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She looked terrified but Dayo had her hair in his hand as he continued to move his hips slowly and her moans became louder and more erratic as Mide’s thrust intensified. Dayo let out a small cry and it seemed like he was about to cum. I stepped backwards so I could get the whole shot of it and hit my feet against the centre table, almost stumbling to the floor.

I managed to keep the camera steady as Dayo quickly took his dick out of Peju’s mouth, stroked it quite vigorously and shot his cum right at her face. Some went into her hair and a little landed on her shoulder. As Dayo grunted like an animal he sat back and relaxed on the couch, his fully erect dick still in his hand. With his dick out of Peju’s mouth she was able to moan while asking me at the same time..

“Wa-le… Aaah mmmm. You didn’t… Ah… Say any-thing… Ahhh yesss…”

Mide was at top speed now and she really shouldn’t have been talking because he was slamming into her at a very dangerous pace. Mide raised his face to the ceiling and I zoomed in on him as he yelled.

“Don’t  fucking kill her, man” I hollered at him. Dayo laughed. Peju screamed. But at the last moment Peju suddenly jumped forward, landing on Dayo’s body and Mide held his dick in his hand… Pausing for a moment… Before taking off the rubber and shooting his cum right at her. But some of it landed on Dayo instead.

“What the fuck bro?” Dayo felt disgusted. I could only laugh as I continued to catch everything on video.

“Wale!” Peju said in a not to pleasant voice. “What’s the camera for? You didn’t say anything about videoing.”

“Don’t worry, Peju. It’s for my eyes only. I promise the video won’t leave this house.”

“I don’t believe you.”Peju said  “And I don’t like it. At all. You’ve spoilt the fun in everything with that video. How are you sure it won’t get leaked out? My face is in there.”

“And mine too.” Dayo said “I trust Wale. If he says it won’t get leaked, just know it won’t.”

“All our faces are there but his face is not. What makes you think he won’t go ahead to leak it?”  Peju asked. I could see she was getting angry.

Mide said “Hey, no need to be overworked about this. But if you feel that way about it maybe he should just delete it.”

Delete it? NEVER.

” Alright. Alright. It’s fine. I get what you’re saying.”

Peju sat there, legs crossed with a frown on her face and cum all over her body. I suddenly felt my dick enlarge within my shorts.

“Mide, I know say you don fuck belle full.” he laughed “You’ll video the three of us in the bedroom and make sure you get more of my face than hers.”

And that was it. Peju went into the shower to freshen up and get ready for the next session. She lay on the bed while I took my shorts off. Mide sat at a corner, camera in hand waiting. Dayo stood just beside him, naked and probably waiting to join in like an animal observing pray. He really was a very weird guy and I probably had just fulfilled one of his fantasies.

I looked at Peju. I wondered what kind of girl she was. I’d heard of girls hustling to make money before, meeting rich men, doing crazy stuff, some of them even unthinkable. I’d never imagined I’d meet a girl who’d fuck three guys she barely knew in one night just because of the benefits she expected to get off it.

“Wale, are we doing it or not?” Mide asked. I glared at him. He was smiling mischievously.

“Just don’t video rubbish.”

“Hahaha. I won’t bro”

“Stop being a pussy and come eat this pussy” Peju said as she parted her thighs and played with her pussy. I was genuinely awed by her. I wasn’t being a pussy. My only reservation about it was that I had just then realized that I couldn’t share a girl with another guy. I was a lone ranger. But that night, I decided to not bother about any of that.

Peju squealed as I buried my face between her thighs, with my tongue in her pussy as I took in the sweet soapy smell from her crotch. I held her thighs with both hands and held them apart as my tongue caressed her pussy lips. She reached for my head and urged me on. In the background I could hear Mide moving as he began to shoot. I wondered where Dayo was. I looked up and saw him stroking his dick right next to Peju’s face. She reached for him and took him in her mouth again. Sucking him hard while I ate. Mide had the camera right in my face. I could tell he was enjoying it with the look of glee in his eyes. When he saw my frown he backed up a little and took the camera towards Peju’s face.

She had Dayo’s fat dick all the way down her throat and even gagged a bit on it. Mide reached for her boobs with his free hand and squeezed. He wanted in on the action. He even bent down and sucked hard on one nipple.

Suddenly I heard Wale wail, get his dick out of Peju’s mouth and say “Wale wait make I fuck this girl abeg.” I promptly switched places with him. He knelt at the edge of the bed, dragged Peju’s hips toward him until her pussy was right at the edge, raised both her legs up and without even bothering to put on a rubber he went right in.

“Aaaah Dayoooo”

“Yes baby. Say my name” Dayo said as he fucked her. Before Peju could say his name again I put my dick on her lips and she took me in her mouth. Mide stood from a distance and captured everything.
Dayo’s thrusts became more violent.

The viciousness with which he slammed hard into her make me feel sorry for her pussy. But I couldn’t even mind about all that as I felt the tip of my dick right inside her throat. Her spittle was all over it as she took it out. She proceeded to lick up every thing.

“Oohh yesss. Ohhhh my goooodddddd Dayooo” she screamed Dayo didn’t relent even with her screams.

“Yes baby… You like that huh?” Dayo probably would’ve been a wonderful pornstar if he had decided to venture into that career.

While I was there thinking about Dayo’s career, Peju tapped me.

“Yeah? Something wrong?” I asked

She had tears streaming down her eyes. I thought she had reached her limit. I was about to jump away from her and let Dayo finish up but then she said…

“I want you to fuck me in the ass”

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