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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E13) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E13) [18+]

“Damn sexiness overload”

That’s what Richie said when I stepped out of the bathroom wearing a little black dress, the front of the dress was basically straps that crisscrossed around my boobs.

There was an opening under my boobs that showed off my upper abs which the back was also cut low, I did a twirl and he hollered.

I wondered if he’d be this chill if he really knew what I was dressed for. I had told him I had a girls night out and when he guessed with Rai I just ran with it but I was going for a different kind of girls night out not with Rai but with Priye.

I went to the closet and doused myself in all my body sprays and perfume; one being an expensive perfume Priye had gotten me as a gift. One of the things I loved about her was how caring and giving she was, she was always looking for new ways to spoil me.

Whenever we’re out and I so much as glance in the direction of something I like she’ll get it for me without me having to ask, as I sat down to wear my thigh high heels my phone beeped. It was from Priye letting me know the driver was at my place.

I quickly wore my shoes, pecked Richie on the cheek, picked up my sling on purse and headed out. I was brimming with excitement inside but I acted cool, I went out and recognized the car instantly.

As I approached, the driver stepped out to open my door which made me smile because Priye must have put him up to it, it was going to be our first date and so far I was grinning ear to ear. We drove in silence to her place which surprised me because we were supposed to be having dinner out but I figured we were here to pick her up but when the driver opened my door I got out without asking questions.

I went straight to the door and when I turned the handle it opened, my mouth fell open when I stepped in. It was like something out of a rom-com flick, my path was lined with rose petals and candles.

The entire living room smelled like lavender and jasmine which for some reason turned me on. I followed the petals and it led to the dining room where Priye stood by the table looking mighty edible.

Priye was wearing a suit jacket with only a black bralette underneath with one of her hands tucked into her trouser pockets while the other held a bouquet of flowers, she looked so delicious I wanted to jump her right there.

“I hope you don’t mind I decided to bring the restaurant home,” she said smiling shyly
“Hope I don’t mind? Are you kidding me? This is amazing” I said walking up to her

We kissed and I melted, she tasted so nice I couldn’t help but deepen the kiss.
“Can we skip to dessert” I murmured against her lips

She giggled and I slipped my tongue into her mouth making her moan, my hands slid into her jacket sliding up her smooth skin to stop around her bralette. Without warning she dropped the flowers on the table and scooped me up making me yelp then giggle, I couldn’t believe she could lift me up so easily. She carried me to the sofa and gently dropped me, I reached and unbuttoned her jacket reaching in to cup her perky tits.

She straddled me and leaned in to kiss me leaving my hands to roam around her back. We started to grind against each other as she kissed my neck down to the exposed swell of my boobs, the heat between my legs was growing and I think she felt the same way as I tugged on her trouser.

She sat back and pulled off her trousers and panties that looked like sexy briefs, she reached in and pulled off my thong down my heels. Her breathing changed as she saw my sopping pussy.

I could tell she wanted to eat, but I needed her immediately, so I pulled at her while she was sitting opposite me with our legs crossed around each other. Slowly we moved towards each other like magnets, our wet pussies merged and it was the best feeling.

I felt her clit on mine and it made me throb with excitement, our pussy lips were so wet and slick that they just slid over each other which felt so amazing.

I grabbed her ass squeezing and moaning as rocked against each other, her moaning was the sweetest sound. She pulled out my boobs from my dress and played with the hard nipples making me rock against her faster.

It was a beautiful sight with Priye playing with my boobs, her eyes closed in ecstasy, biting her lower lip as she ground her pussy against mine.

“Oh God oh baby I’m gonna cum” she whimpered her nails digging into my arm

Our pussies were dripping wet and it felt amazing, I squeezed her ass harder pushing her into me even more. The sounds she was making were getting louder and more pitchy which fascinated me. I started to move even faster.

My eyes set on her reactions which turned me on even more.

She cried out loudly and I watched and felt how she shuddered against me as she came hard, I held on and ground faster as I felt my own orgasm approached. Feeling her warm juices gushing on me pushed me over and soon I was moaning and cumming all over her.

My entire body especially my clit tingled sweetly, the look on Priye’s face made me want to fuck the shit out of her some more.

“I think I’m ready for the main course,” I said and we both giggled but the throbbing in our pussies indicated we were both set for round two.

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