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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E15) (18+)

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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E15) (18+)

There’s nothing more satisfying than doing what you love, it can get even more satisfying when you’re working while high on dopamine. My strokes felt so light yet precise, a knock on my studio door brought me back to earth

“Na wa o, you didn’t hear me calling your name since” Blessing said leaning by the door
“Huh? No” I replied

“Hmm what’s that sound you’ve been making,” she asked taking a step in
“What sound,” I asked feeling a little confused
“Since when do you whistle so cheerily as you work” she started as she got closer

“What are you working on sef, this doesn’t look like serious old men,” she asked as she looked at the piece on the easel I was working on
“Oh this, it’s for Nathan,” I said
“Hmmm you dun dey lose focus” she started

“No na, it’s just the way he described the album cover he had envisioned was so vivid it stuck in my head” I replied avoiding her eyes

“What happened to staying focused on the commission, was the D that good,” she said making a face
I tried not to smile, I know I said I didn’t want any distractions but there’s something about Nathan.

“That’s serious o,” she said as she watched me smiling

“Let’s go out clubbing, I’m not letting you get dickmatized” she said and started dragging me
I laughed and dropped my brush, I followed her out of the studio listening to murmur about me getting distracted when I didn’t let her distract me

“Where should we go, I can’t remember the club I ” I started
“I know a place” she cut me off
I looked at her with raised eyebrows
“Rai took me” she answered my unasked question

“Of course” I muttered.
We got to the room and Blessing headed for my closet
“Go bath, I’ll pick something out for you” she instructed

I went to the bathroom and decided to shower instead of taking a bath. I adjusted the water temperature before stepping into the water. After my bath I rushed out to the room where blessing had clothes splayed on the bed, she picked out a really tight leather mini skirt and a top that usually barely contained my breast with a long coat for the cold.

“I see we’re going for super slutty” I said
“Oh yes,” she answered as she disappeared into the bathroom.
I took my time getting dressed and applying makeup before I was done blessing was out. She had picked out a tight tube top that would accentuate her curves nicely

“Please make us some drinks, let’s get our buzz on before we out,” she said
“Driving tipsy at night is” I started
“We’re ordering a taxi” she cut me off

I nodded okay and headed to the kitchen, I took out some orange juice from the fridge and mixed it with a little vodka. I took it to the room where we drank while waiting for our ride, we were on our second drink when the ride arrived.

I gulped the rest of my drink and we headed out, she told the driver the name of the club and he drove off.

Getting buzzed before heading to the club what’s a good idea because I am so hype and excited. We chatted and laughed throughout the trip, when we got to the club Blessing tipped the bouncer and we got in.

The inside looked nice and was warm with people dancing on the dancefloor, holding my hands blessing led us to a VIP section.

She bought some drinks and our night started, we drank and danced. We twerked on each other occasionally, sitting to drink more. We were about to finish our first bottle when a waiter came over with another bottle and an ice bucket.

He told Blessing it was a compliment from some guys at another VIP booth, he pointed towards it where a guy lifted his drink towards

“Damn he is fine o” Blessing said excitedly
Of course, he was just her type, attractive, buff, and talk but more importantly, he had money to send over such expensive drinks. Just the type of guy she attracted, she waved at him and gestured him over.

The waiter opened the drink and left just like the guy and two of his friends walked over, his friends were not bad either. One of them had such a nice buzz cut with a beautifully trimmed beard I didn’t realize I was staring till he came over to me.

He said hello and we got talking, the look on Blessing’s face when she looked towards me showed she was pleased. We talked mostly about him and some mundane things and soon I was over it, had to keep resisting the urge to use my phone so much

“Let’s go dance” I finally said and he agreed

We went to the dance floor and started dancing, he was built nicely, and usually, I would be all over him but for some reason, he seemed to be boring me. We danced with me grinding on him, soon I was tired and we went back to our booth. I poured myself a drink and continued nodding to whatever he was saying when my phone beeped, I quickly read the text and typed a reply lighting up.

I drank some more feeling excited when I looked up I saw Nathan walking towards us

“Really Lils” blessing said when she saw him
“You invited him” she accused and I mouthed “I’m sorry” to her.

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