August 8, 2022

Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0503)

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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0503)

With every new passing day, it feels like I would lose my mind at any given time, pretending to smile when I want to scream my head out.

Even more difficult is not pulling away or cringing anytime Priye touches or kisses me, every rolling second feels like torture. I use every opportunity I get alone to explore, at this point I was more than convinced my phone and passports are in the drawer that won’t open.

I have pictured breaking it open and making a run for it but it’s obvious that won’t be smart as they are no sharp or heavy objects around I could use to break into the drawers, even if I succeeded what would happen next I usually ask myself when I stare out to the vast sand sounding the beach house.

It was obvious I would need some type of mode of transportation if I wanted to leave the private island. I have even started to pray every time, I have promised countless times to abstain from sex if I get saved from my nasty situation.

I wait for the food man to be able to get some alone time with his phone but Priye doesn’t allow me any alone time, especially during the time he shows up. After we ate in awkward silence I pretended to feel queasy so I can stay in bed and as expected Priye won’t stay away from trying to get me comfortable, if she wasn’t trapping me I could imagine falling for her sweet charms.

I pulled the blanket over me and forced my eyes shut, after what felt like ages I started to drift asleep dreaming about getting rescued. It didn’t take long for me to start dreaming about Blessing, she was yelling my name and I tried to scream back at her both nothing was coming out.

Her voice started to get louder and louder

“Lily lily where are you?” She called out

“I know you have her in there, leave me the fuck alone… Lily!!!!” She screamed out

My eyes snapped open with my heart beating rapidly, I could still hear her voice in my head.

“Lily! Let me get inside” I heard her say

Suddenly I realized I was no longer dreaming and could actually hear her voice, I couldn’t believe my ears but I still jumped off the bed and bolted towards the door. Thankfully the door was unlocked and I made a run for it, I ran past Priye and straight into Blessing’s arms.

It still felt like I was dreaming but all I could do was hold onto her and sob, I didn’t even notice the other people she had with her.

“Oh my god Lily” she said holding me tight

“How dare you kidnap her and take her out of the country,” she said pointing and yelling at Priye

“Kidnap? What the fuck are you talking about?” Priye asked with a dark look in her eyes

“You crashed our vacation to throw around baseless accusations, does she look like a victim to you,” she asked looking towards the men with Blessing

When she looked at me I froze, but Blessing held onto me, squeezing my shoulders to assure me. When Priye started walking toward me I suddenly snapped

“Don’t come close to me” I yelled and held on tighter to Blessing
“Let’s get your stuff” she whispered into my eyes

I took her hand and led her to the room, Priye started to follow us but the men told her not to move. I could already guess they were most likely police officers from the way they dressed and their commanding tone, I ran straight to the closet and pulled out my travelling bag.

I started throwing clothes in like a maniac. I remembered the drawer that won’t open and pointed it out to Blessing telling her I suspect my documents were inside. She bolted outside towards the beach and came back with a big stone, after bringing it down a couple of times the drawer finally opened.

Inside I could see my favourite handbag, rummaging inside I found my phone switched off and my passport neatly stuck away.

I closed my bag and headed outside, Blessing nodded at the officers and headed towards their van.

They told Priye they would like her to follow them to the office to give a statement, I had her tell them she needed to change.

Moments later from the van, we heard screaming, we didn’t realize what was happening till the officers jumped into the van as it started moving. I heard a couple of gunshots as the van got pulled away from the beach house, I could hear Priye’s voice shouting something as a couple of gunshots went off in the distance.

I was in shock as the van pulled away, I knew I had been in danger but hearing the gunshots made everything real.

I couldn’t stop shaking as Blessing put her arms around me whispering words of encouragement as I held unto her sobbing loudly. Everything that happened after we got to the office was a blur, Priye and her people handled the police officers while I stayed shivering in one corner.

I don’t know how she did it but they cleared us soon after and we were put in a vehicle. Blessing let me know we were heading to the airport and all I could do was sob loudly, I couldn’t believe what was happening and that I actually got rescued.

The reality that I was actually kidnapped and the possibility of what could have happened started to dawn on me making me sob louder, I never would have guessed Priye was that crazy or that into me enough to kidnap me out of Nigeria.

I couldn’t relax till our plane took off, as I drifted asleep I told myself this was the last time I would let myself get into any entanglement.

I was ready to swear off women and any attachments that didn’t involve a background check.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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