June 10, 2023

Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0502)
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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0502)

Waking up and not knowing where I was started each day, made me panic constantly, it’s been days without any contact from home; every time I asked for my phone I’m met with a different excuse.

I have come to realise that whenever I make a fuss I always end up feeling drowsy which reinforced my fear of being drugged. It didn’t take long for Priye to notice I had woken up and ran to my side like a golden retriever puppy.

I would have found it endearing if I wasn’t suspicious of her, the alone moment I get whenever the drugs would wear off at night had given me ample time to analyse the situation, it was clear that whatever was happening was quite bizarre.

I started to realise how little I really know about Priye since I had no communication device I will have to let things play out how she expects them to which includes not bringing up my phone or passport.

She placed kisses on my forehead and cheeks as she greeted me good morning. I smiled and moaned softly as I offer up more of my face for kisses

“Mmmmm… I feel like I have slept enough for a year,” I said then yawned deeply

“Only lily would go on a vacation only to sleep,” I said referring to myself in the third person

Priye chuckled before leaning to kiss my forehead deeply

“It’s okay baby if you want to sleep all day,” she said pushing the braids out of my face

“No!!! I am ready to feel the sand and sea between my toes” I said sitting up and stretching.

I got out of the bed and walked straight to the bathroom, trying to act normal while I am freaking out inside, thankfully the bathroom provided me with some privacy.

After I bathed, I picked out the most sexy-looking bikini two-piece in my bag, I threw a quick glance at the only closet that won’t open. I had strong feelings about my phone and my passport would hopefully be inside the closet but I didn’t want Priye to get suspicious so I pretended not to pay it any mind.

I got ready and set out to the patio, just in time to see the guy who brings food around, he stepped off his buggy and carried over a platter of food.

I have spoken to him a couple of times always related to the food as Priye is always hanging around but as the heavens would have it, she went into the bathroom right after I did so I had a couple of minutes to talk to him.

After I showed him where to set up the platter by the pool behind the house, I pretended to see his rainbow iPhone pouch for the first time.

I asked him the model of his phone even though I knew and he relaxed a bit telling me about it, I cooked up a story about wanting to buy the type to upgrade from my current model. I gushed about the camera and begged him to get pictures of me and I’ll quickly email them to myself, he was hesitant so I posed turning around to push my ass out.
That was enough motivation for him to turn photographer, I changed pose quickly so he could take the pictures fast enough for me access to his phone.

Finally, I asked to see and he handed me his phone, I quickly opened his map app and got some coordinates before quickly opening his email app and sent a quick message with the coordinates to Blessing, with the message, This is Lily!

Had to use the boy’s email account, here to wish it doesn’t automatically go into the spam box of Blessing’s email box

My hands were shaking as it felt like I couldn’t breathe, I have thought about what to do and this was the best idea I could come up with.

I deleted the email and before I could give back his phone I heard Priye’s questioning voice, I tried not to look too scared as I smiled awkwardly and showed her the pictures while casually complaining about my phone.

“I can always take your pictures babe,” she said as she threw the guy a stern look

He scurried away and I took the opportunity to get in the water and picked on the food on the platter.

“Take more pictures,” I said to Priye as I posed with a strawberry in my mouth.

I noticed she looked suspicious and I needed to distract her, I was praying and hoping my best friend would see my message and do something about it.

I had no idea was Priye was capable of, I knew she had strong feelings I had ignored nonchalantly in the past but if she could drag me halfway across the world without my consent I wonder what else she can do if she realises I am trying to get away from her.

I smiled and did a couple more poses always putting all my favourite assets to good use, I didn’t care what I had to do at this point to convince her I was still clueless about the whole situation.

It was obvious she would drug me to calm me down whenever I get too agitated so I decided to pretend and say everything she needed to hear as I wait to get saved.

We ate and chatted about art like everything was normal making me wonder how our relationship would have turned out if she was just patient enough to wait for me to organically have feelings for her.

I smiled at her occasionally as I thought never again will I get involved with crazy girls, who said women can’t be scum too.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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