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August 3, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E08)
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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E08)

“Why are you staring at me like that,” I said to Richie giggling

His eyes have been following me around the room as I dressed up, I was wearing a shapely gown with a long slit all the way to my thigh.

The weather was a bit warm so I decided to dress lightly, ok maybe that was not the reason why, truth is I was going to meet Priye to discuss how we go ahead with the commission.

As I tied up the straps on my strappy high heels I could feel the intensity of the lust that was pouring out of Richie.

I looked up at him and smiled then spread my legs open slowly, he looked like he was ready to devour me which made me wet. He walked slowly toward me from the door he was leaning on and went down in front of me, our eyes never left each other as he reached into my dress to grab my panties.

He pulled down my pants before spreading my leg wide apart then looked at my wet tingling pussy like it was a cup of water, and he was thirstily stranded in the desert. Leaning in he pounced on my pussy making me moan deeply, he slurped and sucked and I moaned louder.

Using his tongue tip, he swirled around my clit before pushing his tongue into my slit, he pushed his tongue in and out before sucking hard and repeating. My hands gripped the sheets as I ground waist to meet his mouth, his strong hands pressed into my thighs as he ate me out like it was his last meal.

One of his hands left my thigh and before I could think two fingers were sliding into me. His mouth clamped over my pussy lips as his fingers went and out of me, first slowly then fast, pumping at the same time as his mouth sucked on my folds. I fell into the bed moaning loudly as my thighs squeezed his head, he bent his fingers and rotated it gently till he found my sweet spot.

His tongue dug under the hood of my clit and he swirled at the same time as his fingers massaging my G-spot
“Babyyy” I cried out as my body got shot up with pleasure

He repeated what he did till my orgasm hit, leaving me feeling spent, he came out from under my gown grinning with his lips covered in my juices.

“Now you’re ready,” he said then licked his upper lip

My body felt languid but I pulled my pants up and forced myself to stand up, picking up my purse. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek before heading out. I drove to the location we were supposed to meet up thanks to Google maps.

I checked my makeup in the car mirror before stepping out. Now that I’ve had an orgasm I can finally think straight and not act like a freak around Priye, I walked into the lounge and it wasn’t hard to find Priye. She sat going through some papers her back to me, I went over trying hard to stop myself from smiling.

“Sorry I’m late,” I said smiling as I took the seat opposite her

“It’s alright, I was early,” she said sounding serious

She looked serious too as she went through the papers, wearing a pair of reading glasses not even looking up at me. It caught me off guard how serious she looked, I tried thinking of something witty to say but my brain came up empty.

“Here”, she said handing me some papers still not looking at me

“They are different sketches of how I think we can incorporate our different styles into the commission,” she said

I looked through the different sketches she handed me with her beautiful scribbles, one had different pockets in her swirls where I could paint into, another had her sketches on half of the paper.

“These are not up to scale, they’re just to give us an idea on how we can combine our styles” she added

“I suddenly feel so unprepared,” I said smiling

“That’s alright” she replied

The atmosphere felt so cold, I wanted to ask if she was angry with me but I didn’t have the heart to hear it.
“I also spoke with James and got him to provide most of the hardware we’ll need for the work, I also hired someone to cure the wall,” she said
“Oh, that’s great,” I said

I looked up at Priye who looked so sexy in her glasses, I guess I need to stop acting like a freak and start acting like a professional; this was a job after all.

“I guess that’s all from me for now, you can go through all the sketches and let me know if you like any or if you have a different idea,” she said gathering her stuff

“Oh before I forget you can order, I’ve already taken care of it, email me whatever you decide on” she added before standing up

“Have a great day,” she said before leaving
I had so much to say and ask but I just watched her leave, I felt sad as I sat alone staring at her sketches.

“Ughhh why can’t I stop thinking about her” I groaned to myself

This is going to be one long-ass commission, she is definitely taking a piss, who can blame her? The way I ran out of there like a bat out of hell is stupid and badly executed, of course, she will turn cold.

FUCCCCCCKKKK!!!! How do I unfuck this situation I thought to myself as I left the restaurant.

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