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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E07] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E07] (18+)

Kunle was scared out of his skin, he just fidgeted at the door, hoping that Atinuke calms down soon. Kunle swiftly dressed up for school the next day in a bid to evade Atinuke, feeling safe in school, away from Atinuke. He sat in his seat hoping yesterday’s scenario didn’t have any repercussions. Funmi joined him in his seat and they started to discuss

“You were ignoring me when your nanny was around, you were too busy fucking her, now that she’s gone you suddenly miss me and want me to come over to your place abi, never”.

Kunle knew he messed up, he apologized to Funmi, she didn’t give him any answer, he placed his hand on her skirt, she didn’t react, he pushed her skirt up a bit, no reactions, he started to massage her fleshy thighs slowly as they both listened to the teacher explaining in front of the class.

This seat was perfect for their shenanigans, they looked like normal innocent students from afar but something nasty was going on under. As Kunle’s fingers made way to her crotch, she held his hand,

“Don’t pass your boundary,” she said sternly. Kunle wasn’t happy with the development but, this was still good development, she’ll come around soon, he thought to himself and truly, by the third day, he had successfully started to finger Funmi while class was going on, on the fourth day she stopped him mid-session and excused herself from the class.

When she came back, she spread her thighs a bit apart which was Kunle’s cue to start fingering her again.

He rubbed on her thighs for a while before going to her crotch, it was BARE! She went to remove her panties, Kunle looked up at her, she smiled and winked at her. Kunle worked her pussy hard and constantly buried his face in his desk to lick cum off his fingers as she held onto the desk and stifled her moans.

Things were a bit better for him now he had met with Atinuke and apologized for trespassing and invading her privacy and he had agreed to do her bidding so she wouldn’t report him to his mum. “oo fe kin so fun modamu abi, se oo se nkan ti mo fe? (You don’t want me to report you to madam right, would you do what I want?)”

“Akoko oo ma fun mi ni egberun mewaa lose ose, ekeji, to modamu o ba si ni Ile, iwo loo ma fo abo mo tunle se, n o ma so itoku fun o bo ba ya

(1. You’ll pay me 10k every week, 2. When madam is not around you’ll do the dishes and keep the house tidy, I’ll tell you the rest later).

Kunle had readily agreed to this deal of hers, it was way better than her reporting him for trying to rape her, his mother would be so disappointed in him.

He had no issues keeping his promises with Atinuke, he had enough money and it’s not as if the house is always very untidy or the plates were a lot, things were going back on track, he looked forward to Monday with Funmi and their usual shenanigan.

“I didn’t bring my panties today, hope you brought your fingers” Funmi whispered in his ear as they both sat on their seats. He was psyched to hear that, he gave the whole class a quick look, no teacher in sight, the class was rowdy, perfect! He thought as he lined a finger into Funmi’s pussy skipping his usual routine of caressing her thighs, she sucked in air sharply as the finger went in, she rubbed Kunle’s crotch through his trousers and soon had her hand inside his boxers stroking his dick to life and he buried two fingers in her very hot and wet pussy.

They were so gone in the moment and didn’t know when the class teacher got behind them.

“Both of you, gently straighten yourselves out and meet me in my office in 5mins” she whispered in their ears, they both were startled as they came face to face with their class teacher, she stood straight and left almost immediately. They both straightened their uniforms and got up ever slowly following the teacher’s steps as the whole class stared at them.

Kunle and Funmi were on their knees in Mrs Fahiza’s office, she was well known in the school for her strictness and morals. What did both of you think you were doing? Engaging in sexual activities not only in school but in a classroom with students? I will make sure both of you are well punished.

After 3 weeks of suspension, you’ll come with your parents and I’ll have a talk with them. Kunle just looked on, he just secured a deal for one trouble he got himself in and now he’s in another, a big one for that matter, Funmi was just crying. Mrs Fahiza detained both Kunle And Funmi till way past closing time, henceforth both of you should not share a seat anymore and I mustn’t see you go home together, is that clear?

“Yes ma”, they both answered.

“You both are to resume to my office tomorrow morning” she added before dismissing them. Kunle was so tired when he got home, he was so worried for himself and Funmi, if Mrs Fahiza carried out her threat it would be disastrous for both of them. He thought of securing some kind of deal with her too just like he did with Atinuke and hoped it would work.

It rained heavily that night and Kunle slept early hoping to have enough energy to face his troubles for the next day.

“Kunle, dide, ara n yun mi, wa ba mi yun” (Kunle, get up, my body itches, come itch it for me)” Atinuke tapped Kunle from sleep, he wasn’t happy his sleep was disturbed but he had no choice than to do her bidding lest he incurs her wrath.

He made to itch her back when she quickly got up,”ibeun ko, ibibayi ni” (not there, here) Atinuke said as she loosened her wrapper and presented Kunle with her goosebumps filled boobs with hard nipples and her pretty pink kitty cat.

He jumped out of bed immediately, he couldn’t believe his ears, Atinuke wanted him to fuck her. The cold from the rain must have terribly turned her on. Well, he doesn’t care, he’s been too starved and he just wanted to fuck.

He buried his face in her boobs hastily making her stagger a bit as he sucked her boobs in a frenzy

“Mu suuru, Mu suuru, Jen dubule” (calm down, calm down, let me lay on my back) she said but Kunle wasn’t having any of that, she up in the air in a minute and in another, her body crashed into the bed as Kunle threw her in. He spread her legs wide and dived In heads first, her pussy didn’t just look delicious it also smelled delicious and tasted the same way.

He was surprised, she was too local and looks too local to be this fine down there. He gave her so well that her legs were locked around his neck and her fingers roamed his hair

“ughnn Kunle, mo je mi pa (ughnnn Kunle, don’t eat me to death) she cried out in pleasure. Kunke came up with a cum filled face as Tinuke emptied her pussy on his face,

“Jen joko leso (let me sit on the nail)” she said as she pushed Kunle into the bed before straddling him. Her riding technique had Kunle gasping, never in his wildest dreams did he ever think Atinuke would be this wild.

She rode him like a pornstar, wiggling and whining her wait every now and then.

“mo fe mu eso (I want to pick the nail)” she said, notifying Kunle of a change of position, she got off the bed and held her ankles presenting her pussy to Kunle who held her by the waist and started to pound into her from behind.

Most of what she was saying was not comprehensive to Kunle but it didn’t matter to him, he just wanted to fuck and he sure did fuck Tinuke with seriousness. Her boobs didn’t slap against her chest they just bounced in place while he fucked her, her juices ran down her thighs down to her ankles.

When she came for the third time, her legs couldn’t support her much longer she pulled away from Kunle and knelt in front of him

“in je ireke (I’ll eat sugarcane).

Kunle wondered why she wanted to eat sugarcane during sex, before his thoughts would go far, his dickhead was already hitting Atinuke’s throat making him understand what she meant by she wants to eat sugarcane, his dick was the sugarcane.

She gave an excellent Blowjob. What can this woman not do? He thought to himself as he shot cum into her throat and she swallowed all. Kunle hit his bed, Atinuke collected her wrapper and just lay there on the floor as she fanned her pussy with one part of the wrapper while she used the other part to mop up her sweat.

“Ha, Kunle, oko re Tobi o, gbogbo Abe mi nin gbona (Kunle, your dick is big o, my pussy is so hot). Kunle smiled hearing her comments, he’s no longer in trouble with Atinuke!

That’s for sure all he has to worry about now is Mrs Fahiza.

Written by Reezy Sama


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