May 27, 2022

Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E17) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E17) [18+]

Lily has been making and laughing her own jokes, it was quite delightful hearing her laugh and giggle, commission conclusion has been very wonderful for her.

We have drunk together on multiple occasions but this is the first time I have seen her hammered.

“Nur fair you’ve been on your phone” Lily slurred as she slapped the phone sluggishly

“Sorry baby, I just have to take care of something,” I said leaning in to peck her cheeks

She smiled at me and sipped from her glass.

I had spent a chunk of the evening liquidating my cryptocurrency assets and contacting various contacts. My head was moving a million moves per hour, there was so much to do and a lot of people to pay off.

When I noticed Lily was getting sleepy I called for the bill and headed out after paying with Lily against me. She slurred and said things in broken sentences that I found amusing. We got to the car and I gently got her into the back seat before joining her.

I told the driver to take us to her apartment to pick some change of clothes for a night over. We drove in silence except for me engaging lily to keep her awake, I asked for her keys and she pointed at purse making a face and laughing at herself

“Youuu know… I am soo glad I met you” she slurred
“You!!! You’re so kind and sweet and sexy” she said the last word with some energy making me laugh
We soon got to her apartment and I was glad she was still awake, I took her key and fumbled with the door while struggling to keep her standing.

We got in and went straight to her room, thankfully she had light to make the search easier.

I opened her closet and started to take clothes out and placing them on the bed, she sat up and dragged on the clothes on the bed and place it against her body

“Ohhh are we playing dress-up?” she asked before standing up to sway around giggling
I got her to sit down wishing I had a bottle of water

“Where else do you keep clothes apart from this filled to the brim closet,” I asked Lily, trying to go through her clothes.

She pointed at a box in the bottom corner of her closet, I rushed to it and opened the box. It was filled with random items that looked sentimental rather than flimsy clothes or deluxe ashewo dresses.

Underneath it, I found a file containing her important documents such as degree, NYSC certificate, international passport, and others.

I quickly threw an empty box and started to throw her clothes into it. She sat up and smiled at me, I wish things were different but it has to be done.

“I know I’ll strip for you baby” she slurred and I giggled
She held her jacket and started trying to pull it off, she looked cute as she fumbled with the jacket before she gave up and fell back on the bed

“Ughh I’m horny” she slurred

Before I could say anything she was pulling her legs up and apart, she ran her fingers up and down her pussy in her thong

“Ummm” she moaned as she moved her fingers up and down

She shifted the thong and ran her finger down her slit, I couldn’t take my eyes off her glistening pussy, her slender finger moved up and down before she inserted her middle finger inside her.

“Ummm so good” she moaned softly

Her pussy was beginning to leak juices and I wanted nothing more than to lap at it with my tongue, she pushed her finger in deeper and lifted herself slightly as she began to bop against her finger. She placed her free hand on my boob and squeezed weakly as she finger fucked herself expertly.

I was so turned on watching her and the sloshing sound her sopping pussy made it even worse.

She squeezed her nipples as she moved faster against her fingers, she squeezed her legs together as she cried out sweetly. She exhaled a long breath before falling asleep right after she came.

I stared at her for a full second before continuing the task at hand, I took the bag out to the car and left the door open as I went back for her.

It was a struggle but I was finally able to pick her up from the bed, she was way heavier asleep and I breathed heavily as I struggled to carry her to the car reminding myself to add more lifting to my workout routine.

After what felt like forever, I finally made it to the car and gently placed her in the back seat, I closed her door and we drove out heading to my place.

I looked back and watched her sleeping peacefully, my heart swelling with Joy.

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