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August 3, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E10) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E10) [18+]

It’s been a very long and busy week but we finally finished the sketch outline on the wall.

That was extremely draining, and it was like taking the first step on a long journey.

That had given me an idea of how large the piece really was but what made it particularly hard was the awkward silence between me and Priye, it was so thick it hung over us like a wet blanket.

“Hello? Lily to earth” Richie suddenly said popping up from between my legs
“Sorry” I mouthed feeling bad

He crawled up from between my legs and laid down beside me

“I thought you would be more excited to see me,” Richie said pouting

“I am, I guess I’m just burnt out and I can’t just stop stressing about the job” I replied with a half-truth.
It was true that the week has been gruelling and I am worried about the job but that was not why I was distracted, I was distracted because since I bolted out of Priye room things had become very cold and awkward between us.

We’ve not had any full-blown conversation that wasn’t work-related, I get that it must have been confusing how I reacted that day but I haven’t gotten a chance to explain myself because Priye totally shut me out.

I missed hearing her talk and smile, I missed the warmth her presence provided.

“I can assure you, you have nothing to worry about, you are so talented,” Richie said, placing his palms on my cheek.

“The mural you made has become a landmark; my father is so proud of so don’t worry, you’ll do great” he added stroking my cheek lovingly

I wondered what he would think of me if he knew I wasn’t really worried about the work but worried about working with Priye, how would he react if he knew that as he tried to eat me out I was distracted by the thoughts of the gorgeous artist I am supposed to work beside

“Thanks, baby, I needed that” I replied softly

I was beginning to get angry at myself for how much the thoughts of Priye occupied my mind, I needed to get out of my head and enjoy the present with my sexy boyfriend. I closed the space between us and kissed him deeply, he hesitated for a second but he kissed me back.

I let my fingers wander around in his hair as I kissed him deeply, I pressed myself against him as my nipples got harder. I suddenly straddled him, keeping my eyes locked on him; I needed to stay focused.
Leaning down I smashed my lips on him and kissed him deeply.

His hands brushed against my back before he moved it to grab my boobs, I moaned into his mouth as he squeezed my boobs and ran his thumbs over my nipples. I could feel his hard dick pulsing under me and it turned me on, I moved, sliding my wet pussy lips up and down his shaft.
I liked how he looked as he moaned and bit down on his lips. I moved down and placed kisses on his chin before moving down and clamping my lips down on his neck. I sucked hard knowing it would leave a hickey on his light skin but he would love it and show it off proudly as a badge of honour.

He played with my nipples and I moved my waist sliding my sopping pussy on his shaft, I lifted myself and he immediately grabbed and positioned his dick for me. Slowly I sat down on his dick moaning softly as he penetrated me slowly, inch by inch he penetrated me till he was fully lodged inside me.

I started slowly fucking and he groaned almost breathlessly

“Fuck! Fuck babe, that’s…that’s so fucking good…oh oh oh yeah baby, oh fuck yes” he moaned sweetly.

I clenched my pussy around him loving the look on his face whenever I do that, I’ll pull up and hold my position for a second before slamming down hard on him. He gasps and grunts underneath me making me want to ride him harder, each noise he makes turns me on more.

I threw my head back and found the perfect rhythm for riding my body deeper into his, I ground on him rotating my waist before continuing to bounce up and down his dick. I wanted to lean down and kiss him as I rode but that would mess with my rhythm so I moved back and forth moaning loudly when his dick stroked my G-spot.

“Oh fuck me baby” I moaned loudly
He held onto my hips and slammed his dick into me, I moaned into his shoulders, which fueled him. He pumped his dick faster and harder into me and it felt incredible, I clenched my pussy and he groaned pumping into me faster.

I was moaning louder as I felt myself get closer to the edge, the room was filled with clapping sounds as he slammed in and out of me faster.

My fingers dug in and squeezed the sheets as I braced myself for an orgasm that felt like a tidal wave. I screamed as my orgasm hit, electrifying my entire body. He held on tightly unto me as he pumped into my clenching and quivering pussy, from the look on his face I could tell he was close

“Cum inside me baby. Fill me up!!!!” I cried out

His fingers dug into my ass as he growled deeply slamming hard into me, he squeezed his face and cried out as he shot his load up my cervix. His hands went limp and I laid down on him breathing hard.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he said breathlessly
“I sure hope not,” I said giggling

His limp dick slid out of me and I got off him to lay him feeling my eyes get heavy.

Finally, I can get some good night sleep.

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