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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E14) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E14) [18+]

Priye POV

“Oh my god… Oh my Godddddd… Oh my god”

That has been my state of mind since my date with Lily, I couldn’t believe how fast things went even before our date started properly.

I’ve been smiling like a fool since that day, yes I am a fool in love. Working beside her has gotten a hundred even thousand times better. I’m sure everyone is wondering what happened to me to make me so happy and lively.

I try to be subtle but I can’t help brimming with joy whenever she looks or smiles in my general direction. I now wish the days were longer so I could spend more time with her. Heck, I even thought about asking her to move in but haven’t because that might sound crazy to her, I have never been grateful for so much work as I am at the moment.

Watching her work has become my favourite pastime, I don’t even care if I lag behind on my work as long as I get to watch her. My smile quickly turned into a frown when I noticed a familiar figure walking towards her, he tiptoed and wrapped his hands around her waist.

I wanted to shoot him down immediately, she jumped when she felt him but relaxed when she saw him. I saw her look in my direction with concern in her eyes but I pretended to be focused on my lines, she checked her phone and said loud enough

“Oh it’s already past six”

As if we’ve not worked late into the night before, he said something about not seeing much of her lately and she mentioned work. Soon she was gathering her stuff and saying goodbye, I murmured a response without my gaze leaving the wall.

I didn’t want her to see the rage in my eyes, after she left I couldn’t concentrate anymore. How dare he with his stupid ass name waltz in here and take her away from her work and me, I didn’t know when I grabbed my fanny pack with my wallet and keys inside and dashed out.

I could see my assistant looking confused and wanting to say something, maybe because I was his ride but I didn’t care. I matched out and got in my car and drove out, I had no destination in mind but I wasn’t surprised when I noticed Lily’s car a few cars ahead.

I had subconsciously followed them and I couldn’t get myself to stop, the more time I spent with Lily the deeper my feelings for her got and the more I wanted to get her dumbass boyfriend out of the picture.

I noticed them turning into a supermart and soon I drove in too, parking as far away from them as possible. Lily stepped out and I watched her walk into the supermart, I watched her walk away and started to feel bad for being there. What would she say if she saw me there watching them like a creepy stalker, I quickly started my car and started to back out. I was about to drive out when I saw his dumb face walking out of the driver’s seat while making a phone call, he closed the door but stayed close to the car smiling stupidly as he made his phone call.

I didn’t know what got over me but the intense hatred I felt towards him seemed to consume me. I put the car back in reverse and stepped on the accelerator. I was so close to hitting him when he screamed and fell on his ass looking terrified.

I stopped the car and drove forward, speeding out of the supermart and onto the road. I drove so fast towards home

“Oh shit… oh shit” I kept repeating

I couldn’t believe it was happening again, I wanted to scream and hit something but tightened the grip I had on the steering. I focused hard on the road and my hand on the steering wheel.

My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears, the moment I pulled into the compound I didn’t even bother parking well before I jumped out and headed inside.

I desperately needed a drink. I pulled out a bottle of vodka and poured myself a shot then another shot before pulling out my phone to call my friend and lawyer in New York.

“Hey boo” her voice poured through after a couple of rings

” I… I did it again, almost… oh… God it’s happening again” I stuttered

“What? What do you mean” she asked

“I almost ran over someone,” I said breathing hard
“Was it an accident?” she asked sounding hopeful

“No” I replied sharply

She sighed and I could tell she was rubbing her temples

“I feel the need to remind you that you don’t have me on retainer anymore,” she said
“Amber” I called out sounding desperate

“Goddess!! What would I do with you, I can’t help you from over here love, the whole point of you going back was to lay low” she said sounding frustrated
“I know… I know” I replied

“Good thing you didn’t hit him this time,” she said
“How’d you know it’s a he” I asked and she snickered

“Priye” she said softly

“I really think it’s time you see someone” she added
“No!” I snapped

“There is nothing wrong with me, I’m not crazy” I added

“I didn’t say” she started when I hung up on her

I poured myself another shot, willing myself not to lose my shit. I just have some anger issues I told myself, nothing serious enough to see a shrink.

I took the bottle upstairs planning to drink myself to sleep and call in sick the next day.

I am not crazy I just fucking hate that Richie guy, I reminded myself.

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