August 8, 2022

Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0505) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0505) [18+]

Hey guys,

A while ago we sent an email about the location for the hangout on Saturday. If you’ve not received it yet, check your inbox and spam. We’ve also sent you an SMS about the location and donation options. If you’ve not received the SMS, please check your spammed or blocked messages. If neither is available, please send an email to

We are hoping to spread into the US in the long term, we are making strategic partnerships, and trying to get more known in the US market amongst African Americans and Carribeans. One idea we are trying is to use mass produce these cute little cards, pictures below, and hand them out to people that we think will enjoy the story. If you’re in the US and want to get someone of these cards to distribute in your area, feel free to write me up at or message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (DeoluBubble), and we will ship it to you. You’re such a big part of us.


The fresh morning sea air felt so refreshing on my skin as we walked down the beach, it felt entirely different how the gentle breeze brushed against my skin making me want to break into a slow-motion run but what was more interesting was the different delicious-looking men scattered around.

It felt good being ogled by them without fear of what Priye might do, Blessing in her charismatic nature already got us invited to a small beach party and I couldn’t wait for nightfall as I raided Blessing’s clothes for something to wear. I ended up wearing a one-piece sexy and tied a large scarf around my waist.

I get a text from the hot stranger, it was a simple text to confirm if I will make it to the party but it made me nervous. I went to the kitchen island and took a swing of the alcohol Blessing had left there, taking a deep breath of the ocean breeze I let it fill my lungs.

Like getting poured cold water, a calming chill went through my body, I thought about how far I’ve come in this strange new city and decided it was high time I took the reins moving forward. I get to decide what and who I want to do in this vibrant new city.

When Blessing asked if I was ready, I was eager to be out the door, I applied a little red lipstick quickly and followed out the door. We walked down the beach and I took in how beautiful and mysterious the ocean looked, I imagined how beautiful the image will look on oil and canvas realising just how long its been since I held a paintbrush.

The anger burned fresh in my mind causing my nose to flare up

“We’re here” Blessing announced in a cheerful voice

I forced myself back to the present scanning the area for my hot date, the party looked great and people were either drinking, dancing or throwing stuff into the burning fire. As I watched the people have fun it occurred to me these people didn’t know who I was or what I’d been through so I get to control the narrative, I can choose what part of myself I want to share.

I was so deep in thought and got jerked back to the present when I felt a warm body beside me followed by a deep sexy voice

“A penny for your thoughts gorgeous,” he asked in a sultry voice

I giggled a little before replying

“Just wondering if you could put me in seven positions in seven minutes,” I said with a smirk

“How about we go find out,” he asked reaching out to me

I took his hand and smiled with my brows raised
“Right now?” I asked

I was just joking and didn’t think he’ll take up the challenge immediately, I thought we would have a drink and get to know each other but something about his air of confidence was turning me on.

I was suddenly curious about all the positions he could put me in, it felt like forever since I was bent out like a pretzel and rammed good.

“Wanna come over to my cabin,” he asked pulling me up
“Umm let’s stay close,” I said nervously scanning around for Blessing

“A know a private spot over there,” he said and pointed at the gazebo

It was close enough to let me see Blessing but far enough and dark enough to provide some privacy, I followed closely behind as he led the way. Some lights bounced off him as he walked and I couldn’t help but admire the ridges on his back as he walked.

My pussy was tingling like crazy as we got closer, when we got to the gazebo; he led us to the back of the gazebo which was more spacious than I had imagined.

He pushed me against the sturdy bamboo walls of the gazebo and his mouth came down on mine hungrily, he parted my lips with his tongue and he licked his way to my tongue. I melted into the kiss as our tongues tangled and danced around each other.

I didn’t expect him to be a great kisser, thinking about what other things his tongue could do made me so wet. His hands went everywhere, gliding down my rib case and my waist to my ass and thighs. I moaned so deeply as his hands touched me everywhere

“What do you want Ma poupée” he breathed into my neck

My pussy was trembling as I thought about all the things I wanted

“I want your lips on my body, on my clit and my other lips, I want your fingers deep in my hole. I want to feel your cock deep in my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard from behind, spank my ass, pull my hair, make me come. I want you in every possible way in the next few minutes. I want everything” I growled out

He made a deep guttural sound before he grabbed my throat and squeezed gently

“Ummm I see you are a greedy little thing huh,” he said close to my ears before taking my lips in his mouth
His other hand grabbed and squeezed my ass as he nibbled on my ear making me moan deeply. He was so close to me I could feel his body heat, what turned me on, even more, was the ever-growing bulge in his shorts.

I couldn’t wait to have him lodged deep inside my quivering pussy
“So needy” he growled making me melt even more

He grabbed my chin and tilted my head up, his thumb traced my lower lip and I opened my mouth eagerly

“Don’t think you’re getting this dick so easy” he said and I moaned
“Kneel” he ordered
My pussy jumped in excitement as I slowly plopped down.

He stuck his thumb between my lips and I sucked it. I moaned as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and then firmly tilted my head back so that I was looking up at him.

He smirked and pulled out his dick, I swallowed as I stared at his thick pulsing dick above my face and at that moment I understand what they meant when they say being thirsty.

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