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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0504)

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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0504)

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

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I can’t do it feels like my chest is caving in, everywhere I look I see her I can’t escape her I tried to run but my feet won’t move.

I had someone scream she has a gun, we were all frantically looking around but everything seems to be spinning, I tried to balance myself but I fell into the water.

I tried to scream but I am drowning and everything gets muddy black, I tried to scream again and that’s when I woke up choking on air. Someone ran towards me on the bed and for the first time I try fighting back

“No Lily it’s me, you’re safe now” I heard Blessing’s soothing voice say

I tried to calm down but I burst into tears trying to catch my breath, for the first time the reality of what happened to me hit me like a brick wall. I was legit kidnapped and transported abroad while I was unconscious, these are the kind of things you read about or see on TV and never think could ever happen to you.

“Fuck!!!! I need a drink” I finally blurted out after I calmed down

Blessing giggled and ran her hands through my now old braids

“That sounds more like my besties, I am so glad we got to you in time,” she said

“We?” I asked I know she had help from the police but I don’t rate them

“Yes, I and Richie” he’s really torn he couldn’t be here

Richie!! My heart fluttered at the sound of his name, I had sent out a lot of emails anytime I got a chance with any staff I could corner briefly to both Blessing and Richie hoping anyone could get it.

I was already losing hope especially when Priye finally gave me a phone that was hacked so I could only text her and had no internet. Blessing stood up and quickly returned with what looked like whiskey and a cup

“Sorry this was all I could find laying around in this Airbnb, I will get us some as soon as it’s bright enough outside,” she said sitting down and opening the drink

“I think that’s exactly what I need right now,” I said collecting the drink from her.

I chugged the drink in one long painful gulp, after the initial burn which was strangely soothing I started to calm down and fill warm inside.

“Thank you, Bee,” I said my eyes beginning to water.
“Hey hey hey! Don’t cry, you know I’ve got you always” she said as she pulled me in for a tight hug making me feel safe.

We stayed like that for a long while before we continued drinking and she filled me in on everything that had been going on, she told me how she thought my emails were spam at first but seeing the typos and the way I referred to her in those emails that went through.

The moment she knew it had to be from me she said she tried to reach me but my number won’t go through so she went down to Jos to find me and eventually reached out to Richie.

She said she went ballistic when he mentioned not being able to reach me either, they had reached out to everyone they could to get an idea of what happened but it seemed I had just up and vanished.

What caught my attention was how she mentioned how desperate they had gotten after the first week I was missing, I had thought I was only missing for a couple of days but she told me I was gone for three whole weeks.

Blessing mentioned how Richie randomly checked his DM requests to find different DM requests with different desperate messages from me, apparently reaching out to those strangers helped them narrow down my exact location.

After I had gotten tired of trying to reach them with the limited phones Priye let me have I had turned to sweet-talking any stranger I got any alone time with at the parties Priye made us attend, I would take their phones and follow Richie on social media.

I was so happy all my risks and efforts actually did something. It felt so surreal to be finally free of Priye, when I think about the time with her I think about how we could have had so much fun together if she didn’t kidnap me and let me come of my own free will but I guess she didn’t want to have to share me with all the hot men on the island.

“Why isn’t Richie here with you,” I asked suddenly craving his touch

“It was crazy because he reached out to everyone he could from his parent’s circle and when they found out they took away his travel papers and threatened to freeze his accounts to cut him off,” she said making me feel bad for dragging him into my mess

I sometimes forget how young he really is, I stood up and went to get my bag that had my phone in it.

The phone had no power but it made me feel better just looking at it, I plugged it into the outlet closest to the bed and waited for it to get powered on.

I couldn’t wait to see Richie’s face to tell him how grateful and happy I was he helped rescue me, my pussy tingled at the thought of him reminding me of how long it had been since I got a proper dicking down.

“I know that look” Blessing said then giggled

“Don’t worry woman we’re not in any rush, you can have a proper vacation to ease your mind before you go” she said

“Plenty of fishes on the island” she added smirking
“Umm… I have a boyfriend ma” I said smiling

“Like that has ever stopped you before” she replied laughing.

I wish Richie was here with us, it was already bright out and Blessing insisted we took a short walk down the beach side.

As we walked and watched all the sexy men jogging past us in shorts alone, I couldn’t help staring with my eyes travelling down south every time they jog past us in what our people would refer to as “ashawo shorts”

“Take it easy with the staring, woman! We can all tell your pipes needs some cleaning out” she said and we burst out laughing.

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