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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter II (18+)

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Ifunnaya, The Babysitter II (18+)

“Aww thank you,” Kemi responded. It felt good to know someone else thought she looked good. “I was worried it might be a little too much,” she continued, gesturing to the low cut top and short hemline of the dress.

“No it’s fine, really it is,” Ifunanya said. God she’s driving me crazy, Ifunanya thought to herself, she could feel a little wetness in her underwear and she was suddenly terrified that she might have an orgasm while standing in front of this woman she had met only 5 minutes ago!

“Thank you, let’s sit down for a bit rather than standing to attention,” Kemi said with a smile. Ifunanya kicked off her shoes onto the floor and sat on one end of the chair with her knees up on the cushion and Kemi sat cross-legged near the middle, when she sat down her dress had ridden up a bit and when she crossed one leg over the other and sat back, more of her thigh was on show. 

From her position on the seat, Ifunanya was facing Kemi side on and, even though she tried not to, she couldn’t help peering down the top of Kemi’s dress. Ifunanya was enjoying her unrestricted view of this gorgeous woman, Kemi’s legs were almost entirely on the show and her bra-less breasts were also ripe for her viewing pleasure.

Ifunanya’s sex drive was going ballistic at this point, she didn’t dare move her legs in case it caused the material of her panties to move over her aching pussy and send her over the edge. Even as they made friendly conversation she could help mentally tearing the little black dress off this woman and fucking her, and herself, to wonderful orgasms. But then, mercifully, the women heard a car horn outside followed by a knock at the door.

“Oh God, Oh God,” Kemi was beside herself. “What am I going to do? What if he doesn’t like my dress? What if he wants to go further than I do? And what if…”

Ifunanya interrupted her, “Kemi stop! It’s ok; it’ll be ok, just answer the door and go have fun.” Kemi half-smiled back and quickly grabbed her coat and purse.

“Ok I’m going, don’t forget the remote is on the table and there are DVDs in the drawer, my mobile phone number is underneath it if there are any problems at all call me ok?” Kemi was breathless by the time she finished. After Ifunanya had responded positively to everything Kemi smiled, a beautiful smile that lit up her entire face, so much so that it took Ifunanya’s breath away.

“See you later, have fun,” Ifunanya called after her. Kemi opened the door and said a quick hello to her date for the evening and with one last smile shot in Ifunanya’s direction the door closed and she was gone.

After watching the car leave with Kemi and her date inside Laura pulled the curtains together and leapt back onto the sofa. She wasted no time looking for DVDs or exploring the kitchen cupboards, there was only one thing on her agenda now. Her hands were quickly up and under her skirt, her left hand grabbed the panties, which were damp from her immense arousal, and pulled them down and off while her right hand went straight to her burning pussy.

“MMMMM,” Ifunanya moaned as her index and middle finger slipped inside her aching hole, she didn’t start to fuck herself yet, she just pushed her two fingers into her pussy and enjoyed the moment. In her head, there were images of Kemi racing through her mind. Kemi in her little black dress.

She added her ring finger into her wet tunnel, loving the feeling of having her hole filled. She thought about Kemi’s legs, her breasts, her hair, her neck, and her lips. In Ifunanya’s fantasy, she was kissing those lips, her tongue was in Kemi’s mouth, tasting, licking, sucking her tongue.


In her mind’s eye, Ifunanya was sucking one of Kemi’s tits, her tongue danced around the erect nipple causing the sexy older woman to shudder in excitement, the cute little black dress now lay on the floor, torn and ruined from the initial assault on Kemi’s gorgeous body. Not to be outdone Kemi had ripped open Ifunanya’s panties and shoved three fingers into that dripping cunt where in reality, Ifunanya’s own fingers works.

“OH FUCK, Kemi”

Ifunanya writhed around on the sofa where, not 10 minutes ago, she and her new friend had chatted politely to each other. Her fingers pounded inside her, she had never masturbated this vigorously, this violently before, but she had to do it, had to finish, she was too far past the point of no return.

“MMMmmm FUCK Yeaaaahhhhh”

Her orgasm was mind-blowing, her pussy gripped her fingers hard and her whole body tensed up so much it hurt.

“FUCK….OH….. Kerrrryy…”

Her voice trailed off as her body slowly came back under her own control. She hadn’t noticed but she had one of her hands under the top holding one of her breasts.

“Good god,” she said to herself. “Wow, that kid of hers must be a hell of a heavy sleeper.” She had been certain she would hear the soft crying of a disturbed child, but no such sounds of sobbing came. Ifunanya relaxed, her body was still sensitive and she thought better of setting herself off again.

She slowly withdrew her fingers from her pussy, listening to the sound it made with her fingers coated in her juice making a slick, wet noise. She brought her other hand out from underneath her top, being careful to stay away from her over sensitive nipples.

Eventually, she cleaned herself up, her panties were a lost cause and ended up in the bin, and went to make herself a drink and tried to decide how to spend the rest of the evening.


Ifunanya had eventually calmed herself down; she still felt a slight buzz after her wild orgasm. She couldn’t remember ever feeling that level of euphoria before and it was down to the situation itself. Being turned on in somebody else’s house had felt almost dangerous as if there was a chance of being caught. Anything could’ve happened really, if Kemi had forgotten something and had come back for it while her trusted babysitter was splayed across her sofa, skirt around her waist and her glistening pussy housing three fingers for all to see.

What if her date had come in too? Entering the house only to be greeted by a half-naked young lady in the throes of self-induced orgasm.

Even though Ifunanya was thinking about these scenarios as reasons why she shouldn’t have done it, she couldn’t help feeling slightly turned on. She never thought about herself as an exhibitionist before but the idea of being caught violently fucking herself by a stranger was sort of appealing in its way.

Holding her hot cup of coffee, Ifunanya flicked through the vast array of GOTV channels.

“60 channels of boredom,” She said to the empty room. Rather than spend the evening watching the re-runs of every show there is she decided to look inside Kemi’s DVD drawer. After placing her tea on a coaster, Ifunanya knelt in front of the TV and opened the large drawer; it was the kind that was on runners so it only took a slight pull to open, probably so Ayo could easily get in there without bothering his mummy.

Looking in the DVD drawer Ifunanya saw why Ayo would want easy access; there was a huge array of kids’ films, including Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story and so on. Pulling the drawer out further there were a few grown-up films, nothing spectacular; The Matrix, Batman Begins, Silent Hill and a few others like that.

Ifunanya pulled the drawer out some more, obviously too hard, and it came out of its runners and dropped to the floor.

“Shit!” Ifunanya said to herself. She started to lift the drawer back into its slot when she noticed a few DVD boxes at the back of the drawer space. Intrigued, Ifunanya pulled them out one by one and when she saw the covers of the DVD boxes she smiled and giggled to herself.

“Kemi, Kemi, Kemi, what do we have here,” Ifunanya said as if she was admonishing Kemi for having these kinds of films. Ifunanya hadn’t needed to look at the titles of the DVDs to know that she had found Kemi’s porn collection.

The pictures on the front told her all she needed to know. There were pictures of women naked and posing with dildos and vibrators. Another box had a man on the front with a massive erection, probably due to the woman who was knelt before him with the tip of his penis in her mouth.

Another box labelled DP had a woman laying on top of a man with his dick buried in her pussy and another guy behind her with his cock buried in her arse.

“Ouch,” Ifunanya said to herself. “I bet she has trouble sitting down afterwards.” She giggled again and put it to one side. There were a few boxes with this kind of hardcore sex. Ifunanya was getting slightly horny again, picturing Kemi screwing herself, on the same sofa as Ifunanya had used earlier while watching this stuff. There were two other boxes without pictures on, Ifunanya opened one of them and fed it into the machine, curious about what might be on there.

Sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, Ifunanya pressed the play button and the machine whirred into life. What came on the TV was not what she expected. There were two very attractive girls sitting on a bed kissing each other, it was all very slow and passionate and the camera zoomed in to show the girls’ tongues caressing each other.

The camera then dropped down and focused on their legs, both of the girls wore micro-mini skirts which were more like belts and no underwear, one girl let her hand drop to the other girl’s lap and began stroking her inner thigh.

Of all the things Ifunanya had expected to be doing this evening, watching lesbian porn was not one of them. Her hand had found its way back under her skirt and was gently copying the movements of the girl on the TV. Ifunanya was gently rocking to and fro and moaning to herself in a world of her own.

At least she was in her world until she heard a car engine outside and saw the duel white glows of headlamps through the curtain. She glanced up at the clock, surely Kemi wasn’t home yet, she had only been gone 45 minutes!

Ifunanya sneaked a look through the curtains, the car outside was a taxi and, sure enough, Kemi was in the back seat reaching forward with something in her hand. Presumably, she was paying the driver but hadn’t her date…

Ubong picked her up in his car? Why was she returning in a taxi only 45 minutes after leaving? Then Ifunanya left the window and quickly ejected the DVD out of the player and shoved it back in its box.

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