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Randy Lanre S01E06: Sister, look where you’re going?!

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Randy Lanre S01E06: Sister, look where you’re going?!

“Can I come in?” He asked her, as he drove her home.
“No,” She said, she knew for sure, it was trouble if he comes into her home.
“Why not, I just wanna see where you live” He lied
“I don’t want you to see it as it is, It’s very unkempt,” She said, as an excuse
“I left home in a bit of a hurry this morning, so it’s in disarray” She continued
“What does it matter, I’m not there to judge. I just want to see your house, that’s all” He lied again.

“Is there any way I can discourage you from coming into my house?” She asked
“Nope,” He said confidently.
“I’m going to have to call in that apology postponed favor”
“You wouldn’t!” He stared back at her for a few seconds then burst into laughter
“Don’t dare me, Lanre! Because I will” She said laughing with him.
“Save it for something more important than this, it’s just a house visit”
“This is important to me,” She said

“What’s the big deal in this, Mariana? Save the favor for a kidney transplant or something” He said
“Fair point,” She said, staring into oblivion for a few seconds.
“You’re only going to stay for a minute, okay?”
“Absolutely, I’ll be in and out quickly” He lied.

“Why does that sound dirty,” She asked
“Because it is?” He said
“You’re not alright,” She said as they exited the car.

There wasn’t really any big deal in him coming into her house but there has been a lot of romantic tension between them, she knew something would happen if they were allowed to be alone for just 2 minutes.

Lanre met Mariana at a social function a couple of months back. Quite awkward their meeting, they both ran into each other while their eyes were glued to their mobile phones, the clash wasn’t so bad, but it got the both of them to look up and the conversation started.

Mariana apologized first,
“I’m sorry, I should have been more attentive, I got carried away by my phone”
“Yea! Damn straight! You should definitely apologize. Next time, you watch where you’re going, young lady!” He said in a witty and funny manner.

“That’s not very gentlemanly, Mister” She hit back with a smirk
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t going for gentlemanly, I was going for the moderately Nigerian uncle thing” He said smiling

“Was there an apology in there?”
“Nope. Actually there was an apology in there but it wasn’t for me running into you rather for you thinking I wanted to be a gentleman” He laughed.

They both stood at the same spot, and had managed to stop looking at their phones, rather looking at each other and having what seemed like a sarcastic but interesting conversation.

“There was an apology in there, and I will take it as the one for you running into me, since you just admitted to running into me.” She said, with a sexy smile on her lips.

“Oh Damn! I sometimes talk too much, can I take that back. I really need my apology back. I’m almost out of apologies for the month, and its barely middle of the month. If you don’t give me that back I won’t be able to apologize to anyone no matter what I do, even if I crash someone’s car. It’s literally my last apology for the month”

She watched him as his mouth moved, and she just liked him suddenly, the way he spoke, his unusual satirical approach, how funny he was different.

“Madam …” He said inquiring for her name
“Mariana” She said
“Quite an unusual name, is that the name of the woman your dad wanted to marry when he was abroad briefly.” He said

“Are you Sherlock Holmes or something, you hit that spot on”
“He never wants to forget her, so he gave me her name.”
“Wawuu! How romantic” He said

“I know” She said and smiled.
“So, I really need that apology back. Do me a solid and give it back. It’ll be a big favor, and you can cash it in later, who knows what can happen in future.” He said

“Okay, quit whining like a baby. You can take it back. I’m gonna call this back later” She said

“You’re totally a lifesaver! Do you want to go sit somewhere and talk more? My legs are killing me, I think my arthritis is acting up again” He said smiling

“You’re such a douche, I’m sure you don’t have arthritis,” She said laughing

“I keep telling people that, No one listens to me… no one”
“Which part?”
“The douche part, not the arthritis part”
“My name is Lanre Odogwu, but a lot of people call me Segun Odogwu”

“If your name is Lanre Odogwu, why will people call you Segun” She asked

“That’s because people say I look like a Segun rather than a Lanre” He said
“What the hell does that even mean?”
“I’m as lost on that as you but it seems to have permeated around my circles, a lot of people call me the wrong name. You can do that if you want.” He said
“I’ll just call you Lanre, like your friends.” She said,
“Now, I want you like Joseph wanted Mary”

“I think that’s blasphemous,” She said, “How did Joseph want Mary again?”
“I would be offended when I google what that word means. You don’t know how Joseph wanted Mary? I wouldn’t be the one to explain that to you.”
“You’re a piece of work,” She said as they both laughed and took their sit on an unoccupied sofa.

As time went on, they found themselves chatting for hours, days, weeks and phone calls began to show up in between. It seemed they were perfect for each other, they understood their jokes and talked about everything including sex.

He had a feeling that she would be freaky in between the sheets but she kept the poise of lady, always courteous and responsible but a real thunderstorm in bed.

They spoke about sex, and he became very anxious about her, their friendship blossomed, they saw movies together but she drove herself home all the time but on this occasion, her car was bad.

She was always able to control how alone they were all this while but today is proving to be abortive, there is nothing she can say to stop him from dropping her off.

As they exited the car and walked towards her apartment, she said
“I’m fine here now. You can go home, moreover, it’s very late”
“No way. I’m thy Prince Charming, I have to make sure my Princess is safe within the borders of her magisterial abode. This is a task I must accomplish” He said mimicking a knight.

“As you wish, my prince,” she said, taking a slight bow pointing to her apartment.
Marianna’s heart raced as she was about to open the door, as the lock rotated, her heart jumped, she opened the door, went in, and opened it wide for me to come in.

He stepped in, and looked around, she closed the door behind him. She stood beside the door, holding her bag tight to her chest like she was scared like a little girl.

“You know I’m not gonna bite you right. So stop clutching so tight to the bag. Here let me help you.”

He moved closer to her take the bag off her, she had no witty comeback this time around, he took the bag from her, he could feel her heart racing.
He dropped the bag beside her, and he was about coming back up, his face stopped directly in front of her face, and then he kissed her.

The kiss was short, light but very effective then he started another that lingered for a while, then he took her lower lip and kissed it more. His hands stayed by her side, her lips became active slowly, as she began to open up and return the kiss.

She kissed him back and found herself wanting it more and more, the kiss became more intensive. It seemed like all the tension that built up in them finally had an outlet. The passion between them seemed like opening a tap, and water was gushing out with much force.

Lanre loved kissing her so much, his hands moved away from the waist, up to the face, he held her face as he kissed her, putting his hands through her thick bouncy hair, she drew him closer into her, then she stopped and ran to the other side of the room.

They stood apart from each other, as he moved towards her, she signaled for him to stop.
He stopped, he could see her breathing was faster, and she was thinking, she put her palm over her forehead checking her own temperature, he moved closer to her as she was trying to run away from him, he went after her more, she wanted more but her brain was fighting her heart for dominance.

Eventually, brain lost the battle, as she launched at him, kissing him back, letting go of all her inhibitions, she kissed me like she wanted to, she dragged him unto the bed, straddled him, held his head, and kissed him as she has always dreamt of doing exactly, all the nights he had teased her with his messages, with his voices, she wanted it all now.

She rolled over, and had him on top of her, she pushed his groin deep inside her, urging him to dry hump her, while she kissed him that she had diabetes and his lips were insulin. He was such a bad boy, he grabbed her ass and squeezed hard, she made a little moan each time he did that, she certainly enjoyed her ass being squeezed, she liked caressing his big biceps.

Her inner demons seem to have started taking over. She pushed me off her, and ran to another corner of the room again.

Looks like the brain has taken control of her body for the time being.

“Please don’t come near me” Mariana said smiling, she lied, she wanted to be all over him, she wanted him against the wall, she wanted him everywhere on her.

As he approached her, her breathing became faster, he had never seen anything like it before, he walked towards her slowly, he kissed her and pushed her to the wall hand behind her squeezing her ass, and kissing her like she wanted. He loved how her body responded to his touch.
She pushed him back, knelt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and brought out his dick, she licked his dick all around, she definitely read the complete edition of the 21st Century Lady’s Guide of The Golden Age of Blowjob, she understood how the dick works, the sensitive parts, how to work them, it felt so good.

The demons were now out to play, she teased and licked his dick then began dipping his dick into her mouth like teabags into a teacup. She sucked him like a freak, she allowed her mouth and throat to do a lot of the work, and she sucked him hard and good.

He was enthralled by all that was happening, he had let out the Kraken, the monster. She pushed him away and said

“You have to go” She pointed at him to put his pants back up. When he was about to leave, she held the door and kissed him for another five minutes, she then saw him off to the car, then kissed him again.

She was sure, he would never forget that night, and a few months later, they were engaged to be married. Now the love of his life, but there is so much baggage in his life right now.

He knew what he had to do.

The Dilemma is who to ask for directions, God? to help him disconnect from all these girls to focus on her or the devil, to help me manage himself to satisfy them all not letting go of the Baby Boy Life.

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