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Randy Lanre S01E12 : When it rains, it pours! (Finale)

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Randy Lanre S01E12 : When it rains, it pours! (Finale)

Ari came to the door after several knocks by Marianna.

“Just a minute,” He said as he left the bathroom in a hurry, still dripping of water from his muscular body.

He opened the door, and an excited Marianna rushed in, hugging him so tight, making her outfit wet with his dripping body.

“How are you, Marie?” He asked smiling and hugging her back
When she eventually let go of him, he went back into the bathroom, she took off her clothing as she littered the apartment with it.

“Marie, I was asking about your day,” He asked her again
“It went well, thank you very much” She replied

“What are you doing, babe,” He asked her as he walked back into the shower only for him to look back and find her naked behind
“Nothing, your clean wet body made me feel dirty so I wanna have a total wash,” She said teasingly.
“Are you being serious right now?” He said jokingly.

“Anyhoo, you’re welcome to join me”
She stepped up to him, hugging his naked body again before he turned on the warm water and she giggled.
“Do you want me to wash you?” He offered

“Absolutely” She replied.

He grabbed the liquid soap, and poured decent quality into his palms, and splashed on her back, rubbing it back and forth. He went higher to her back to her shoulder blades, he continued quizzing her

“So, tell me how was your day?”
“It was good, didn’t have much to do today, spent the day at home, thinking about you and your magical fingers,” She said in a low sexy voice

“The term sugar stick was lost on me until I experienced yours”
“Chessy alert!” He announced, they both laughed
“Sugar stick?” Ari called out again

Her back was to him, as she allowed her hands roam behind her bum to locate his long dick. Ari ignored this gesture and continue to massage and wash her body.

He poured more of the bathing fluid into his palms and applied on her chest, his hands went underneath her boobs and cupped them up softly against her chest.
A soft moan escaped her mouth as he continued the movement, she just shut her eyes, and her instincts took over, making her push her ass further into his waist while holding and stroking his dick lightly.

He squashed her boobs together and with the fluid all over her chest, then he began to tease her nipple with the tip of his finger rubbing back and forth on each nipple. He let one hand go and then opened the showerhead to low, and warm water, he directed the moderated hot water at her nipples.

She was lost not saying anything, just enjoying it all.
He kissed her earlobes, then her neck, one hand twisting one nipple while the other hand was directing warm water at her hard nipples.

Marianna moaned soft, eyes shut and she felt a rush of heaven through her brain with the Ari treatment. He was very patient and enduring, he loved taking his time like Picasso with the painting.

He left her nipples and began to travel down her body, through her stomach to her cleanly shaven lady parts, he turned her over, grabbed the shower head off its hook, and increased the tempo of the water a bit, then pointed it to her face, brought down his lips to hers and began kissing her.

She kissed him like it was the end of the world like it was the doctor prescribed, and then he began with the rest of the treatment. He took off the shower head from her face, adjusted the settings a bit and then the speed of the water increased, the water outlets too became thinner, and the water became slightly warmer.

He then focused it on her nipples as her back was rested against the wall, facing him intensely enjoying the waterworks, her hands were ajar trying to support her body against the wall looking to grab unto only God knows what.

He enjoyed looking at her, watching her body react to the warm water, his dick stood still pointing in the direction of her pussy, he moved from nipple to nipple as he watched with keen attention on her body.

Marianna’s moans become louder, like a moaning dog, then he directed the water downwards, to just over the belly button, the warm water flowed down to her pussy just over her clitoris.

Ari moved his face down there, mouth over the pussy, warm water washing down over clitoris, his tongue began to tease her clitoris, flicking the delicate little bean. She ran her hands all over his head, he licked and sucked with the warm water still running down her pussy.

“I’m cumming” She announced as he intensified his move till she was wailing and wailing, and it died down.
He observed her as her eyes rolled back into her skull, her legs vibrating like a Nokia phone, when she finished her orgasm, he opened her legs wider, teased the delicate skin around her pussy.

He grabbed the showerhead and then reduced the speed of the water, and began to sprinkle it around the pussy, looking at her body for clues of where she would enjoy it the better.

One hand was used to spread her pussy further open while the other directed water at her pussy. She moaned when the water hit her clitoris, then he focused on that spot for a while and then began to slowly increase the speed of the water splashing furiously against her clitoris.

It was an experiment of him but for her, it was like the Coldplay’s song, adventure of a lifetime. The fury of the warm water continued, and her moan increased, she came for the second time almost in quick successions.

“Please stop” She pleaded with Ari who then replaced the showerhead back, washed himself off and exited the bathroom.

Marianna stood there for a couple of minutes, re-imagining what just happened, and her body was taken on a journey of ecstasy. When she finished, she washed up and went into Ari’s arms in bed.

She heard her phone beep, she grabbed it and read the message from Lanre along with a picture.

“Gladys just dropped the stew. It looks delicious”

They both had their own fair share of cheating each other, but it’s not all in the past, while Lanre was frolicking with Ella, Maggy, Carol, Aunt Cathy, and Gladys, Marianna was also living her life with Uncle Ken, and Ari.

But presently, everything seems to be a blur, as the love bird feel everything around them will be fine. Lanre was spared an earth-shattering discovery of his infidelity on their way where he had to stop by at Carol’s house for head action but what was coming next was even going to shock him more.

Escaping the last couple of days, or weeks have been quite an arduous task, but it looks like everything is settled. The lady of his dreams by his side, secrets buried and buried deep.

He woke up the next morning to a message from the office about his departure from the organization.

“I’ve just been sacked!” Lanre with an absolute shock on his phone told his soon to be wed, Fiance, Marianna.

Who found out about Carol? Is there a hidden camera in the office? Did the Senator find out about his shenanigans with his daughter? Or is it a work thing? A million and one questions on his mind.

Just as he dropped the phone, it began to beep again. When he picked it up, it was the same number calling him for several days that he hadn’t pick. He mumbled to himself, move on, Maureen.

But the message that came shocked him.

“Lanre, your daughter wants to meet you. Call when you’re free”

He felt his own head explode, his daughter? Maureen kept a pregnancy and child away from him for all these years? How possible is this?

Getting sacked, and finding out he’s got a daughter all in one morning. He knew his world will be shaken down to its core. Mariana? How does he tell her? Which does he tell her first?

The sack or the daughter?

When it rains, it pours…

Hope you enjoyed this season of Randy Lanre, thanks for coming with us on this journey. Let us know what you think about the story in the comment section.

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