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Randy Lanre S01E03: What a time to be alive?! (18+)

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Randy Lanre S01E03: What a time to be alive?! (18+)

Lanre woke up a few seconds before his alarm went off, his eyes open and stared at the ceiling, Ella by his side, she slept in a very uncomfortable posture. No wonder she had managed to kick away the duvet, she was naked asides from the black flower-designed pant she was wearing.

She backed him, she laid on her side, with her ass pushed back towards his waist. The alarm went off, and Lanre grabbed his phone to put it off from the bedside table.

As he stretched to grab the phone to silence the alarm, Ella turned to face him, grabbing his waist, and drew herself into him.

“Good morning baby,” She said
“Good morning Ella”
“You should feel better this morning?” She asked with sarcasm
“I’m good, but why are you particular about how I feel”
“For what I came for? I need your goods”
“What about what happened last night during my work-out and shower?”

“Ahan Lanre! It doesn’t count, that was just a blowjob”

Lanre was laughing at the conversation they were having.

“Please fuck me like you used to”
“Ella, when did you become this sex machine?”

“You spoilt me, I left Jide because of you. I couldn’t let him shag me with the small thing anymore”
“I didn’t ask you to leave him, it was all you.”
“I just couldn’t do it. I had to stay away from him for a couple of days after we shagged so my pussy could go back to the previous size.

If I fucked him back then he would have known I fucked someone else because my pussy expanded.”

“So, this is my fault now.”

“I’m sorry but it’s your fault” Ella continued pointing her middle finger at him

Lanre laughed to himself, silencing the phone and putting it back on the table. She grabbed his boxers and pulled it down his waist.

“Ella, this is rape o”

She continued what she was doing, she yanked her panties off, and straddled him, rubbing her pussy against his long fat dick, she held the dick cap in between her fingers and began to massage the head, rubbing the head of the dick into the top part of her pussy, teasing her clitoris. The finger massage of his dick cap began to send sweet sensations to his brain.

Ella began moaning lightly, grabbed the dick from the root and began to lower her pussy into the long hot rod, she swallowed his dick till he filled all of her.

Lanre pulled her off his dick, and pointed to the drawer, she got the message, and opened the second drawer and brought a condom, and strapped it on him. As she began to lower herself onto his dick, he brought her face closer to his and kissed her, she smiled and continued.

She rubbed her hands all over his chest as she fucked his dick slowly, grabbing his nipples and pulling them. Ella began to pick up steam and go in faster, hands flat on his chest while her waist went in and out of him. He grabbed her boobs as they dangled freely as the waist movement became faster.

“Oh, Daddy! I missed this.”
“Shit, this feels so good!!!”

She began running commentary as she fucked him. Lanre took his other hand and grabbed a chunk of her ass. Pressing her ass into his dick as she rode him, she bounced up and down on his dick, he spanked her as she continued going.

She screamed “Oh Yes!” as he continued spanking her, her ass cheek will have turned red from all the spanking. Without taking out his dick, he turned it around, she was laying down now while he was unto of her, with her legs on the shoulder.

He began his masterstrokes, deep and strong thrust. Ella’s moans increased, Lanre’s thrusts look similar to a porn star’s thrusts, he could feel his dick going in all the way. He held her legs with his hands while his waist burrowed deep into her pussy.

“Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!” She said as tears streamed down her closed eyes. Lanre was impressed with his own performances right now. No wonder these small girls keep coming back, they just want to be fucked right, no boyfriend drama, just a bloody good dick.

After thrusting into her with power and skill, he put her legs down and wide apart, holding it down side to side. He positioned himself in between her open leg, holding the top of her thighs on each side separate, he rubbed the dick head all over the top of her pussy, her pussy was flooded, and she just stayed wailing, he put the dick in and began slow thrusts.

He would put the dick in, the whole shaft then brings out back to the rub it back and forth over the clitoris and put it back in again and thrust her slow and sensual. He fucked her slow and fucked her silly, testing the limits of her legs as they were far apart, and he held them in that position. Ella responded

“My legs are paining but don’t stop!”

He held her legs and positioned his knee firmly into the bed and began to thrust with speed, she had to cover her mouth with her hands as his thrusts were sending her beyond cloud 9.

Lanre stopped as he had entered his beast mode, the mode Ella was hoping to get him the night before.

He disengaged from her and carried her to the wall before his bathroom door, her back against the wall and he stood in front of her, her legs in his arms, Ella dipped her hands down to grab his dick and push it towards the entrance of her pussy.

As the tip entered her pussy, he began to thrust into her, and the sweet experience continued. Sweat dripping down from his back, PHCN had struck about 10 minutes into their sex.

Her eyes were half-opened. She put her head over his shoulder as his tool continued drilling into her pussy. She had cum multiple times, and it was still counting.
He continued thrusting into her till he blew his own load, as he grunted and put her back into the bed.

“Thank you, Lanre! You’re the best” She said, he smiled and went into the bathroom to freshen up. He remembered his phone and came out to get it as he naked in front of the bathroom mirror,

He unlocked his phone and saw lots of notifications from different apps. He opened the one from his girlfriend and replied

“Hey, Babe!
I’m sorry that I’m just replying, I’ve been really tired.
Work stuff! Hope you’re good?”

He moved on and opened notifications with Carol, thinking to himself, what could she want.
I already apologized for what happened earlier today
But I kinda liked it. I like how you kissed me.
My boyfriend never kissed me like that
I’m here laying on this bed and wondering what it would feel like to kiss you without the danger in the office.
I think I’m wet already
You’re not responding
Please say something
Good night”

Lanre looked at the time the last message delivered and it was around 11.45 PM.

Wow! What a time to be alive?!

Carol is really something, and then he saw a picture loading up and damn! Who knew her boobs were this big, this is about DD boobs, Carole just sent him a nude some minutes after 6 in the morning. Jesus!

What is happening with my life, Lanre wondered. Now, there will be tension in that office, with all this? He would imagine grabbing them in the office and there will be hell to pay for if HR finds out.

He replied “Wow!
Those look beautiful
Sorry, I didn’t reply early enough, I slept as soon as I got home”
He knew he had to lock this down now, as quickly as possible.

Another notification came from Bae,

“I’m good, Boo
Pele! I hope you’re eating well?
Since I’m not around to prepare your meals. I feel bad for you, bae” He replied

“No need to feel bad.
I’ll have to find a way to cope before you come back”

“Good, I miss your D. Bae
Send me a nude, let it warm your baby up”

“Oh come’on, babe
You’re coming back soon”

“I want it now, Bae
Don’t starve of me of my property or have you giving it to those Lagos girls?”

“I would never give it to anyone else, babe
Trust me!”

“I don’t trust Carol, there is a way she looks at you. I don’t like it”

“Carol is just a nice girl, I know her boyfriend and they’re cool. She doesn’t have anything for me”

Lanre lied through his teeth. He cleaned the dick off the condom lubricant, and snapped a decent pic of his junk and sent it to her.

My D is looking so sweet”

“I gotta go, baby, I’m late for work. We will chat during the day”

He dropped the phone, sensing he will be late for work, he rushed through the bath and as he was about to leave. Ella handed him a cup of coffee in one of his shirts she found, he smiled at her and he was about to leave.

He said, “You need to be out of here by 11 AM. Give the keys to Aliyu. Don’t get comfortable wearing my stuff, okay? ” and then complimented Ella,

“Someday, you’ll make a good wife for someone else.”

“Awwwwwwn” She said blushing, “Get out of my house by 11 AM”. He said and left.

As he was about to drive out, he got a message from Nicholas saying
“The MD wants you to present whatever you have this morning by 10 AM”

“Oh boy! Let the day begin “ then another nude came from Carol, it was her round bulb ass this time around.

“Shit,” He said to himself as he felt his dick kick a little forward.

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