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August 5, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E02)(18+)
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Federal Republic of Lily: Chasing The Bag & Orgasm (S04E02)(18+)

“I think that’s everything,” Richie said, as he handed the driver a paint can.

I stared at the back of the Hilux that was jam-packed with my stuff, I couldn’t believe how much furniture I bought in this short time I’ve been in Jos.

“I’ll just take one look to make sure babe,” I said before dashing inside

The apartment looked so big and empty just like it was when I first moved in, I will definitely be missing the place I’ve come to call home for all the months I’ve been in Jos but then again we mauve!

“Are you really saying goodbye to the house?” Richie asked, wrapping his arms around my waist

“Umm, so many awesome memories here” I replied

“Don’t worry, we’ll make some new ones in the new place,” he said sliding his hands down to rest on my bum

I smiled feeling the heat gather between my legs. It’s now been two weeks that I received the email with an amazing offer and after a couple of meetings we finally came to an agreement, and today I will be moving into the apartment they promised me.

I looked up to my boyfriend feeling so lucky, they are a lot of talented artists out there struggling because art is not very lucrative in this part of the world but I’ve been lucky to meet influential people who value art and the cherry on top is, I found a sweet boyfriend who always makes sure to do everything within his power to make me happy.

Never felt so loved in a long time, and it seems everything is neatly aligned in my favour, and getting a steady supply of head and orgasms; what more can a girl ask for. What a life!

Not only am I getting paid but also housed

“Yes babe let’s get going,” I said

We walked out together and got into the back seat of the Hilux and the driver drove out of the building. I was super hyped and excited for this new project I was to embark on, and intensely curious about the artist I was to work with.

I enjoy working alone, so having to collaborate with a mystery artist was really grinding my bolts. Even in Uni, I was terrible with group projects but with the money, they were offering I am willing to be accommodating.

My phone rang, and speaking of the devil, it was Mr James Enang

“Hello, good afternoon Lily” he said over the phone

“Good afternoon Mr James” I responded
“Have you moved in yet?” he asked
“No, not yet I am on my way there right now” I responded
“Oh that’s good,” he said

“Um, the second artist sent you a package I wanted to know if I can send it over or would you rather collect it in person,” he asked

I found it fascinating that the artist I was curious about actually sent me a package making me even more curious

“It’s alright you can send it over” I replied
“Alright then, I will do just that, have a good day Lily,” he said
“You too” I replied before ending the call

Throughout the ride, I couldn’t stop thinking about this mystery artist, I wish I knew the name so I could stalk him/her/them on social media.

“We’re here” Richie finally announced

The driver honked at the big black gate and soon it got open and we drove in, it was a decent looking apartment building. There were two apartments side by side on the left side and opposite the gate was a story building with four apartments.

Thankfully, my apartment was one of the ones on the left so I didn’t have to worry about climbing stairs with my stuff.

Using the key Mr James gave me, I opened the door and walked in, it was a two-bedroom flat and everything looked squeaky clean. I felt so grateful that Mr James got people to clean up the house. The rooms looked identical with a bathroom in-between both rooms, there was another small bathroom close to the living room door.

It was a small homely and comfortable apartment. Richie, together with the driver helped me move my things inside the house and soon the room and living room was set up. I hung my paintings and decorations on the wall while Richie and the driver helped set up my TV and home theatre.

By the time we were done we were both tired and hungry so we decided to ask the driver to go buy us all food. Immediately the driver left Richie knelt in front of me and spread my legs looking up at me with a mischievous look.

I smiled back and removed the button on my short, I lifted myself up and he quickly reached and pulled them off. His hands gripping my thighs he pulled me to the edge of the seat before burying his face against my panty, he sniffed hard and moaned.

Shifting my panty to the side, he dug between my folds with his tongue making me moan, he slid his tongue up and down my sopping slit making me moan and push his head further in. Clamping down with his lips he started to slurp and suck, I could feel every tense muscle on my body go languid as he sucked like he was starving.

I grabbed my tits and squeezed them moaning louder, his tongue circled my clit before it went under the hood.
He swirled his tongue over the sensitive knob making me arch my back and push my pussy into his face, as I moaned his name he slipped a finger into my wet hole. It felt so good how he sucked on my clit while his finger went in and out of me

“Ummm so wet” he murmured against my pussy.

He added another finger and started to pump in and out of me faster, he had just started to pick up the pace as I was still fondling my tits when there was a knock on the door. We ignored it, I had just gotten close to my orgasm, and I wasn’t sacrificing it for something that could wait an extra one minute.

The orgasm hit me, I pinched my nipple hard, as my toe curled and my eyes rolled into the back of my head, Richie is a master cum collected with his hands, those hands are nothing short of gifted, like Ben Carson, but this time, they’re a purveyor of orgasm.

“Hi, you must be Lily” I heard from a lovely female voice, I peeped, and it was this handsome and beautiful at the same time lady, stole my breath away.

“Fuck”, I said underneath my breath

I was just descending from the mountain of orgasm, tits out, and Richie’s hands inside my pussy. It looks like I just got caught with my virtue all in public glare

Shit, this can’t be the second artist, is it?!

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