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Randy Lanre S01E11 : Je m’appelle Gladys

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Randy Lanre S01E11 : Je m’appelle Gladys

Mariana lost the bet easily, the expertise that Ari displayed during the course of their intercourse was simply out of this world. She lost it completely that she had to see him every day.

After spending a week with him, in his office, in his apartment, he had her eating out of his hands. She was conditioned just like Pavlov’s dog, whenever she hears his voice, she could feel wetness rushing through her inner thighs.

Ari was such a master of the act that his 9-inch dick felt like it was normal and she even wanted more of his dick. She was truly trained by him now.

Uncle Ken wasn’t on her case since the sexy Queen had taken him over, he had always wanted Queen all to himself but her love for her lowlife boyfriend had always been the hindrance but Uncle Ken had found the perfect way to make her forget him even it for a brief while.

He paid Queen £700 per day she stayed with him, staying a week with him would easily make her over £4,900.

She sat her fat ass down with Ken as they ordered in and he continued to feast on the ass. The distraction caused by Queen meant that Marianna was free from the harassment that Uncle Ken would give her.

Ari had Marianna’s head in a spin that she has been avoiding Lanre’s phone calls, they had not been able to talk long on the phone. He would check up on her, and she would rush him off the phone.

They were both wonderfully adulterous couple. Marianna felt guilt only when she wasn’t climaxing. On few occasions, Marianna would pick his call while Ari was in between her legs, eating her out unknown to Marianna, he also had some girl or girls depending on his mood gagging on his dick.

They both knew they were still seeing each other just whoring themselves in different parts of the world. While Marianna was rushing to Ari’s house, Lanre called

“Hey Babe,” He said
“Baby” She replied
“How are you?”
“I’m good, how are you doing yourself?”
“I’m alright, I guess. It’s been a while, you just always hurry me off the phone.”
“I’m sorry about that, it’s just school stuff, it’s been pretty hectic”

“Pele, have you been able to meet up with Uncle Ken? He’s been there for a while now”

“I know, he is really mad at me. I haven’t been able to see him asides from one time he took me shopping” She sort of lied
“That’s fine, I’m sure he understands”
‘“So, how’s work going, babe?”

“So…so! Not much happening right now”
“You’re still eating out abi”

“Like I have a choice”

They both laughed, as they continued their conversation, she approached Ari’s apartment.

“Apparently, you’re in luck. Aunt Cathy just cooked, she is sending Gladys over with some for you. Weekend, you can boil rice and keep some of that money”
“Some of your family people are nice though”
“We’re all nice, you big dick douche nozzle” She joked

“Jesus Christ! Why so foulmouthed?”
“Look who is talking!”
“Anyway, my dick needs you warm mouth around it”
“Me? This my mouth is for praising master Jesus”
They both laughed then Marianna continued
“Speaking of your big dick, I’m missing it right now, I’ve been so horny lately. I have had to buy lots of batteries, my vibrator is overworking these days. The weather here is making me so horny

“Damn, you just know the right words to say to get me excited”
“I hope you’re not giving it out to those Lagos girls”
“Oh come’ on! It’s just me and my hands. I’m all here waiting for you, babe” He lied
“Babe, I gotta go. Gladys will bring it by 6 pm. That’s good for you, yea?”

They both got off the phone, Marianna arrived Ari’s apartment building while Lanre removed his hand from Ella’s head while his dick was lodged in her throat throughout the phone call.

“What does she have that I don’t” Ella protested while jerking his dick covered in her saliva.
“What are you talking about?” He replied
“Marianna! What does she have that I don’t”

Lanre not wanting to indulge in that conversation got up from his sofa to go get fruits from the Ebeano. Ella got annoyed, got up, dressed up and left, driving off in a fit of anger at Lanre ignoring her question.
Meanwhile his reason for not answering her lies in the fact that he thinks she is too spoilt to be reasoned with.

She’s angry most of the time if she isn’t angry or fighting, she wants to be fuck or practice dick sucking on him,
He knew her anger will blow over in a matter of minutes, then she’ll start calling him again.

On his way back from the mall, he found Gladys standing by his gate waiting for him. She looked very put together, her hair in a neatly plaited all back hairstyle wearing a sleeveless almost tight-fitting knee-length gown.

Gladys was surely a curvy babe but for all he knows about their adulterous family, he was sure that Uncle Ken must be hitting that. He honked, and the gateman opened the door for him, he directed her to enter.

He got out, and she said her pleasantries and moved towards his apartment, he followed closely behind her, and for the first time he saw what she was packing, her boobs were definitely bigger than he thought, and the shape of her ass as it swayed around in the gown.

“Please put it in the kitchen”

Gladys carried the container to the kitchen, he went into the room to get his wallet, at least give her some transport fare, she can choose to use for whatever she likes.

He combs through the room for his wallet but it’s not there, then he remembered that he left it somewhere in the kitchen. He headed for the kitchen and found Gladys doing the little dishes in the sink.

Such a nice girl, he thought to himself.

He innocently tried to squeeze behind her to pass through to where he saw the wallet but his groin came in contact with her soft behind, the first time he passed behind, he noticed that she sort of paused what she was doing.

He could tell that he was getting excited down there, after getting the wallet, he stood contemplating passing the same way again, he was horny with a chance of full-blown erection.

He passed the second time around, and this time, the erection was harder, and Gladys could feel it. Since Uncle Ken had traveled, Gladys also hadn’t gotten any dick, the barber also was out of town.

She could feel how hard it got just under a couple of seconds.
Lanre blamed himself for the erection, he could have managed Ella better, she would have fucked him. He spoke up.

“I will put N1000 on the table, that’s your transport fare, thank Aunty for me. I will call her later”
“Thank you”

He went back into the room, and according to what he told his girlfriend, he grabbed his own hard dick and began stroking it so he can ejaculate and relieve the pressure instead of fucking Gladys.

As he closed his eyes stroking his junk, she walked in, he opened his eyes as the door creaked a little. She continued taking off her clothes, removed her bra while looking at him dead in the eye, pulled her gown over her head. Not a single word came out of his mouth, dick in hand, no signs of losing the erection.

She unhooked the bra, stepped out of her panties, she approached him slowly in a teasing way. He stayed wondering where she got this courage from, it must have been Uncle Ken who gave her all of this courage and taught her this.

She walked slowly over to where he was, she found a stack of condoms on the table, she knelt beside him on the bedroom, kissed his dick then torn open the wrapper, strapped it on. He just looked on, she removed his hand from the dick.

Still dumbfounded, she climbed over him, and lowered her pussy over his hard dick, she didn’t touch him, she just concentrated on fucking his dick, he stared as she picked up steam, he watched as her juicy boobs bounce up and down.

Then he got into the action himself, grabbing a boob as her pussy was performing a magic trick of vanishing his dick and bringing it back. He was shocked that a small girl like Gladys could think all of his dick.

Marianna had to get used to it before she could swallow the whole length. She proved to be an expert rider. He settled into the rhythm and enjoyed the ride, after a while, he put her back to the bed, and held onto her legs, and began to thrust.

The sight of how her boobs splashed back and forth on her chest and his thrust hit her made him even harder, he was enjoying the shit out of the fuck he was having with Uncle Ken’s housegirl.

She was moaning but just not for everyone to hear, having one of the sweetest pussies of the year, he removed his dick from her, and took her to his working table, dumping everything on there onto the bed.

He sat her down over the edge, put her back on the table, both of her legs over his shoulders with his dick buried in between her legs, he slowly began to thrust into her then he began to pick up steam, holding unto her chest for support.

Then he began to go as far as he could, her moans began to get louder and louder, then Gladys’ phone began to ring, the caller ID was Madam meaning she had to leave soon.

He put in all of the energy into it, and began to thrust into her, he noticed that the pussy was flooded more than previously, he could feel his cum rushing through his dick, he thrust into her as far as he could, and then exploded into the condom.

He removed his dick and went into the bathroom when he came out, she was gone.

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