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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E13)

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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E13)

“Shit! Not again” I cussed under my breath

For some reason, I had been so unfocused the whole day and it was beginning to annoy me.

I stepped off the ladder to pick up a rag when I realized I have been working on the mural all week trying to get it completed but my absence has not bothered Blessing one bit, she’s been too busy being besties with Rai.

They talk on the phone all the time and hang out when I leave for work, I don’t know what happened in our almost threesome after I left to have made them bond so tightly.

Rai even made a piece for Blessing which was a visualization of the night and threesome, the piece has now become Blessing’s greatest treasure.

Okay maybe I am a little jealous but wouldn’t you be if your friends that you introduced to each other were having so much fun without you, it doesn’t feel nice to be left out. I dabbed at the wrong stroke and started to paint over it to correct my mistake.

I stepped off the ladder and stepped back to admire the mural. I’ve come such a long way thanks to focusing on it all week which made me realize I need to step back before I make a mistake I can’t easily correct.

I arranged my supplies and took my bag and left, as I drove I decided to stop being jealous and include myself after all I’ve been too busy to give blessing the attention she needs.

“I’m home early maybe we could” I got caught off when I realized the room was empty.

I checked the second room and everywhere but Blessing wasn’t anywhere to be found so I called her

“Where are you,” I asked immediately she answered

“You’re home?” She asked

“Yeah, I decided to stop early so we could spend time together,” I said

“Oh! I didn’t know you’ll home so soon, Rai and I went shopping for jackets and cardigans for me” she said

“Of course” I muttered under my breath

“That’s so nice of her,” I said sweetly but not smiling

“We’ll try to rush things here” she started

“No, don’t worry I know how much you love to shop I’ll just go out” I replied

“Okay then, see you later, Lils” she said

“Laters dear” I replied and hung up

I threw myself on the bed and stared at the ceiling wondering what I should do to kill time then it occurred to me; Nathan had once offered to take me out whenever I’m free. I picked up my phone and decided to text him

“Hello there, still wanna take me out” I texted

I waited a minute when a text popped in

“Always” he replied

That made me smile so I texted him my address and told him to pick me up in an hour. I went to my wardrobe and picked out a midi dress with a leather jacket and black boots, I took a quick shower and got dressed.

I applied a simple makeup and put my braids into a high ponytail, looking in the mirror I was impressed with how sweet I looked. I texted Nathan and he said he was close by so I went to the kitchen and took out some leftover wine and drank from the bottle, it didn’t take long for my phone to start beeping.

I put back the drink and grabbed my purse before heading out, he was parked outside my gate and stepped out when I closed the gate

“Sorry I’m late, I had to slowly be checking the house numbers,” He said as he round to the other side of the car

“It’s no problem, it’s impressive that you found it,” I said and he smiled sweetly

He opened the door surprising me

“And they say chivalry is dead,” I said as I got in

He smiled more and closed the door

We drove listening to his music and talking about art, it was very refreshing discussing art with someone with a genuine interest and also a vast knowledge of art. We got to a fancy looking restaurant and I jumped out before he came around to open the door for me.

We walked into the restaurant hand in hand like a couple, the restaurant looked bigger on the inside with people at almost every table. We sat down and a waiter came over to hand us a nice looking menu

“Um… so I was thinking maybe we could order out and make this an indoor date, there are so many people here and we would barely be able to hear each other,” I said looking in the direction of some loud guys that were gisting loudly like they were in their hostel or something.

“Yeah that’s not a bad idea,” he said agreeing with me.

We ordered some food and waited for it to be packed up while we made fun of the loud guys.

When our food finally arrived we stepped out and drove to his house only stopping at a supermarket to grab some drinks

“Um, so it wasn’t so long my parents finally let me move out” he started

“Let me guess mummy’s boy,” I Said

“Guilty” he replied

I laughed at him and he joined me

“She only agreed because I would be living with some of my guys,” he said

“Oh” I replied

“Don’t worry we would be alone, I already told them to leave after I saw how those loud guys made you uncomfortable. My friends can be really loud too” he said calmly

He was such a nice guy that didn’t fall into the “nice guy” stereotype, hopefully, the other shoe doesn’t drop. We got to the house and decided to eat on the center rug while streaming Netflix on the TV, we chatted and laughed as we ate. It was all so nice and comfortable

“Lily you know I like you right” he suddenly said

I totally saw it coming so I wasn’t so surprised, he would make such a nice boyfriend but I wasn’t ready for that yet

“Nathan” I started

“It’s been so nice meeting you, I haven’t had such a nice and comfortable time in such a long time” I added

“I feel a bit coming,” he said and we both chuckled

“Yeah thing is I came into town on commission and I would really like to focus on the work, feelings, and relationships can be quite distracting you see,” I said

“I understand” he replied

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep this casual and have some fun while we wait,” I said while running fingers up his arm sensually

“I can do that” he replied getting the message before leaning down to cover the space between our faces

“Can I?” he asked

“Umm” I muttered before closing my eyes

He smashed our lips together and kissed me deeply, turning me on.

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