finger into it. Her orifice felt tight around my finger. She twitched and moaned. Mide focused the camera on my every movement. Dayo watched with much fascination, dick in hand. I fucked her ass with that one finger until she pleaded that I put my dick in. Dayo was playing with her pussy.

Mide squeezed her boobs with one hand as he continued to shoot with the other. I brought my dick just to her crack and teased her. Peju’s moans were delightful. I couldn’t even care if they were real or fake. I just wanted her to keep moaning as I did what I had to do. I teased her until my dick hardened once more then I pushed it in… gently. She arched her back and widened her crack for me.

I pushed in further, feeling her orifice tightening around my dick until I got all the way in. Dayo found a way to get beneath her, and waited until I had began to thrust before putting his dick in her pussy once more. Mide didn’t want to feel left out. This was the last act.

He positioned the camera in a proper angle that made sure it captured everything and whipped out his dick from his shots. Peju grabbed it and put it in her mouth like it was something she’d been craving. At that moment… All her holes were occupied.

I fucked her from behind, my dick going in slowly but fully. She took in all of me without much stress. Dayo fucked from beneath. Even with all the energy he’d spent he still found strength to thrust his hips upwards into her very wet pussy. Peju moaned, with Mide ‘s dick in her mouth.

Mide moaned with her and caressed her hair. We all moved our sweaty bodies against each other, not minding the fact that we were all in awkward positions. Her walls tightened against my dick whenever I thrust in and the pleasure it gave me was so intense that I almost felt the need to thrust harder but I didn’t for fear of hurting her.

It felt so weird, the three of us, fucking one girl. A gangbang. And the best of it all was how she managed to take in all three of us at once and didn’t even act like she was doing more than she was capable of. I wondered if she’d done it before. Maybe this was her first night. Just like it was for the rest of us. But that night, Peju satisfied three boys like she was a pro at it. We fucked until we all came, Mide shooting his load into her mouth. Dayo came next, his seed spurted on her belly from beneath.

I took my time, until I finally came. Peju was visibly tired as she lay on Dayo, kissing him, with her ass still arched towards mine. The sight of them kissing with such desire literally drove me to nut. Peju screamed when I did. I disengaged and fell at the edge of the bed. Totally spent.

After that last session, Mide and Dayo kissed Peju passionately and praised her for being such a nice lady before leaving. I lay on the bed with her, and watched her sleep.

She looked so innocent while she slept. Tomorrow she’d walk out of the house, probably with a slight limp from all the sex from that night, and nobody would know all the things she’d done. The only evidence would be the video that we made. I watched it all while she slept. And the best part of the night was surely the last. The four of us, all connected in a tangle of lust and animal desire.

I knew right then that Peju’s first night out with me surely wouldn’t be her last.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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