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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E11) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E11) [18+]

I love painting because it transports and submerges you into a world of your own creation. I don’t know how long I’ve been painting a small section of the mural. I have zoned out that all surrounding noise had been muted out, I was so focused that my mind didn’t once wander to Priye who was painting a couple of feet away from me.

We were a few feet apart but it felt like there was a solid wall that separated us, it didn’t matter because at that moment all that mattered was the picture I was trying to paint. I checked my palette to see I was running out of some paint, I squatted down to squeeze some brown paint onto the palette but nothing came out of the wrinkled brown tubes.

Minutes passed as I wondered what to do, slowly my mind began to wander. I stared up at her, her face was pinched in concentration, pink tongue just visible between her cute lips.

She must have felt me staring because she looked in my direction and frowned when we locked eyes, I couldn’t take it anymore. So without thinking I dropped my palette and squared up to her

“Are you angry with me” I snapped
“What?” she asked furrowing her eyebrows

“Why do you keep pushing me away, I’m so sorry if I was inappropriate it’s just that” I continued
“You? Inappropriate?” she said cutting me off

“Look I think I pushed you away because um um” she stuttered

“Here! Come with me” she said, grabbing my hand and headed towards the door.

She stopped abruptly and called over her assistant, she ordered him to gather her stuff and my stuff neatly before continuing to drag me out. I followed her out and she stopped by her car, she gestured and I got into the front seat. She got in and drove off.

The car was dead silent but I didn’t want to break it, it felt like she had something to say and I was curious to hear it. We drove in silence till we parked in her mansion, she got out of the car and I followed her. We got into the house and she closed the door behind her

“Now we can talk,” she said sighing

“I pushed you away for my own selfish reasons but I guess you deserve an explanation. Lily” she said taking a deep breath

“I am a lesbian” she added
I wanted to say okay and so but I kept quiet
“I know I should have told earlier but I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable especially when I found you incredibly attractive” she added
I didn’t know when I burst into laughter but only heard my voice, I looked at her and saw how down she looked

“No no no I am not laughing at you, no I’m laughing at myself,” I said wiping off a tear

“I can’t believe I spent so much time and energy beating myself off for being attracted to you when you were doing the same thing” I said laughing again
“Wait, the same thing, do you mean”

“Yes, I think you’re hot as fuck and I sometimes um I think of” I struggled to tell her about all the naughty scenarios I’ve put her in, I couldn’t believe all these times she wanted what I wanted too

“I see you’ve been thinking naughty thoughts,” she said in a sexy voice I haven’t heard from her
Before I could respond she pulled me into her making me lose my breath

“Was this one of the things you thought about?” she asked and I nodded
“What else,” she asked

Her pink luscious lips were inches away from mine, I had dreamt of kissing those cute lips and now that they were right in front of my face I couldn’t help myself. I covered the little space between us and pressed my lips on hers, they felt so soft and sweet.

She kissed me back and I melted into her, I couldn’t believe this was all really happening.

It felt like at any moment I would open my eyes and be back in my bed alone, if it was a dream I would enjoy every bit of it.

She swiped my lips with her tongue and I opened up for her, her tongue darted expertly into my mouth curling itself around my tongue. I moaned and her grip on me tightened, I could feel my pussy throbbing and it made me feel embarrassed like she could hear it beating.

I broke the kiss to catch my breath and looked up at her smiling.

“You are a great kisser you know that,” I said smirking
“I was going to say the same thing” she replied
“Oh thank you, I’ve had a lot of practice,” I said giggling

When I looked at Priye she wasn’t smiling and it occurred to me why
“Oh… that’s right, I have a boyfriend” I muttered

The silence was so awkward, I can’t believe I was about to cheat on him. When I thought about it, it was the longest relationship I had without cheating or having sex with others including women.

I liked Richie so much and have no intentions of ending things with him but I also want to kiss and hold Priye, the thought of her nakedness was making me wet again.

“How long have you been with him?” she said smiling this time
“Um, can I kiss you again,” I asked biting my lip, ignoring her last question.

“Do you even gotta ask?” she said before pulling me into her.

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