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April 20, 2021

Sister Darasimi: Deliverance Time with the Prophet [Episode X](18+)
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Sister Darasimi: Deliverance Time with the Prophet [Episode X](18+)

This episode is dedicated to the muse that helped me with this

Darasimi couldn’t believe her sight, she had been dying inside with all the guilt of stepping out on Niyi, she always felt regret later but not at the moment when she had her guts been thoroughly pounded but here he was, taking the piss with Kenny’s behind.

And from the looks of it, they seem to be both carried away in their debauchery, and even more embarrassing, they didn’t take out of the living room into the bedroom, was the horniness that serious, or they just got forgetful about it all.

Funny thing, she didn’t exactly feel bad, rather relief that he was also cheating. She can keep her remorse now, she continued to watch as Niyi pounded her with vengeance from the back, she was moaning so sweetly with her sweet sonorous voice. The reverberations of her ass as his inner thighs hit her ass turn Darasimi on.

What the actual fuck, she thought to herself. She was slightly angry at what Niyi was doing Remi’s wife, she wasn’t sure he had fucked her that hard ever. Maybe if he did, she wouldn’t have been such a slave to Frank’s humongous member or those other people.

The sight then reminded her of that time, when her mum sent her to a white garment prophet for a private overnight prayer session. Her mum had gone to him for breakthrough prayers when she was 18 years old. She was just beside her mum, they arrived together for the service, and waited till the service concluded to have a special prayer session.

They waited another 2 hours for him after the service had ended, there were so many people also waiting for the man of God, eventually, it got to their turn. They were ushered into the office by one of his assistants.

As they arrived in, he smiled and pointed them to the seat in front of him, it was a palatial guest room before her mother spoke to him, he stretched forth his hand to interrupt her,

“Mama! Mama!! Mama!!!” He started,
“God sent you here today because of your daughter”, he continued
Darasimi the shy teenager just bent her head down, she was wearing a long sleeve shirt with fitted jeans, if you’re the discerning person, you can see the shape buried underneath the clothes, her burst threatening to bust through the shirt.

“As soon as you entered here, God has answered your prayer. You only need to give alms to beggars every Friday for 7 weeks. Give each of them, N100, and make sure you go there, between 1 and 2 pm in the afternoon, that’s when those angels that God has sent to you will be there.” The prophet gave his prophecy.

“This your daughter, however, the devil has a plan for her this weekend, she needs to observe one night of prayer with me alone. This night or tomorrow.” He said

“You coming here today isn’t by mistake, the plan of the evil ones is to snatch this girl from you this week through car accident” He continued.
“She will come back tonight, sir,” Darasimi’s mother said.

Darasimi was confused, she didn’t even understand why they were there. They had their own church that they attend, why were they here to see this white garment prophet. Her mum was a deaconess in their church, and she was a senior member of the choir, she didn’t understand why they were church hopping.

And now, this man wants her to sleepover in a church. What sort of nonsense is this. Weirdly enough, her mum was on board for her spending the night here tonight.

“Okay, no problem. She should be here by 9 pm. We will give her a room she can sleep in. The prayer will be short between 12-2 AM, so she can sleep and be ready for school tomorrow” He interrupted her thoughts, rather rudely.

“Thank you very much, sir” Darasimi’s mother said, as her mother grabbed her by the hand and they departed from the man’s office.

As she was stepping outside the office, she handed the envelope to the man’s assistant.

Her mum ensured that she was in the church premises by 9 pm, she was received by the same assistant they saw earlier, he accompanied her to a room, moderately furnished, a table, a chair, and a medium-sized bed, with a standing fan, and a split unit air conditioning system.

She had changed into a longer gown, a little bit freer than the jean and shirt she wore earlier in the day. This encounter came a few months after the choirmaster had his fill of her young nubile body.

She sat on the chair for a while, and read the novel she brought from home until she felt sleepy and slept off. She was deep in sleep when the constant knocks on the door woke her.

She got up, walked to the other, and put her face beside the door to ask
“Who is it?” She called out

“It is me, the prophet,” He said

She unlocked the door, and stepped back from it, kneeling to greet him

“Good evening sir” Darasimi said

“Welcome, Omo Maama (Mama’s child)” He said, greeting her.

“We won’t spend long, because I know you’re a student, and you probably need to go class tomorrow. So, I will try to make it quick.” He started.

He pulled her up, and pointed to the bed for her to sit, while he took his own seat on the chair.

“You see, the devil has power, but he cannot save. As you and Maama walked into my office. The Holy Spirit spoke into my ears that the devil was planning to make Maama cry through you” He started, brimming with confidence.

Darasimi bowed her head down, twiddling with her fingers, not knowing how exactly to react to what he just said.

“The prayer tonight is for protection and aversion of evil from you” He continued

She nodded her head as she still continued to bow her head, a shy voluptuous little girl

“I want you to relax and trust me, just obey me and everything will be fine,” He said.

He opened his little bag and brought out his anointing oil, and a bottle of water. He handed her the bottle of water and asked her to drink all of the content. She collected the bottle and emptied it down her throat.

He got up and asked her to kneel down, while he began to walk around her in a circle while reciting bible verse and then singing deliverance songs in between. Darasimi bowed her head and continued to say as many amens as her lips could possibly say as the prayer went on.

After the merry-go-round prayer, he then began to touch her and pray unto that body part, it was fine as he hand went from her head to the arch of her back, to her feet, to her legs.

And all that was fine until he took special attention in massaging and caressing some parts of her body, and Darasimi also began to enjoy it. He was behind her, focusing on her shoulder, almost massage-like movement around her neck.

He continued saying words of prayers, averting evil away from her with supporting bible verses. If it wasn’t for the prayers he was making, she would have thought he was massaging her.

With her hormones running riot all around her teenage body, she said amen, but also getting so turned on as he prayed on for her. Ever since that encounter with the choirmaster, her body has been giving her all sorts of vibes, her nipples got hard out of nowhere, her pussy got itchy all of a sudden, and it had started happening again this night.

The prophet allowed his hands go down from her shoulders and grabbed her soft big boobs, he continued praying, and she also continued saying amen, but her nipples began to harden with him squeezing and massaging her.

At the same time, she could feel him rub his erection against her back, and with the feeling against her back, looks like it was only one single material that he wore, doesn’t look like he had on any boxer shorts or any other type of brief.

“Ammmmennnnn… ahhhhhh” Darasimi moaned as she replied to his prayers. The whole atmosphere had gotten more sexual than holy.

Without prompt, he dipped his hand into the top of her gown, and straight into her bra, to cup her soft boobs, they were so warm and inviting, she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Ahhhhhhh…. Ahhhhh….” Darasimi moaned.

The prophet abandoned the prayer, and walked to her front, she knelt there with her hand bowed, her boobs out of the bra, with the nipple hard pointing straight ahead. He took off his white garment, and as Darasimi thought, he was naked underneath asides from the guy.

He held unto his own dick and stroked it himself, her head was still bowed, he put his hand under her jaw, and lifted her face up, she looked up onto the sight of him naked, with this long dick, she felt so turned on, and the atmosphere was rife with sexual desire.

Lifting her face up, boobs out of the top, and bra, her pointed his dick at her mouth, she looked up at him, and slowly opened her mouth, as he brushed her hair aside. She opened her mouth wider, as he lodged the cap of his dick into her mouth.

He watched her eyes, as she looked unto him, and he nodded like he was giving her approval to go ahead and do whatever it is that she felt was needed.

She raised one of her hands, and held the back of the shaft, and sucked on the cap of the dick. She wasn’t used to it that much, but it certainly felt natural to her, she was enjoying this, she sucked him, and in no time, he was holding her hand and slowly thrusting into her mouth.

Her mastery of the sucking dick wasn’t out of this world yet, but she just enjoyed it so much what she was doing. At a point, she focused only on the cap of his dick, and slowly sucked and licked off that point, immediately, the prophet began to speak in tongues.

She was amazed at how much pleasure she was giving him, she stayed in position, and continued to do whatever it is that she was doing, he held onto her head, and pushed his dick deep into her mouth, and emptied his cum down her throat, as he was cumming down her throat, he spoke faster and faster, increasing the volume of his voice, mixing bible verse with the tongue he was speaking.

Her whole face was stained with saliva, his cum, and she felt used to the brim, her jaws began to ache her, as she took him completely in her mouth. He dragged her up, and took her into the adjoining bathroom, washed her face for her, and removed all her clothes.

“Are you okay?” He asked her, instead of saying anything, she just nodded, whatever was happening was so exciting to her but her facial expression was dull, but inside her, she was feeling like the rush of a fountain in her.

The prophet continued to speak in tongues, as he bathed her, taking in the sight of the young lady looking insanely sexy, like a deliciously seasoned chicken thigh.

Her full breasts, thick thighs, flaring hips by the side, and her shapely ass. All of this in a teenager, he couldn’t help but be flabbergasted. He grabbed a sponge and brought out a black soap, mixed it together, and splashed some water into them.

Once the sponge got foamy, he started bathing for her and speaking in tongue simultaneous at the same time. He washed her, and still managed to play with her boobs, he noticed how she was rubbing her thighs together whenever he spent so much time on her boobs, especially around her nipples. She closed her eyes, and slightly open her mouth.

He washed her back, her tummy, and then her thighs, he was also seated naked in the bathroom with her as he washed her. He separated her thighs, and slowly touched her pussy, and she almost instinctively started closing her legs back, he found it charming, her entire pussy was sensitive.

From nowhere she found the courage, and touched his dick, stroking the shaft as he was trying to bath her, she was going on her knees again, something inside her prompting her to suck his dick again, but instead, he held her off, and rinsed her body off the soap, and unfolded a towel.

He led her out of the bathroom, his hard-on continued to grow as he ushered her back into the room, he laid her on the bed, positioned himself in between her legs, and rubbed his dick cap against her pussy entrance, she began to wince, twist and turn, sucking her fingers, and opening her legs wider.

Very gently, the prophet pushed his dick into her, and began to speak in tongues again, she pushed her face to the side, eyes shut, her hands behind his back, as he began to pick up the pace, and continued to fuck her. She held unto his back and held him as close as she could possibly, she stretched her legs far and wide, he fucked her like his life depended on it.

Darasimi enjoyed it so much, that she locked her legs behind him, as he continued to thrust into her, she could feel his long dick reach the end of her pussy, and that just drove her insane, as she bit his shoulder, he continued to fuck her like he wanted to prove a point, remembering once in a while to speak in tongues.

It was the first time that she orgasmed, he kept fucking her fast, and it felt like she was in a different type of realm. She could feel her body tense up and then the release hit her like a strong wind, she felt her pussy became wetter than usual.

As she was about to cum, her legs locked behind him over his ass, her arms all around his back, and her mouth biting down into his shoulder. She felt like an anaconda squeezing the life out of him, as the orgasm wracked her body.

Once her muscle relaxed, the prophet got up, and took to his heels, he wore his white garment and left immediately, he didn’t even wait to finish. Her anaconda squeeze almost suffocated him.

There is something else inside this girl, he had never encountered anyone like this girl, like there is something inside her that is deep, dark and dangerous. She just crawled into herself after he left and slept like a baby.

That was the last time she ever saw him.

Memories of her childhood would flood into her presence like this sometimes. She wanted to knock on the door and burst into them, but then she noticed blood on the floor, she looked up her skirt, and she saw the blood trail from her vagina, it spilt unto the ground just beside their flat. She had also started feeling faint and light-headed, she felt her consciousness drop drastically, leaning on the wall for support.

She wanted to move but her feet couldn’t help her, her plan was to rush back to the car and go to the hospital immediately but it was impossible as her limbs weren’t responding to the instructions from her brain, all she could remember before she passed was knocking and Niyi disengaging from Kenny, and rushing towards the door.

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