May 21, 2022

Randy Lanre S01E01: What’s the fuss about Business Class?

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Randy Lanre S01E01: What’s the fuss about Business Class?

“I still don’t understand why my dad won’t allow me buy a business class ticket, my friends are all on it. I’ll be the only one in regular. Oh my God!!!! ” Maggy, the spoilt brat said

I was just there to enjoy my afternoon break from a tedious and long presentation I have been working on the whole week. 

In a difficult week so far, Today is Wednesday and just getting past some intense part of the presentation. I decided to give myself a break and get something very soothing, and there is someone who can supply that in abundance. Enter Maggy!

Maggy is my sexy ‘smallie’, a 23-year-old daughter of a former senator. I had to drive down to the Ikate Eleguishi area of Lekki from my Victoria Island office, I could beat the traffic easily, the time was around after 1 pm. 

I could still sneak another hour or so in between.

“He won’t even allow me use my money to upgrade it to business class.” Her complaint continued like I could do anything about it. I know she doesn’t need my money. I arrived around her house, she skips into my car, and without prompt starts talking about her current beef with her dad.

The thing with Maggy is to allow her to vent properly, in between her vents, she would do this marvelous motion with her mouth around my dick.

“Lanre! You’re not saying anything”, she looked up at me, while holding my shaft in her small hands, stroking it back and forth, her shirts unbuttoned, her D cup boobs almost out of the small bra. 

We were at the back seat, my back-seat glasses were tinted, so no one would know what was going down. To be away from prying eyes, we drove to a lonely street around her house.

“Maggy, just keep sucking it, baby,” I said.

“You know Ella and Cynthia are going with business class,” She said.

“Oh yea! Fellow spoilt children like you”, I said under my breath. 

She concentrated back on the dick again, licking and sucking at it. Maggy’s head is one of the best I have ever had; the first time I was given the pleasure was at the bathroom of a club.

After 10 minutes with Maggy that day, mind = blown!

She jumped into my top 5 blowjob experts.

“You’re just here for the head abi, Lanre” She said.

“Oh boy!” I muttered to myself, sensing this was about to develop into something else.

“Maggy, you know my best advice comes after I cum” that was my best reply, for now, I said pointing to my dick.

“You’re such an asshole! So, I should finish this first?” She said laughing.

“I know right! I tell everyone that I met but they somehow don’t believe me” I said.

Maggy grabbed the shaft from the base and began to use it as a microphone, she sang at it,

“Abinibi, you wee know when we enter” She began singing Falz’ Softwork

“Softwork?” I asked

“Come’ on!!! Maggy! I still have to go back to work.” 

She seemed to be nudged back to reality, she spat at it, then ran her hands over it, lubricating the whole shaft, she jerked it off hard then softly, smiling at her expertise with the cock.

Her mouth came over the tip of the dick, licking and flickering the tip of her tongue on the slit at the top of the dick before she began to swallow the shaft slowly. She enjoyed just sucking dick, the thing she told me when we first met and I asked for her hobbies.

Well, it’s time to allow her to work her magic. She held the dick upright while her face went below to suck the balls while rubbing the tip of the dick back and forth, squeezing the dick cap softly in between.

I threw my head back and stroked her head as she sucked and licked the ball sack, it felt good as she did them, she bit softly slightly above the base of the dick, and licked her way back to the top. 

She began to gorge the dick deep down into her throat, slowly and then faster, using her mouth as her honeypot, I was there lifting my waist into her mouth. Maggy, the deep throat queen.

She continued gulping the dick, despite the width and the length, I held her head and allowed myself fuck her mouth appropriately. After a couple of thrusts, I rested. She wanted to get up and take off her panties, I told her not to.

I just wanted a good head, moreover, I was close to cum.

Her squeeze on the dick became tougher, she changed the motion to half dick sucking, the bottom half was the hand. Her mouth motion only stopped at half of the dick, the hand at the bottom of the dick became faster, and pretty soon, I could sense my own cum. My waist twitched till all of my cum was in her mouth, she was quite proud of herself.

She drew her purse closer, opened it and brought out a blunt, we smoked together, with my hands inside her bra, toying with her nipples.

“So, what should I do about my daddy’s refusal to upgrade my ticket?” She asked.

“Be grateful, and fly the damn ticket. You can never tell when EFCC will seize all your father’s assets.” I said laughing

“Is this the advice, you saved till now?” She asked “If you had said this when I asked, I wouldn’t have blown you” She continued

“You think I didn’t know that.” I replied.

“Why do you think I waited till now to tell you? In this Buhari’s economy is when you want to fly business class to a party abroad” I said

“You’re such an asshole” She replied.

I collected the blunt from her and dragged a long one, gave it back and pulled my trousers back up, hurried her up.

It was a deserved head, now to get back to the office to continue my presentation, will need to stop by to get TomTom to douse down this smell, but that release was highly needed.

Thanks Maggy!

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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