May 22, 2022

Thicc Lily & The Neighbourhood Manwhore (18+)

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Thicc Lily & The Neighbourhood Manwhore (18+)

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This is a story about my first time with a very pretty and hot chick named Lily…

Before we get down to it, let me describe this hawt chic to you.

Lily is an insanely pretty girl with big beautiful eyes, full lips (Oh, I love those), an absolute body to die for, voluptuous tits, wide hips and that ass!!! (OMG)

She has the shape that just wants me to jump her bones so bad, a mixture of beauty and sexiness… She knew what she has and her confidence level is through the roof (The main thing that attracted me to her, other than those tits of course).

Here is what happened to us, and

I live in the same neighbourhood as lily so we’ve seen each other a few times during her walks to and fro.

During one of our few talks, she said she likes to walk because it’s therapeutic, and I’ve invited her over multiple times to ‘hang’ but there is always an excuse and the hang eventually ‘hangs’,

Recently we saw each other again on Friday evening on her way back from work and we said hi to each other and she asked if the offer to hang out still stands.

What? Of course, it still stands, I said in my mind overjoyed. She then went further, said she wanted to wind down through the weekend, her week has been really hectic.

I asked if she wanted she can hang out with me all weekend, as I don’t have any plans, she smiled and said okay that she has to go change and she’ll see me later, I went home and after she came, I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts because I was lifting weights. I wanted to show off my big biceps.

She was wearing a white T-shirt and blue palazzo pants, the shirt accentuated the shape of her tits looking closely I realized she didn’t wear a bra…and the pants hugged her hips (she was one of the few that could make casual look sexy).

I excused myself to shower and change into something more comfortable, we settled and shared a meal we had ordered, we then went to the couch to watch something on tv (can’t really remember what, my attention was on her) I noticed her discomfort as she was wincing in some kind of pain.

I asked what it was and she said her neck was stiff (that wasn’t the only thing that was stiff around here) her nipples were too because of the chill in the room as a result of the air conditioner running for hours…

I jokingly offered to massage her and her response was quick as she said

“Yes please”, she immediately got between my leg with me behind her, when I first touched her neck, she froze before she visibly relaxed and I started massaging her neck and we both got into it and she got really comfortable and was making some noise, like a contented sigh or something.
It turned me on more than I care to admit, after releasing most of the knots in her neck she asked me to do her shoulders too…

With my breath on her neck and chill in the room, she had goosebumps and with me so close to her I could perceive her feminine scent which was intoxicating!!!

Massage session continued and she asked me to do back too, I slid both my hands between us and was kneading and pressing her back I went lower and lower right to her waist and back up again, this went on for a while as she was so into it (I know because she was shamelessly moaning).

I was kneading her ribcage right beneath her tits when she grabbed my hand and planted on her right breast and squeezed, I was already so hard she leaned back on me and Said

“I know what you want I can feel how turned on you are, I want the same thing”

I started squeezing and kneading her tits as she leaned back on me, I removed my hand and put it in her mouth she wet it with her spit and put it back in her shirt and rubbed it on hard her nipples she turned her face towards mine and we started making out.

We were at it until she pushed me back on the couch and got rid of her shirt, and I saw her tits in all their glory and it was perfect I had seen it for all of five seconds before she straddles me and took off my own shirt and attacked my neck like a woman possessed.

I in turn grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her into me as we dry humped each other, she grabbed my face and brought it to her chest area and without saying anything I knew she wanted me to suck on her tits and I latched unto them first the right then the left she was getting into it and she pulled my head tighter into her tits.

I lightly bit on a nipple and she moaned hard and asked me to do it again left her with love bites all over her tits as I came up for air, the look I saw in her eyes made me realize I was in for the ride of my life that night.

She smiled and stood up got rid of her pants and panties, I stood up too and we made out while standing and turned her around and pushed her down on the couch, got between her thighs and put her legs on my shoulder, she was glistening wet, and her clit was protruding out between her pussylips begging to be sucked!!!

I started kissing her thighs just above her knees, it was so soft succulent if I didn’t have a goal I could’ve spent the whole day just kissing and kneading them, I went right up to her centre, where she was leaking down to her perineum and unto the couch (I didn’t have to worry it’s made of leather).

I flattened my tongue on her pussy and she moaned in her throat and tried to grabbed the back of my head to pull me in deeper I shook it off and went to kiss her other thighs up to her knee as I rubbed her pussy with my middle finger from top to bottom…

I kept teasing until she begged me to eat her… I was dying to taste her and I was going to make her taste herself both on my fingers and my lips after I make her cum in my mouth. I locked my lips on her pussylips as I had two fingers sloshing in and out of her, she trashing all over the place making all sorts of noises indicating I was doing a good job and when her first orgasm hit she grabbed the back of my head and locked me in with her thighs.

We were like this for a few minutes until the tornado that hit passed and she relaxed her lock hold on me, I dragged a finger across her wetness and she trembled.

I licked the finger and did it again and offered her, her own juices and she licked it off my fingers and kept sucking on them as she snaked a finger inside my shorts and found my erection and started stroking it.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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