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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E07)(18+)

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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E07)(18+)

Lily’s POV

The ride home felt really awkward and uneasy for me, Priye was kind enough to get her driver to drop me off after I stormed out of her room like a maniac. I really hope Priye doesn’t think I’m a freak, I wondered if she noticed how I reacted to her.

I sighed deeply as I leaned back in the car seat, I felt bad for leaving like that without an explanation. Priye has been nothing but nice to me, I liked how sweet and put together she is, how thoughtful and generous she has been.

I looked down at the beautiful bracelet that wrapped around my wrist, my mind went back to the moment she put it on me; how my skin felt after her fingers gently brushed against my skin.

“Ughh!!! Get your head out of the nasties” I groaned to myself

I wondered what Priye would think of me, if she knew how much my brain sexualizes all her small kind gestures, would she be disgusted or will she get close and whisper into my ear that it was okay. I felt my juices pooling in my panties as I thought of all the time she stood so close I could feel her breath on my neck.

I took a deep breath hoping I would still smell. I remembered how great she smelt, it was a soft sweet type of fragrance but it will envelop you leaving the area filled with her scent.

I sighed deeply again wishing the driver could drive at top speed, I was so turned on, that resisting touching myself felt like torture. I tried to think about something else but my mind always found a way back to Priye, I tried to think about art and my mind took me to the nude lesbian art that hung up over the headboard.

Wishing I asked her about the art and her sexuality but how do you ask someone in a professional setting what their sexuality was, maybe she was just a collector like her dad.

Finally, the driver was pulling up to the gate, I muttered thanks and jumped out before he was fully parked, he’ll probably think I was really pressed especially since I kept snapping my legs shut. I opened the gate with my key and headed to my apartment praying to the gods that Richie didn’t step out.

I opened the front door and walked towards the room, Richie’s head popped out and smiled at me.

“I heard the opening, I thought you’ll be back home la..” I cut him off with my lips on his

He was surprised but I continued to kiss him. He tried to say something but I slipped my tongue into his mouth making him melt into me. I pushed myself into him pushing him back slowly, I couldn’t wait to pounce on him.

We finally made it to the room and I pushed him into the bed, I wasted no time stripping out of my clothes and panties. I saw Richie’s dick jump in his boxers and that made me smile.

I took off his boxers and my eyes locked on his. I was so wet I was dripping, still looking at him I took his cock into my mouth. I took the entire length in my throat, holding on till I felt like I’d gag before pulling up, his cock was gleaming with saliva that stretched connecting my lips to his cock.
“F… fuckk” he moaned

He loves seeing his cock and my mouth in that state, I would have loved to suck and tease him more but my pussy was hungry. I straddled him, licking my lips before coming down on his cock that laid flat on him, I rubbed my wet pussy lips on him moaning as I slid up and down his cock.

He put his hands on my ass and squeezed hard just how I like it and helped me grind his wet slippery cock, he pushed up a little and placed his wet lips on my neck close to my ears making me release a whimper. I felt like I was going to explode, lifting myself up slightly he held and positioned his cock for me to sit on which I did slowly moaning as he slid into me inch by inch.

I could hear him groaning as his grip on my ass tightened,I moaned deeply as I took him in till he was fully lodged inside of me. I placed one hand on his chest for support and wrapped the other around his neck, he pushed my ass up and slammed me back down on his cock

“Ohh fuck baby” I moaned

My grip on his neck tightened as I moved with him up and down his cock, I moved my waist in a circular motion and he groaned. I picked up the pace and started bouncing on him, I was moaning loudly, my juices pouring down his cock as rode him like it was going to be the last time.

I was close and he could tell by how the grip I had on his neck tightened, he squeezed my ass and lifted me up before he started to slam into me hard.

“Oh fuck yes yes yes baby yes” I cried out as he slammed into me faster

My fingers dug into his chest and I cried out loudly squeezing his neck hard, my orgasm hit me hard rushing through my body like a shot of electricity. He wrapped his hand around my waist and moved in and out of me slowly till I went limp on him.

He helped me off of him and I crashed on the bed not able to feel my limbs as they buzzed with pleasure. He went into the bathroom to finish and clean up leaving me alone with my thoughts, I felt so calm but tired.

I thought about how I had to apologise to Priye for leaving so suddenly and start being a professional, her face flashed in my mind and I felt my pussy tingle.

“Ughhhhh it’s gonna be a long couple of months” I grumbled into the pillow.

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