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Randy Lanre S01E10: Nobody holy pass

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Randy Lanre S01E10: Nobody holy pass

A few weeks earlier while Mariana was still in the UK.

Mariana was dragging several bags into Uncle Kenneth’s room. The shopping was meant for Uncle Kenneth but the little depraved sex demon got more stuff than he bought for his wife, but whose fault is that?

She isn’t here to pick the items she wanted. Moreover, within the past couple of weeks, who else had sucked his dick more between her and her aunt. At the beginning of their affair, she was scared but also thrilled to know that whatever her aunt was having, she was having as well.

Throughout her life, Mariana had seen herself as someone who isn’t materialistic but her theory was getting shredded right now, looking back to how their affair began. The affair was purely motivated by monetary reward, he had barged in when he heard her singing from the bathroom, she was quite good with her voice.

Uncle Kenneth was being serenaded in the few seconds he was in the room listening to the tunes, he danced slowly to her voice as she sang, and slowly went to the bathroom to put his ear further closer to her and listen to her more, then the door further opened.

He looked in and saw her cleaning her body as the sight overtook him, watching her nubile body twist like a snake as she danced in the shower, he stayed watching and enjoying the view.

Though, Mariana was quite young then, barely 19, with a body that was quite intriguing and much matured, he found himself getting hard watching her naked body move. He was so lost in the mood that he didn’t know when she turned back to see him watching her in lust.

He had brought out his dick, stroking it and completely lost in how much he would love to ravish her body, his erection was growing in his hands, as he daydreamed while the girl was finishing up her shower.

“Uncle Kenneth, what are you doing?” Mariana asked naively.
“I have always known you’re a beautiful girl, I never knew you’re this endowed.” He said licking his lips.
“Please move out of the way, Aunty is waiting for me to join her at the mall,” She said innocently.
“Okay, no problem but there is one thing here. My little man is happy to see you” He said as he moved away from the door.

“When aunty comes back, you can tell her that or you can go and meet Gladys,” She said revealing she knew the secrets he was hiding
“Did Gladys tell you how good I’m in bed?” He asked, not being fazed by Mariana knowing that she knew she was sleeping with the maid, little did she know that her Aunt knows and approves of it.

Their relationship was very open, there was just one limitation, they can sleep around but not with each other’s family members. Ken was the first person to break their trust right now by soliciting sex with Mariana.

“Uncle, I have to go” She tried to wiggle away from him as he made her uncomfortable, he kept stroking his own dick throughout the darn conversation. She kind of liked it, it has always being a thing for her, to be able to arouse men turn her on, while she stood here trying to dismiss the man, she enjoyed him pleasuring himself to her naked body.

“Okay, I’ll give you N200,000 if you suck my dick right now,” Ken said.
Mariana was shocked, she didn’t lack for anything per se, but having additional N200,000 in her account isn’t a bad idea, who knows, a trip to Ghana for a weekend can be an option.

“Uncle! I’m going to Ghana jo” She said loudly, she didn’t understand why she just mentioned Ghana into the sentence, but what he said next shocked her.
“I’ll pay for the Ghana trip and still give you the N200,000,” He said

Mariana was lost for words, she can keep the N200,000 and still have an all-expense-paid trip. When he finished his sentence, he unbuckled his pants, and let it fall to the ground.

She started behaving like a child, looking meek and thrusting a finger into her own mouth. Ken moved closer to her, and whispered

“Don’t worry, I will take care of you”
As he said this, he stood in front of her, and pushed her shoulder down, to assume the position to suck his dick, she knelt in front of the long and thick penis, and looked up, with her lips making slight contact with the tip of his dick.

Like a sheepish girl, she raised her mouth to meet the cap of the dick, and licked softly, sucking the tip of the dick, then she supported it with her hands, stroking the dick while sucking the tip of the dick. She was shocked at how hard he had gotten by just looking at her body, and that’s how the affair began, from the blowjob, and that was several years ago.

As they entered the room, she began sorting the shopping bags, excited like a kid who just received ice cream, she was ecstatic, grinning and laughing at her new shopping bags and clothes.

Ken watched her, and derived pleasure from seeing her so happy after shopping, he called her attention.
“Mariana, I feel like I’m being forgotten here. It’s been almost 8 hours since you’ve lasted sucked me. Remember our contract is that you’ll beat the last record of every 2 hours” He said to the excited girl.

“Ahan, Uncle! I know our contract but we were out together now. I’m coming now” She said, leaving the bag sorting for the time being.

“Thank you, Uncle Ken,” She said as she got on all fours and approached where he sat on the sofa beside the bed. He watched her crawl like a cat unto his thighs, undoing his trousers, and bringing out his big dick, and it was semi-hard.

“Do you always have hard-on ready to go?” She asked with sarcasm on her face.
“No, I don’t. You’re the degenerate that brings it out of me” He said smiling at her.
She played with the dick, teasing the cap and working the shaft as he grew bigger in her hands and mouth.

She sucked him so good that he knew he was getting his shopping spree worth from her mouth, she kissed the dick lovingly and stroked it like it was all that mattered to her in the world, she sucked it and made it seem like her mouth was making love to his mouth.

He was motionless as he watched her do this, and wondered, that bastard Lanre will enjoy this for the rest of his life? He felt jealous of him right now despite his dick down her throat right, and like something went wrong.

She stopped, and stood up, went into the shopping bags, looking for a necklace she bought that she thought the storekeeper didn’t put into her shopping bags, she was bent over the bed where all the bags were, looking between the shopping bags, she continued rattling through them.

An impatient Uncle Ken stood up, and assumed the position behind, pulled down her panty under the flowing gown she was wearing, and penetrated her. She was already wet, just like he thought, she always gets wet while sucking his dick.

At first, she continued with her search through the bags, until he began to hit her hard and fast from behind, then she just buried her head into the bed and screamed pleasure into the thick duvet of the bed.

She pulled her own garment higher as she was loving how Ken was fucking her, she held her own butt cheeks apart for him, so he can deliver the thunderous thrust into her.

A pent up Ken went for a few more powerful thrusts and blasted his seed deep into her orifice before pulling out and slamming his body back to the sofa where she was sucking him off. She relaxed more before she resumed back to her search for the necklace which she found soon.

Her phone began to ring, looking at the caller ID and it was Lanre calling, she rushed off while leaving, she concluded plans for the evening.

“So, I’m meeting you at that club tonight right?” She asked
“Yes sure! And bring that your big booty Zimbabwean friend” He said
“Uncle na! Why! I told you she has a fiancé remember”

“From my last recollection, you do have a fiancé too” He said, obviously striking a nerve with Mariana, to think he would still sleep with her friend too, he had mastered the act of getting sex in return for money.

“Okay, we will be there if she is available”
“I have to call Lanre back soon, else he will be furious at me, he has called me twice earlier today,” She said as she rushed off the penthouse suite of the luxury hotel he was lodged in.

Later that night

Mariana and Queen were leaving their apartment to join Ken at the new pricey night club that just opened. Queen is her voluptuous Zimbabwean friend that her Uncle has been fantasizing about newly.

They were both clad in bodycon attires that pronounced their curves in no small way, Mariana is curvy but not beside Queen with her big flaring hips and an ass that makes even her lecturers salivate.

Sometimes even Mariana wonders how her skinny boyfriend can deal with this serious curves, but there is folklore that skinny guys have long and big dicks, so maybe that’s why she cannot leave him despite him being a lowlife, he didn’t have a job, he goes to the gym, smokes weed then consumes all of Queen’s food.

Mariana had to move out of the house for them when the situation became dire, he also kept showing off his dick to her whenever she was home alone with him. He was just a loafer that she wouldn’t allow herself to get down with, but before she gets tempted any further, she moved from them.

How Queen is engaged to him is still beyond her.

They arrived at the club with eyes on them, the two goddesses, they navigated to the closed out section of the club, Uncle Ken was there chilling with his friend, he’s rather a young man to be friends with this raunchy uncle of hers. He looked gentle and very responsible, married too, he couldn’t help but flaunt his ring.

“Hi girls! Welcome” Ken said welcoming the girls to where they were seated
“We’ve been waiting for almost 2 hours to you hot ladies to get here,” His friend said Ari

“All I heard in that was hot ladies,” Mariana said laughing and trying to high five her friend

“We’re sorry for keeping you waiting, we just need to be sure you’re not disappointed when you see us,” Queen said, trying to be graceful.
“We are excited! In fact, I do think I’m wet down there” Ken said
“Common Ken!” Ari said
“What? I’m wet, I think there is pre-cum in my dick right now. Queen’s ass is making my dick uncomfortable” Ken said

“He’s rich and troubled!” Mariana said apologizing to Queen
“It’s fine, I find it a compliment,” Queen said
“Can I whisper something to you, Queen?” Ken said
“Sure!” Queen moved closer, as Ken began to whisper to her.

No one could hear what they said, they just saw Queen’s face light up, and she began jumping up in excitement at whatever Ken must have told her.

“So, Queen would you like to come with me right now?” Ken said
“Yes! Yes!!” Queen said, smiling ear to ear to Mariana
“What did he tell you?” Mariana tried to ask Queen with no response

“Aint we even going to have drinks?” Mariana asked as it seemed like they had become love-birds, Uncle Ken held onto Queen’s big ass as they got out of the club.

There was already Champagne on the table, Mariana poured herself a glass and drank it all in one gulp.
“Slow down there, young lady!” Ari said

“Thanks, but I’m fine. I’m an adult and I know how to handle my alcohol” Mariana said
“So, how are you friends with that sex addict?” She asked him

“He is my mentor, he helped me a lot while I was in Nigeria” Ari began to reveal their relationship
“Oh good! What do you do here?” She asked
“I’m a sexologist, sex, and relationship expert,” Ari said
“Oh, so you’re the one making him even randier?” She asked and they both laughed.

“I just counsel people on how to have better sex,” He said
“I guess just married couples,” Mariana asked
“Who said that? Not at all. Anyone interested in good and rewarding sex” He said
“Rewarding sex?” She asked

“Yea, rewarding sex. The one that ends in orgasm either oral or penetrative sex.” Ari said
“Haven’t had orgasms through oral sex, but several through penetrative for sure” She said
“You can also climax by boobs massage as well too,” He said
“You’re fucking with me right now? Isn’t it?”
“I fuck with you not!”

“Orgasm from someone working my boobs,” she said grabbing her own boobs
“Yea, quite certain about that possibility,” He said
“How come you’ve never orgasmed through oral sex, your uncle said you’re quite skilled in that act. So what happened” He queried
“He told you about our sex?” He asked

“Well, I analyze and give him pointers on how he can make his sex life better”
“Wawwuu!” She said
“Oral orgasm can be very easy and even quicker than penetrative” Ari argued
“For me, penetrative one is ideal, when I get that big meat pack thrusting in really fast in about 15 minutes, I can be reach climax.” Mariana found herself discussing what kind of dicks she likes and how quickly she orgasms.

“You’re really good, now I’m telling you how to make me cum just under 15 minutes of meeting you.” She said
“Thank you. You can orgasm through oral in 5 minutes. I guarantee it” Ari said

“That is highly unlikely but then again you’re the sexologist here”
“Wanna give it a try?” Ari propositioned her
“What if you cannot do it under 5 minutes?” She replied
“I’ll give you £2,500 if I cannot” Ari said “but there is another catch here too”
“I’m listening” She said

“If I achieve this, you’ll have an affair with me till you leave the country,” He said
Mariana thought about it, if Lanre, her boyfriend and one of the most experienced sexual partners she has had, wasn’t able to achieve this despite his immense sexual talent, then this guy cannot do it, at least, she will make sure he doesn’t get it.

“Agreed!” She said
“Challenge accepted,” Ari said.
“Shall we” He continued

Ari led the way to the VIP bathroom, as they arrived the shed, Ari grabbed her boobs the way no one ever did, he massaged and teased her with her boobs quite differently, and before his hand pulled up the bodycon to her belly, she was already wet.

She knew she had lost the bet, he kissed her earlobes, the back of her neck, the ridge between her backs and her ass, the soft massage of her ass was divine, despite the little space they had to work out because of the bathroom shed.

Her panties were nowhere to be found, she spread her legs apart, and the wonder of his whole mouth began, how he used his teeth, gum, tongue, lips combined made her freak out in pleasure.
He kneeled in front of her, legs apart, and over his shoulders. He lifted her up against the wall, legs over his athletic shoulder, face safely buried in her pussy.

4 minutes later, Mariana came twice and lost the bet.

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