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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E16) (18+)

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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E16) (18+)

“You invited him” she accused and I mouthed “I’m sorry” to her.
I dashed away towards the dance floor and caught up with Nathan, we hugged with my body covering him as I pressed myself into him.
“You made it,” I said excitedly

“Yes I cannot miss any opportunity to see you” he replied with a smile

I don’t know what about him made me feel giddy and warm, I wanted us to dance but he was looking towards blessing and the guys in our booth so I reluctantly dragged him with me to say Hi.

We got to the booth and if looks could kill Nathan would have vaporized right there. I was shooting telepathic screams to Blessing to be nice which she obviously ignored.

Nathan greeted her and she barely responded, with a sweet smile, he still extended his hands and shook hands with the guys.

I couldn’t wait to drag him away and as soon as he shook hands with the last guy I was dragging him away to the dance floor, I kept moving through dancing bodies till blessing was out of my sightline. Turning around I put my hands around his neck and smiled up at him

“I’m so glad you made it,” I said honestly
“Wouldn’t miss it” he said and smile

“Oh yeah? In that case let’s see what you got” I said with a smirk as I whined against him He put his hands on my waist and moved with my waist, we danced giggling at each other sweetly. One hand on my waist he used the other to gently grab my other hand as I danced, he smoothly twirled me so my back was to him.

I smirked to myself as I got ready to unleash the twerk monster on him, with his hands on my waist I started to whine slowly backing into him. My hands in the air I slowly ground on him, I started to move lower while rotating my waist. He impressed me by moving along with me as I moved lower, soon my hands were on my knees and thigh as I slowly twerked on him.

The alcohol added to the excitement my body was feeling as I slowly picked up pace as the music started to change to something faster. We danced together with so much energy, it was so impressive seeing him dance and jump without care.

“So you can keep up huh,” I said smiling at him
“Hit me with your best shot,” he said and put his hand on my waist and tummy as he danced to the beat. He led the dance and I followed, soon I was facing him with my thigh between his legs and his between mine.

I put my hands around him and we slowly whined on each other, he grabbed my ass as we moved lower together.
We stared at each other, completely getting lost in ourselves when the DJ changed the song to a new explicit song that was everyone’s twerk song including me.

Looking around the ladies were already twerking and shaking their asses. I jumped around and pushed my ass into him, I looked back and smirked at him as I started moving my ass up and down slowly before picking up the pace.

The look Nathan had as held unto my waist was sending signals directly to my pussy, I twerked on him a little faster enjoying how my ass jiggled on him.

He made a sound like a deep groan, I turned to look at him but he looked away. Before I could ask what was up I felt it pushing against my ass. I raised an eyebrow and smiled before I moved my ass up and down slowly watching his reaction. The way his eyes rolled and his mouth fell open got me all wet and horny.

I stood up slowly and turned around, my eyes fixed on him. I leaned in and kissed enjoying how sighed and moaned into my mouth.

“Did you drive here?” I asked against his lips.
He nodded his head like he was unable to form words
“Let’s go,” I said and dragged him away from the dance floor.

The cold night air always surprises me whenever I leave a warm place, I was glad it wasn’t so freezing. Looking towards him he pointed towards his car, when we got to it I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to me, kissing him suddenly and deeply. He gasped and breathed in quickly through his nose since my lips covered his mouth. But he soon settled into it, and pretty soon we were making out against the car like a couple of teenagers.

He got his hands all over me and pushed me up against the car, he lifted on my legs and pressed into me as we kissed. I could feel the urgency and it matched mine, I need to fuck him right there. We looked eyes and it felt like we were communicating, he dropped my legs with our eyes still locked. He turned me around swiftly and pressed me into the car before pressing his body against mine and clamping down on my neck.

He kissed my neck so hard it hurt so nicely, I parted my legs and he fervently unbuckled his trousers. He pulled out his dick and pressed into me, shifting my thong to the side he pushed into me.

He fucked me slowly at first, then more quickly. And then he pulled out and held my hands up and smacked my ass which made me moan.

He pushed back into me and started fucking me like a maniac. I loved how he was pounding it into me, pulling my hair, twisting your nipples so fervently. His hands were everywhere as he fucked me hard, the sounds of my body slamming together echoing around us. It felt so good, I love being fucked so hard. I could just cum on his cock as it thrusts deep into me.

He made a sound and he was suddenly pushing me down hard against his car and cumming inside me, holding me as his cock throbbed and shot cum deep inside me.

As he pulled out, his cum dripped down my leg, he was panting hard trying to catch his breath. “Lils baby I’m sorry I didn’t” he started and I cut him off with a finger against his lips

“That was fucking hot, how about we go back to my place and I sit on your face,” I said slowly watching as he nodded with his eyes still glazed over from his orgasm.

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