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Randy Lanre S01E02: Again with the London Party (18+)

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Randy Lanre S01E02: Again with the London Party (18+)

Wednesday went really great, when he arrived back at the office, it was incredible how he was able to handle the rest of the presentation with ease. The mix of a good head with weed made that possible. Cheers to Maggy with the good head.

Friday arrived, and it was time for some Chinese lunch he had been craving for a while now, he skipped the office to run an errand, and on his way back, Lanre stopped by Mega Plaza to get the Chinese food he ordered earlier as he was heading back.

As he opened the door on his way out of the restaurant, his phone began to ring, he brought out the device and the caller was his assistant at the office, Carol. Could be his line manager or CEO calling for him but he didn’t have time to process all that thought because someone just interrupted that.

As he was about to pick up the call, he heard
“Shouldn’t you be at work, Lanre?” He looked up, smiled at her as she came close with arms open for a hug.
“Ella! Heey!” He said, ogling the light in complexion beauty in front of him.

Ella is Maggy’s friend. After meeting Maggy, a couple of weeks later, they went out together and one way or the other, they had gotten each other”s Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram, he understood but Snapchat, he didn’t snap but was happy to watch Maggy and her crew’s snap stories which was majorly twerking and partying.

Ella made the first move on Lanre, which he didn’t mind, and like that, they became FWB, Friends with Benefit.

Ella is way more “randier” than Maggy when it comes to the real shag, but her head game is strong isn’t slacking either.”

“I”m on my way back to the office, had an out of the office meeting,” He said.

“What are you doing looking all sexy in this hot afternoon” He continued
“I came to get something for my mum, she has been annoying me all day” Ella complained.

“Let me walk you back to your car,” Ella said, tucking her hands into Lanre”s big bicep.

“Other than your mum pissing you off, what have you being up to”

“Nothing really” She began
“Just finished NYSC, so at home a lot these days. I’m doing a beauty seminar from my Snapchat.” She continued
“Shouldn’t you be doing it with a platform with more memories? Like Instagram?”
“But then again, what do I know”

“You’re right, Lanre, will re-strategize!” She retorted.

“Back to NYSC,” Lanre said

“Oh, yea! Heard your allowance is now like N19,800. Good for you guys, mine was N9,000 and I really needed the money”

“Who cares about the government money, I use it to make my hair or fix my nails”

“Yea, there is this party we”re going to London for, lots of celebs are going! My dad got me a business class ticket already, I”m excited. Wanna come?” She asked, getting all giggly.

“Oh, Maggy told me something about that. No! I don’t care about that at all. I will be at my house watching my shows binge-watching Californication, Entourage and many more”

The conversation took them into the Mega Plaza parking lot on the first floor where he parked. She wasn’t letting go of him easily. He dumped the plastic bag on the passenger side of the car.

Ella put herself in between Lanre in the car and the door, blocking his passage to close the door.

“So, you won”t give me any sugar before you leave?”
“Sugar? I know not what you speak of, Young lady”
She moved closer into him, with puppy eyes. He drew her close, kissed her well, grabbed a handful of her ass and slapped it hard. She took her hand into his inner thighs, trying to feel the dick.

“I miss you, Lanre,” She said when he stopped the kiss.
“I miss you too, Ella but I’m really busy these days. Once I”m free you”ll be the first person I call. Believe me!” He said

While they were there, his phone rang again and it was Carol again.
“I really have to go now. I think you made him happy” He said pointing to his dick.

“I”ll see you soon, promise?” Ella asked.

“Yes!” He said as she moved and he was able to close the door and drove off.

He switched on the phone’s Bluetooth and it paired with the mobile phone. He dialed Carol.

“Hi, Carol, what”s up?” He said
“Nicholas has been looking for you. He has called your office twice” Carol said

“Tell him I”ll join him soon. I went for my lunch break as stated in my contract” He said with sarcasm.
“Okay Lanre,” She said
“I”m around Mega Plaza, driving down to the office now”
“Okay, see you soon,” Carol said and cut the call.”

Lanre dashed out of his car, forgetting his food, headed to Nicholas” office, for some weird reason, he took almost 45 minutes longer than he thought due to crazy Victoria Island traffic.

Nicholas saw him enter the office through the glass partition and stretched his hand to him to come.
“Nick! Heard you’re looking for me” Lanre said

“Where did you go again, you must have forgotten about the presentation review meeting we were supposed to have an hour ago,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas is the Executive Director of Marketing for West and Central Africa. A really good guy, around 45 years old. Everyone likes him, constantly advising Lanre to get married, they’ve joked on so many occasions where Lanre asked him a rather nervy question.

He asked, if your marriage was so good, how come Nicholas usually leaves the office 9 pm or later, the whole office fell silent on at that point.

Things have simmered down since then, their mutual respect was back as Lanre has finally been able to stop the marriage harassment.

“So, how is the Marketing Pitch document going?” Nicholas asked

“It’s going well, I’m about to begin the slides that talk about cost, the company introduction, and concept note is done.”

“Good! Can you share the file with me?”

“Sure, will come talk to you through the first part when I’m done eating”

“Done eating?”

“Didn’t you just get back from lunch?”

“You randy man! I”m not interested in what you were doing with your lunch break”
“As I said earlier, I will come by your office after my lunch”

Lanre said as he exited Nicholas’ office and went back to his office. Arriving at his office, he had forgotten his lunch in the car, dang!
He picked up the intercom and dialed Carol, she came quickly. He noticed her countenance wasn’t joyous as she usually was but rather sad. It looked like she had been crying.
“Carol, are you okay?”
“I’m fine sir,” She said trying to wipe her tears as she tried to maintain a good appearance for her boss.

“You can talk to me” He got up from his chair and guided her to his visitor”s chair and sat opposite her.

“What happened,” He asked again.
“It”s Ibrahim, sir.”

“Is he okay? What happened to him?” He asked
“He just broke up with me a couple of minutes ago.”

She tried to be strong but tears continued to stream down her eyes as she spoke. Lanre wiped her tears with his hands and held her head.

“Don’t worry Carol, He’s probably going through a lot. You know he hasn’t settled down where he is. He loves you a lot and I know how much you care about him too. You’ve been an excellent assistant and a kind person. He’ll call you back soon. I promise”

“You’re sure, sir?”
“1,000% sure,” Lanre said, re-arranging her long hair, tucking them behind her ears.

“And if he’s still being an asshole, another smart guy will surely come and get you. All this your hotness cannot go to waste”

She smiled a bit, and out of nowhere, she kissed him.

He stayed stunned not knowing how to respond. Carol was pretty and her assets were on point but he just never thought of her in that light. All this ran through his mind as they sat there in the office, where anyone could have opened the door.
He kissed her back and stopped after a couple of seconds.
He got up, and she sat there looking at him.

“I’m really sorry, sir,” She said
“I don’t know what came over me. I’m too emotional right now” She continued

He grabbed his car keys and smiled at her.
“Please, can you help me get my lunch from the car. We will talk about this later.”

She collected the keys, and went on the errand, she dropped the food on his table and that was the last time he saw her before he closed from the office around 9 PM.

He went full throttle into the project after his meal, he didn’t take any break from the document till he left the office late. On his drive, he then gave more thought to Carol’s kiss.

The girl was really good at it, the kiss was quite interesting, and dangerous because anyone could have walked past his office when they were kissing, the excitement was nice. Today has been such an unusual day but fun!

Personally, he doesn’t like to do romance at work but Carol will be kept inside the cooler for days of extreme thirst. He just needs to manage her expectations, that”s all. He was sure of getting her to do as he wants, he was still shocked that she kissed him first.

He was at home in no time, drove into the compound. He felt really tired but he had been stretching awkwardly all day. He needed to do a couple of exercises before hitting the shower and sleeping off.

He heard a knock on the door, he went to the door, it was the gateman, Aliyu
“Oga, one yellow aunty come look for you this night”
“Wetin be her name?” He said
“She no tell me”
“Thank you, Aliyu, good night”

Aliyu, the smart guy, how will he know who came to look for him without the person’s name. Moreover, why didn’t the person just call him instead of showing up unannounced?
He closed the door, went into the room and took off his clothes, with only his boxer shorts, he went into his closet with the standing mirror to objectify himself, and his athletic shape was getting better.

His 6 packs need more work, but still okay for a day at the beach, his chest looked like a big slab of meat was inserted into his wide chest. He stood there flexing his muscles like he was in Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest.

Time to hit the shower but before that, light exercise, he went to his living room where his medicine ball was. He pushed it backward, legs on it, he started doing press up and after 15 reps, his doorbell rang, and he thought, Aliyu had remembered who came to see him earlier.

He went to the door and opened it, and it was a surprise, Ella was standing there.

“Hi Lanre,” she said with a big grin on her face, with the same outfit she wore in the afternoon when he saw her.

“What are you doing here?”
“I told you earlier that I miss you”
“So, you show up at my gate at 9.30? Why didn’t you call me? What if my girlfriend was around?”
“I miss you and I have to see you again today.”
“I know your girlfriend isn’t at home. I was here earlier, didn’t your gateman tell you?”
“He mentioned it”
“So, why are you really here, Ella”
“I miss you and my mum is annoying the hell out of me. Since I got home from Mega Plaza, she had been haggling me all day”

“And my house is the next place?” Lanre asked
“At least, invite me in, we can talk inside”

He invited her in and closed the door behind her.
“Why are you sweating? Working out?”
“Your body is banging, Lanre. How do you find time to work out?” She said, pressing his body as she walked into the apartment.

“Lanre, I”m sorry. Let’s move past this. I won”t do this again”
“Please don’t, Ella”

She took off her shoes and threw them to one side, she began to take off her clothes, only left with her pants and bra. Ella was a damn sexy babe, the hips flaring by the side, those creamy thighs and the boobs nicely tucked in her bra.

Seeing her throw her body around the house started arousing him but he knew he couldn’t do anything that night.

He grabbed his work-out gloves and went to the door of the bedroom where he had installed a pull-up bar over the top of the day.

As he was about to start, she came from behind and hugged his body, her body against his felt so good and he remembered the good times they had before at Ilashe, good times!.

“Let me do this quickly, okay?”

She left him but stood in front of him, she noticed there was a bulge in his pants.

“Looks like someone is happy to see me,” she said, using her hand to trace his dick from the short he was wearing.

He began his pull-up exercise, it was more tedious because he was extremely tired but he needed to work out before sleeping.
While he was doing it, she pulled down his boxers, jerking him off while he was doing his exercise.

“Let me motivate you, I will suck your dick as you keep going.”
“Are you crazy? I’m too tired for this, Ella” He complained.

“You’ll enjoy it, just continue”

As Lanre”s body went up and down, she sucked his dick, the motivation was working well. Lanre didn’t know he had done 25 reps slowly, as his body came down, the dick went into her mouth, as he pulled back up, it came out.

His hope was to do just 10, and now he had done 15 over what he had planned and still going, the perfect motivation.

He kept going, she continued sucking, deep throating him as he continued his exercise. He came down the bar, and his erection was full, his dick was hard.

Ella had the puppy look in her eyes again, she wanted to fuck that night but he was too tired for that. He walked away from her and went into the shower despite the erection, she followed him in.

As the water ran from his head down his body, it ran unto her head where Lanre”s dick was tucked into her mouth, and she burped at him.

Lanre blasted his load into her mouth and washed up.

“Thank you, daddy,” Ella said.

He left the bathroom, while Ella cleaned herself up. He grabbed the towel, cleaned up and went to bed naked.

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