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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E09] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E09] (18+)

His dad supported and his sister who obviously did not want to be home babysitting him just fiddled with her phone. He left quietly, he would not win this argument. In his room, he just lay on his bed, what was he supposed to do now? He asked himself.

Kunle finally acknowledged that Atinuke was some sort of witch sent to torment him. Even with his whole family at home, she never stopped grabbing his dick or slapping his ass when nobody was looking. Kunle needed to get out of the house.

On a cold night Kunle lay in his bed, Atinuke tiptoed in and bolted the door from behind. Without warning, she pulled Kunle’s dick out of his boxers and shoved it inside her mouth. It made him wake with a start but once he found out who it was, he just stroked her hair. After that blowjob, he definitely would get to fuck her.

Atinuke sucked him out of his mind, his dick appearing and disappearing as she gracefully worked her mouth on it. She began to loosen her wrapper, joy spread all over him, he knew what was coming next.

Knock Knock, Kunle and Atinuke held still to know if they had heard right or not, the knock came again followed by his Mum’s voice seeking permission to come into the room. Alarmed, Kunle quickly tucked his dick into his boxers and Atinuke immediately rolled under the bed.

He was happy with her quick thinking. Once the door opened and he came face to face with his mother, she looked all over him and asked if he was doing fine. After he answered all her questions, she begged him to always try and talk to her if he had any issues and bade him goodnight. Kunle was pissed, she interrupted all his fun for that?

He bolted his door and turned back, his gaze fell upon Atinuke’s nude, she had loosened her wrapper and was holding the edges in her hands. His deflating dick hardened in his boxers immediately, he ran across the room to meet her but before he could get close to her, she covered her body with her wrapper.

“Hin se mo, ara mi ti bale” (I am no longer interested, I am no longer in the mood). Kunle felt his heart crash, he was too horny to miss out. He fell to his knees and begged Atinuke letting her know he would do anything.

When she finally spoke, she asked him to get up then she went to her knees.

Kunle looked down and stared into Atinuke’s eyes, she held his gaze from a kneeling position and stroked his dick through his boxers. Her touch sent shivers down his spine. His dick cap was already shining with precum when she eventually brought it out.

She looked up at him again and flashed him a wicked smile, he was scared of what kind of way she would work his dick. His heart pounded in his chest, she gave his head a hard lick. She licked every bit of precum off his dick head before parting his pee hole.

Hin se mo (I’m done) Atinuke said with finality as she got off her knees and made for the door. Kunle stood there like a statue, totally confused and in pain. What kind of a woman is this? She left without turning back for once.

Kunle could not sleep all through the night, he just rolled from one end of his bed to another, his hard-on driving him crazy. He was grumpy the next morning, he barely slept, the fact that his family was around when he did not want them to annoy him more, everything was annoying.

That morning’s breakfast was cereal, he took his and left the dining room to have his meal in his room away from his family. He was feeling uneasy. Maybe he should go talk to his mum, he thought, they had not had good conversations in a very long while. He knocked on her door but got no reply, as made to leave, he heard footsteps from inside the room.

Someone definitely was inside, he simply pushed the door open and barged in.

Atinuke stood rooted in a spot, gold jewellery in her right hand and the left was in her bra trying to hide some. She smiled at Kunle, he did not smile back, he finally had her. He made it known immediately that he would tell his mother Atinuke was a thief and see to it that she goes to jail.

The mention of jail startled her, she quickly threw all the stolen items on the floor, fell on her knees and grabbed Kunle by the knee.

“Dakun, hin fe sewon, gbogbo nkan to ba fe ni n se, bo ba se fe ni in fun o” (please, I don’t want to go to jail, I will do everything you want, I will give it to you however you want it).

Kunle felt powerful, so he left her in the room and returned to his room. As soon as he got in, Atinuke followed and continued to plead with him. He loved how helpless she looked as she continued to plead. When he finally spoke, she was shocked, he asked her to keep the stolen jewellery but in exchange, she had to be available to him anytime he wanted.

She readily agreed to Kunle’s offer, she gets to keep the gold and escapes prison, Kunle could own every inch of her body for it. Kunle made it known he wanted to have her by 12 am.

Few minutes to 12, the entire house was asleep except for Kunle and Atinuke. She snuck into Kunle’s room, he was waiting for her. Once she got in, he had her back to the door. His lips collided with hers pressing the back of her head into the door.

She struggled to breathe, he tugged at her wrapper with one of his hands and it fell to the floor revealing her bubbly boobs. He squeezed both of her boobs, she moaned into his mouth. His cock at this point was unbearably hard, he looked her in the eyes, she was panting. He went for her nipple and sucked on it, Atinuke lovingly stroked his hair as he sucked her nipples like a child.

She grabbed his cock and stroked him. Kunle pressed her shoulder till she fell on her knees, his dick a few inches away from her face, she knew exactly what he wanted. She continued from where she left off the other day, licked through his pee hole. Kunle felt a strong urge to pee and cum at the same time, he grabbed Atinuke’s head and sank his dick into her mouth.

He made sure to fuck into her throat loving how saliva drooled down her Jaws and smeared all over her boobs.

Kunle stood her up and led her to the bed, he asked her to hold onto the bedpost. He parted her legs far, he could see her wet pussy hole. He spanked her ass with both hands as punishment for all those times she made him horny for nothing, she moaned back instead of pleading for mercy.

Kunle enjoyed that, he dipped two fingers into her wet Coochie and watched how her body shivered and she buried her face into the bed. Kunle twisted and turned his fingers in her pussy loving how she moaned into his bed.

He replaced his fingers with his dick without warning. With all of his dick buried in her pussy, he grabbed a handful of her braids raising her head up and making her back arch. The positioning was perfect now, he slammed into her and spanked her ass.

It felt like he was riding a horse, dakun, dakun (please, please) she continued to plead in her local language but Kunle continued to fire down her pussy with the purpose of finding his orgasm. When he felt close, he spanked her harder and slammed his dick into her pussy harder.

“mo yo o, da sibe” (don’t remove it, cum in me) Atinuke moaned. He pulled her braids harder and dumped his load far up her pussy, he had no plans to not cum in her before.

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