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Randy Lanre S01E08: Some families are weirder than others

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Randy Lanre S01E08: Some families are weirder than others

He finished off at the office as soon as I could to head to Aunt Cathy’s house.

Carol came in to ask him if everything was fine, as he rounded off everything on the table and emptied them into the bag like there was a fire or something.

“Everything is fine,” He told Carol

“Mariana just got back today. I’m meeting her shortly around Lekki” He continued
“Wow! How pleasant! How long was she away for?” She asked
“Approximately 5 months or so” He answered as he rushed off
“I guess my timing sucks because I only had you for like a couple of hours and she is back,” she said sadly

“C’mon Carol, she is my fiancé. I promise you’re still on my mind. We will get together, I promise” He said as rushed out of the office.
“Will you come by my house tonight?” She asked

Lanre looked back, shocked wondering if she didn’t hear the part where he just explained that his fiancée just got back in town.

“You know that is closer to impossible than possible, Carol,” He said
“We shall see,” She said
“What in God’s name is she talking about” He muttered silently to her,

“You will come to my house tonight! I just want to suck your dick, that’s all. No sex” Carol said.

He couldn’t understand where all this was about, she was being too intense.

“Can we talk about this tomorrow, I have to go?” He said and dashed out.

He knew within himself that the issue wasn’t closed but he had to rush to his lady, who just arrived back in town. He drove as fast as he could, and when he arrived at Aunt Cathy’s house, they barely just got in themselves.

“My baby,” they both said, as they rushed into each other’s arms.
“I have missed you so much” They kissed and hugged so firmly for another three minutes.
“Do you guys want a room?” Aunt Cathy asked

“Maybe we should get inside first” She continued

“Before we do, how about we move the luggage from her car to yours, Lanre” Mariana said
“Sure,” Lanre said and Aunt Cathy nodded.

Lanre opened the boot and transferred Mariana’s luggage into his car leaving only the bag Mariana brought for her Aunt’s kids who were in boarding school.

They all got into the house, Aunt Cathy screamed for the maid, and she rushed out of her room, kneeling on her way to them.

“Where is my husband?” She asked
“He is in the study, ma” Gladys, the maid replied.
Lanre looked at her again and wondered how a voluptuous Calabar lady was allowed to serve in their house knowing how randy Uncle Kenneth is.

He wouldn’t put it past them of adding the girl to a threesome when they were both lonely if only he knew they do that quite so frequently but Gladys hasn’t used that to misbehave.

Gladys got up and went into the kitchen to fetch drinks for the guest and madam, Lanre looked as she swayed her big bum from left to right and went into the kitchen.

“Lanre, can you please go and get my husband from the study” Aunt Cathy pleaded.
“Sure,” He said as he kissed Mariana and went to the study.

He went down the hallway to the study, and knocked on the door to find out it wasn’t properly locked, he called out his name
“Uncle Kenneth! Uncle Kenneth!!”

No answer came, he opened the door and what he saw was a spectacle. Uncle Kenneth was holding an iPad on one hand with earphones plugged into his ear, and the other hand, stroking his thick monstrosity, his dick wasn’t long but it was thick.

He looked up when he saw the door open.
“Lanre! What’s up?” Uncle Kenneth screamed
He locked the door and looked away so Uncle Kenneth could get decent. He tucked his dick back into his pants and said goodbye to the lady on Skype.

“Have you ever had Skype sex before. Lanre” He asked unapologetic about the scene Lanre just witnessed.
“I have, sir” Lanre answered still looking away.
“Maybe lock the door next time? Sir” Lanre offered.

His phone rang again, he brought it out, and again it was Maureen, he muted the darn thing, and put it back in his pocket.

“It doesn’t matter, Lanre. I’m an adult. I was actually hoping Gladys will walk in, to show her what she is missing. The girl is fire but she only wants to do in a threesome where my wife is” he lamented

“I wanna have that girl alone, show her a good time. Show her how good this pipe can make her feel” He continued
Lanre was right, they were having threesomes with Gladys, bloody raunchy depraved couple.

“They’re back right. Mariana and Catherine” He asked
“Yes, Aunt Cathy asked me to get you.”

“Great, you’ve seen your wife now. I know you’re a bad boy! Game recognizes game. I see the way you look at Gladys when you come around. I can help you set it up. Just say the word” Uncle Kenneth said.

Lanre laughed and said, “There will be no need for that, thank you”
“You’re shy abi” He said, “I know what to do”

They both left the study and walked back into the living room, everywhere was so joyful.
“This calls for celebration, we should get some wine” Uncle Kenneth said
“Sure, let me pick one from the kitchen” Aunt Cathy said

“No, this calls for something more than what we have in the kitchen” Uncle Kenneth said
“Mariana, would you mind going with me to wine place,” He asked
“You’re the reason for the occasion, you should be the one to choose the wine” He continued
“Sure, why not,” Mariana said as she got up on her feet.

Uncle Kenneth grabbed the car keys and went out. Lanre knew this was trouble, to be alone for a few minutes with Aunt Cathy, whom he had successfully dodged since the incident.
“Don’t take too long, guys!” Aunt Cathy said

Lanre escaped into the bathroom to forestall trouble from sex craze unrepentant nymphomaniacal Cathy, while her husband and Mariana were on wine duties.

He brought out his phone to look through his notifications, then he saw the message from Carol.
“I know about Ella and Maggy. If you don’t want me to spill to your “fiancee” Be in my house tonight. I must have that dick before her. I have her phone number remember?”

“What have I gotten myself into” Lanre thought to himself.
“I will be there, just text me your flat number.”

He knew she stays in 1004 with some of her friends, but not the flat number.
“Lanre, I know why you’re staying in that bathroom for so long,” Aunt Cathy said

“There is no way you’re purging! I’m sure of that” She continued

“Come out or your wife to be will find out what happened that morning.” She whispered against the door of the guest bathroom.
Gladys peeped out and heard the conversation, it had to do with sex, she thought to herself and moved on.

“No rest for the wicked,” He said to himself.

He had to come out, Mariana is the best woman for him, she has been very understanding and supportive. Moreover, he knew almost everything about him, and she was still cool about it.

To hear he slept with her aunt will destroy her. He cannot afford to break her heart any more than he had.

“My sweet boy! Lanre, I didn’t mean to blackmail you to come out” She pleaded.
She pulled out her perfect boobs from the top of her tanktop,

“Why am I begging you with this?” She said
Lanre stared at them, they weren’t perfect but very close. Carol’s boobs are the new standard for perfect, the thought to himself.

“Okay, let’s do this some other time,” Lanre said, as he walked briskly away from those boobs, he saved them for his memory bank.

As Uncle Kenneth and Mariana drove back from the wine shop,

“We all missed you while you were away” He started
“So, did I! I missed everyone” she replied
“You know I missed you more, my little firecracker,” Uncle Kenneth said, as he rubbed his hands on her legs.

“Uncle K, we cannot continue this anymore” She protested, taking his hands away from her legs.
“Why? What do you mean” He asked

“I’m getting married to Lanre, for one. And two, this affair has exhausted its term”
“I love Lanre and he knows how I love it” She said
“He’s better than me in bed?” He asked
“And he’s also younger” She said

“Moreover, I had to have an abortion while I was away, and it was your baby,” She said
“I don’t wanna jeopardize this relationship with this.” She tried to make her case.
“Just let me eat you out one more time. Our goodbye hook up, please” He pleaded.
“Our goodbye was that weekend, we shared in London when you came over.” She said

After that, they drove in silence till they got back home, Mariana knew he wouldn’t give up that easily, he’s definitely planning something.
They all masked their struggles with each other as they had wine and discussed politics.
When it was time for them to leave. Lanre took Mariana to the car, and scrolled through his phone and then said,

“Babe, I need to pick up a document and review before tomorrow morning. The meeting is quite urgent. Can we get the document from 1004, then head home. That’s it. Please” Lanre lied

Mariana was on her phone as well, she nodded and said “Sure”
Lanre quickly replied, “On my way now” to Carol.

Unknown to Lanre, Mariana and Uncle Kenneth were discussing, Kenneth still hadn’t given up on a goodbye shag, he then introduced gifts and cash into the mix.

They gisted randomly till they arrived at 1004, Mariana’s head was buried in her phone, and she didn’t see exactly which flat he went into.

As he knocked on the door, he heard the voice say
“Come in”
“Lanre, that’s you right!”
“Lock the door behind you, I’m upstairs,” She said.

He did as she asked then went upstairs. He met her in her birthday suit with a champagne bottle in her hand.
“Thank you for coming,” She said, obviously drunk.
“Here is your task,” She said pointing to her pussy, he walked slowly to her, she was clean-shaven, the way he boobs sat on her chest was so beautiful. He took his face to her flat tummy, kissing her navel, softly grabbing her boobs and massaging them, flicking her nipples, his fingers dancing cautiously over her nipples.

His kisses began to go downward, as he kneeled before her, staring her pussy straight, he opened his mouth and teased slowly the tip of his tongue over the entrance of her pussy, so delicate and so sensitive. He stopped and started kissing her thighs, biting them softly, he was down eating his assistant’s pussy out.

He began to get into it, he went back into the pussy, licking and sucking the top of the pussy, while her legs open where she was standing. He separated her pussy lips with his fingers so his tongue could get an easier pass to her clitoris that he began to tease and suck.

She took a decent gulp from the champagne bottle and threw it to the couch, not caring if it liquid slips out of the bottle or not.

She pressed his face further into her orifice, she rubbed his flat tongue tirelessly against her pussy, he ground his tongue against her more, as she began to moan, he brought his tongue further down, and rubbed his tongue against the walls of her pussy, before he moved back to the top of pussy to continue teasing her clit.

Her legs began to wobble, so she stopped him and dragged him by the tie to her bedroom, she spread her legs, and pointed to it, she was dominating him but he refused to admit that to himself. He introduced his hands into the fray now, with his tongue rubbing against her pussy at the top.

His fingers were going in and out of her pussy, she rubbed his own boobs, pulling her nipples, and moaning, she lifted her up to follow the motion of his tongue, and dropped it down, then pushed him away.

He got up, and she took down his pants and took his dick in her mouth, she teased his balls, made sure he mouth got to every part of his dick and balls, then told him to get back up.

“Now you can go and fuck her. I just wanted to be the one you were eating before you ate her tonight. The one that sucked your dick before she sucked you.”

It all dawned on him, she is a crazy domineering sociopath, what in God’s name has he gotten himself into.

“You can go,” she said smiling, back to her normal self. He dressed himself up, and went back downstairs, grabbed two apples from her kitchen and saw a folder with the company logo, checked the documents, and went out. He ate an apple in the elevator, finished it then began on the other apple just before he entered the car.

“Babe, what took you so long?” The person misplaced the document, so we were searching for it.
“Ehya, poor baby. Come, let me kiss you” She said

She grabbed his head and kissed him, dipping her tongue into his mouth. Lanre hoped the fruit would mask the taste of pussy in his mouth.
She grabbed his junk and said

“I have missed sucking this, that’s the first thing I’m doing when we get home”

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