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February 26, 2021

Sister Darasimi: The Delicious Temptation Called Niyi’s Pastor [Episode III] (18+)
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Sister Darasimi: The Delicious Temptation Called Niyi’s Pastor [Episode III] (18+)


Sister Darasimi is back, this time around, she and her boyfriend meets his Pastor, and he is definitely starting something in her mid regions.

Story written By AuntyBisi & Deolu Oniranu

Are you sure about this?   She asked him as the car came to a halt in front of the church. 

Niyi turned off the ignition, turned to look at her for a second before answering, ‘’I’ve never been surer of anything babe. He leaned forward to kiss her cheek.

A few minutes later, they were knocking on the minister’s door,

‘’Come in’’, a deep voice answered… That moment, Darasimi felt a tingle in her panties and she knew exactly what it meant.

‘’Good afternoon Sir’’, Niyi greeted the pastor;

‘’Good afternoon, Brother Niyi, the minister stood up from his chair, hands outstretched to greet Niyi,

’’What brings this august visitor to the church on a Saturday afternoon in July?’’

They both laughed over the joke before Niyi responded, 

‘’I brought my fiancée, Darasimi to introduce her to you and the church also. 

‘’Oh, that’s a smart move brother Niyi’’ He turned to look at Darasimi, gave her a glance from her head to her toe, but not without noticing her big boobies begging for freedom from her tight blouse.

‘’Welcome to our church Sister Darasimi. I am sure, you will enjoy it here ‘’ He added with a sly smile.

‘’Thank you, sir’’

‘’Please do have your seats’’, After they were seated, the conversations began, questions were asked, topics on marital issues were discussed, but all through the conversation, Darasimi’s head was full of wild thoughts. Nothing but wild thoughts!

She had already painted a wild picture of having the Pastor eating her pussy while she bends his head deeper into her wetness, choking on his dick while his cries of pleasure filled her ears, riding his penis like the cowgirl that she is, her Pussy responded to all her fantasies and she could feel her legs turn to jelly as they gave in to her desires.

‘’Sister Darasimi, you seem so far away in thoughts, are you okay? 

‘’Yes, I am’’ She responded with a smile.

‘’Okay good! I was just telling your fiancée about the marriage counseling class, and I will advise that you both should sign up immediately.  And also, you could join any of our department in the church that appeals to you.

Also, one more thing before you leave, he reached into his breast pocket and brought his complimentary card, he handed it to Darasimi, and added, 

’’Please feel  free to contact me anytime you so wish.”

‘’Thank you for the warm reception, sir, I appreciate it, but we have to be on our way now.

‘’Thanks for coming, Brother Niyi, your visit was appreciated and the church thanks you for your immense contribution to the growth of the ministry.  

He turned to Darasimi and asked, ‘’Hope to see you in church One of these days! 

The couple said their goodbyes and walked out of his office, and the only thing the Pastor could stare at was Darasimi’s butt as they swayed in her skirt. He slowly took his hand to his crotch and he could feel his penis start to bulge.

Darasimi had woken up that Saturday morning bored and horny. 

Niyi had traveled out of the country the previous day and she was all alone in the house. She had used her dildo’s and vibrators to curb her sexual desires the previous night but it did little or nothing to satisfy her. 

Her wants and needs had gone beyond dildo’s and vibrators, she wanted something thick and warm to soothe her throbbing pussy. She groaned as she reached for her phone to look through her contacts to see if she could arrange a meeting with one of her man toys, but turned out that they all had engagements that day and will be unable to see her.

Darasimi groaned out of frustration, after hanging up the call on the 15th person she had called that morning.  What was she to do now? She paced around the room while her pussy screamed for attention. 

Her eyes suddenly caught a white paper on the dressing table, she reached out for it and it turned out to be the Pastor’s complimentary card.

She hadn’t paid a visit to the church since the last time she went there with Niyi, she just had a feeling the Pastor wanted more than counseling visits judging by the way he was staring at her that day, well her thoughts weren’t exactly pure too… 

But, what if she leveraged on his weakness and seduced him, so he could satisfy her. She didn’t care If he was a man of God, all that mattered was that he had a big dick and that indeed was a gift from heaven.

She got up excitedly,  dressed up, picked her car keys and headed to the church while mapping out thoughts in her head. 

She knocked softly on the door and walked in before she could get any response to usher her in. 

‘’Good afternoon Pastor’’ 

‘’Good afternoon, Darasimi right?’’

‘’Yes sir’’

‘’How are you doing today?’’ Please have a seat, he gestured to the chair

‘’Thank you, sir’’

‘’How have you been? How is your fiancée?’’ He asked;

‘’All fine, sir. I came to discuss something with you. ‘’

‘’Okay, I’m all ears.’’

‘’You see, I have a personal issue I have been dealing with for a very long time and It’s been a heavy burden, I haven’t had the opportunity to discuss it with anybody because it’s quite embarrassing, and I do not want to be judged for it.

She pretended to start crying and reached for the tissue box on the pastor’s table.

‘’Sister Darasimi, I want you to calm down and talk to me, Jesus loves you, he loves all of you despite your shortcomings and he will never judge you. Please feel free to talk to me.

‘’Okay, Pastor! But it’s something I have to show you before I can continue talking about it, and I also want you to assure me that you won’t tell my fiancée about it.

His interest was heightened with her last statement, and he became curious more than ever, wondering what could be the issue that required his visual confirmation. He silently hoped it was her boobs, he had been dying to know how those boobs looked like without a fabric covering.  

He watched her as she slowly stood up, and took off her dress. 

‘’What in the holy blazes of holy fire is this’’ a voice screamed in his head. He stood there and watched her, ignoring the voices that screamed at him to ‘’Flee’’. His mind said No, but his Dick screamed YES.

Darasimi slowly took off her dress, letting it land with a soft thud as it hit the floor. She stood naked in front of him. He began to back away, backing up from her slowly, unable to take his eyes off her naked body. She stepped towards him and kept going until he hit a small couch and fell onto it. 

“Darasimi!” he said sternly, as he tried to think of a way to push her away without touching her naked body. 

“You need to stop, we can’t do this.”

That didn’t stop her, instead, it made her wanted him more, she took his hand and wordlessly sucked his middle finger roughly. He could hear him give off a soft moan.

She smiled, and slowly put her lips up to his. He froze, at first, but then groaned deeply as the kiss melted into a hardcore tongue tangling, trembling embrace. 

She wove her arms around his neck, and moaned into his ear,

“Pastor, I want you to fuck me.” She whispered into his ear. 

“I want your dick inside of me, I want it to tear my pussy up!” 
He groaned and yanked me back looking wildly into my eyes. “We don’t have a lot of time…” he trailed off, looking at the door. 
She dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants quickly and pulled out his dick.

She swallowed it, starting at the head, while she swirled her tongue around the tip, flicking it back and forth quickly. She stuck her tongue out and rubbed his dick head on it.  He gave a loud groan as he watched her suck his dick like a slut.

She took his entire dick deep into her throat, held it in while gagging on it. She salivated all over his dick, ran her hand up and down his dick while she slowly sucked the tip of his cock. She could feel a salty taste on her mouth, she lifted her head back, looked deep into his eyes and sucked every last bit of his cum off.

He was panting heavily at this point. He stood up, pushed her towards his desk, bent her over and slammed his dick into her wet pussy.  She gave a soft moan as he thrust his hard dick into her pussy over and over again while he violently slammed her hips into the desk with every thrust.

He pulled her hair back and continued to fuck her tight little pussy. ‘’Is this fun Darasimi? Does this make your pussy so wet?” He teased her as he continued to punish her wet pussy

Please fuck me harder! Go deeper! Don’t show me mercy

She groaned, feeling her orgasm deep inside her throbbing pussy, clawing at the wooden desk uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe this was happening. It was even better than she had imagined.

Not only was she fucking the pastor whom she seduced while the entire congregation was mere feet away, but he’d turned into a total sex fiend, fucking her aggressively against his desk, pulling her hair, spanking her! It was almost too much to take. 

‘’Does it feel good?’’

‘’Aaah it feels okay’’

She began to urge him on, as she felt her orgasm starting to build up.

“Aahhhhhh!! That’s it, Pastor! Punish me! Fuck my tight little pussy! Teach me how to take that dick like a good girl!” She moaned hard.

“That’s right Darasimi!” He grunted, pumping into her furiously. “You’re a sinful woman and you must be punished! Pastor is going to fill your pussy with his cum and you better take it ALL!”

That was all she could take. “Oh. My. GOD!!” She screamed out violently, as her orgasm ripped through her body and out of her pussy, causing it to spasm viciously on his dick.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She cried as she felt his whitish warm cum shooting into her throbbing pussy. 

“Uuuggggghhh!!” He grunted as he came inside her

“Fucking make me cum in you, you devilish whore!” he said angrily into her ear as he continued to fill her with his cum.

They both came simultaneously, heaving and groaning as she fell onto the desk, desperately trying to stand straight. He pushed her away and walked to the couch, falling back into it

“Hey,” he said, “come here.” He patted the couch next to him. 

“What was that?” he asked incredulously, as she sat next to him. 

She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.” She confessed. “I just really like sex, Pastor.  And I wanted you. Soooo…” She said while letting her voice trail off.

He chuckled, shaking his head as he zipped up his pants. 

“Well, your secret is safe with me Darasimi, I am your pastor, after all,” he said softly, as he played with her hair. 

“Maybe we can spend some more time together, try to work out some of these issues?” 

He began to suggestively run his finger down her leg. 

She kissed his mouth as she stood up “I’d really like that Pastor.” She laughed, gave him a wink as she walked away to get dressed. “I really would like that.”

And that was the beginning of their countless escapades.

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