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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E08) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E08) [18+]

“Show me,” I said, taking him by surprise.

He looked dumbfounded and cute which turned me on a little

“Umm, you want me to show you my um my” he stuttered
“Your dick” I deadpanned

He was quiet making me feel weird for asking, maybe he was a virgin I thought as I squatted to add more paint to my palette.

“Um I’m a little insecure about being um naked and stuff,” he said as he slowly unbuckles his belt
Not looking at me he unzipped his trouser and made to pull out his dick but stopped looking unsure, I dropped my palette and brush gently then stood up to face him.

My eyes locked with his. I dipped my hands into his trouser, he took a deep breath and held it making me want to smirk. Eyes not leaving his I wrapped my hands around his hard dick that felt smooth and nice to the touch.

I squeezed lightly making him breathe in sharply, reading his expression I pulled out his dick impressed at how sizable it was.

“Oh darling you have nothing to be insecure about” I said as I stroked his dick gently
I stroked from bottom to the head barely touching his dick enjoying his muffled moans. He looked around looking agitated

“Relax,no one’s coming in here” I tiptoed and whispered into his ear

I wrapped my fingers around his dick and used my thumb to rub the head of his dick that was leaking precum. Applying a little pressure I started to stroke him up and down enjoying how he tried not to moan.

I dipped my other hand into his trouser,down till I was cupping his balls. He made a sound as I cupped his balls that made me chuckle, I trickled him down there as I continued to stroke him up and down.

As I found a nice rhythm, I looked up at him taking in his features, He was beautiful, strong jawline, high cheekbones, straight, long nose. His lips were pink and inviting. As I stroked faster he scrunched up his face, I quickly pulled out my hand from his balls and covered his dick head.

He grunted and pumped his hips forward shooting warm cum into my palm. He squeezed his eyes shut panting hard, I tried not to chuckle as I pulled out my hand wrapped around him.

I quickly rubbed my hands clean on one of my dirty rags before turning to face him.

He had already tucked his dick back in and buckled his belt
“I um wow I don’t know what” he started

My phone rang cutting him up, I dug in my pocket raising a finger up to him as I checked to see the caller. It was a strange number which I was a bit reluctant to answer but did anyway
“Hello, na Lily be this” a male voice poured over the phone
“Yes?” I answered
“I get package for you for garage,” he said

“Package for me? From who?” I asked
“I no know na your name and number dey here, I drive from Abuja,” he said

I wonder who will waybill me a package without putting their name too, I guess there’s just one way to find out

“Which garage?” I asked
“GUO Park ” he answered
“Okay I dey come” I answered
“If you reach ask Papa T,” He said and hung up

I looked up to Richie that was still standing there watching me intently

“Do you know where … GUO is”? I asked

“Yes I can take you there” he offered before I could ask for directions

I briefly considered calling the driver that brought me here instead because I wasn’t in the mood for anything awkward but he’ll take a while to get here

“Okay let’s go” I finally said

“Do you want me to drive you home to change or something” he asked
I didn’t see what’s wrong with what I was wearing

“No need,I’m only going to collect a package,” I said heading to the door

We walked silently with him behind me, I stopped by my car when we got outside and picked out my jacket out of the car. I draped it on and went over to his car, he held the door open for me and I got in trying hard not to roll my eyes.

His car was really nice and inside looked cleaned and smelt fresh. He got in and drove out of the compound

“So I’m about what happened” he started
“Before we get into anything two questions” I started
“Okayyy” he drawled
“First, are you a virgin” I asked

He laughed uncomfortably
“Oh no,no it is not” he said tapping on the wheel
“Okay good, second question how old are you” I asked looking up at him

He laughed again then looked at me and smirked
“Don’t worry I’m totally legal, I’m 22 but I’ll be 23 soon?” he said smirking

It was funny because that explained quite a lot and I was relieved because I thought he was a virgin or something

“So about what happened, don’t overthink it okay” I said with a raised eyebrows

He slowed down and I realized we were close to the garage, he pulled in and got somewhere to park. We got out and asked for the driver and got directed to where he was parked, on reaching there we saw two men gisting and I asked for Papa T after I greeted them.

He stood up to come meet me then I asked for my package after I introduced myself. He walked to his car and opened the passenger seat and stepped outside, a leg in stilettos popped out before the person came out completely leaving me dumbstruck

“Surprise” she pitched

“Oh my God,” I screamed as I ran and jumped into Blessing’s outstretched hands.

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