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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S05 Finale) [18+]

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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S05 Finale) [18+]

He smirked and pulled out his dick, I swallowed as I stared at his thick pulsing dick above my face and at that moment I understand what they meant when they say being thirsty.

My mouth opened wide as I stared at him with hungry eyes, he stroked his beautiful cock and pushed it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head before clamping my lips down, his moan sounded so delicious as he tried to stifle it, I couldn’t believe how much I had missed having a meaty dick in my mouth.

I was taking my time exploring his dick with my mouth but he had other plans, he grabbed my hair and pushed my hair down. I couldn’t help my muffled morn as he started to gently fuck my mouth, the feeling was making me so wet I couldn’t help but moan.

He closed his eyes and threw his head back as he made sexy gruntle sounds, he pushed his dick further down till I started choking. I wanted to laugh at myself but was determined, I closed my eyes and relaxed my throat.

He pushed his dick further down my throat and it felt so good deep throating him, I wanted to continue till he came but I was too turned on. Wrapping my hands around the base I pulled my mouth away making him whine at the loss of my warm mouth.

Smiling I looked up at him with lust glowing in my eyes and bite my lip

“I want you inside of me,” I said loud enough for him to hear

He made a deep groaning sound before he yanked me up and swung me against the gazebo wall. He kissed a spot on my neck as he ran his hands all over my body sending delicious thrill all over my body, especially between my legs, his hands ran down my sides before sliding into my panties.

He slipped his hand down till he was teasing my folds

“Ummmm so wet,” he said in a deep voice making me wet

I could feel his hard dick poking between my ass cheeks, I moaned and rubbed my ass against his dick. He held his dick and I spread my feet apart then arched my waist ready to take all of him. He shifted my bikini bottom and used the head of his dick to rub lazily against my wet folds.

I was so turned on I could beg him if he wanted

“No teasing! Fuck me already” I’m so fucking horny,” I said wiggling my ass
“Yes ma’am,” he said with a chuckle

He pushed the head inside me and I gasped arching more as he slid into me, it felt so unbelievably good how his dick slid completely inside me. He started to fuck me with slow deep thrusts groaning behind my ears. one hand on the wall for support as my other hand travelled down to play with my clit as he took his time fucking me slowly.

“Harder” I cried out pushing my ass into him
He held onto my waist as he obliged fucking me faster and harder, it felt so fucking good how he pumped into me with his long hard strokes, my pussy was quivering as it clamped around his dick, it’s been so long since my pussy felt so good I wanted the feeling to last forever.

“Gawd that feels so good” I moaned
That prompted him to fuck me harder into the wall, he grabbed my boobs as he went in and out of my dripping hole

“Damn you have such amazing tits” he moaned as he squeezed my boobs
“goddamn you’re going to make me explode,” he said in a strained voice
“Not yet” I cried out as I rubbed my clit vigorously

I needed this to last longer I thought to myself

He slowed down his strokes and thrust into me deeper making my whole body shudder, he slowly pulled out almost completely before he slammed back in.

“Ohh that’s so good” I moaned

He did it again, slamming harder into me with each stroke. I could feel my juices dripping down as I rubbed my clit, it was obvious how hard he was trying to contain himself which made him so hot.

He pulled my hair making me arch into him even more. I could feel my orgasm building up and it was the best feeling ever, my brain felt foggy and my skin felt charged up.

“Fuck me harder please” I begged pushing my ass into him

I didn’t need to ask again as he grabbed me my waist firmly and started to pound in like crazy, I could feel how strong he was through his taut muscles that were pressed against me. He slammed in and out of me going faster and faster.

I thrust my hips back matching his every thrust with unrestrained vigour, I could feel my orgasm building and it made me want to scream. The sensations felt so overwhelming as

I climbed higher and higher with every thrust, my wall clenched around him as my orgasm exploded. We were both making muffled groaning sounds as I rode the wave of my orgasm, he quickly pulled out of me and thankfully he didn’t cum all over my ass.

My pussy was quivering, clenching at the space his dick used to be. If we were indoors I would have rolled over and tried to catch my breath but I needed a drink right now.

I turned around and kissed his forehead thanking him for a job well done before heading out to the bonfire before he had a chance to say anything. I felt light and tingly all over which made me smile like a crazed idiot as I looked around for Blessing.

It didn’t take long for me to find her eating some BBQ with a cocktail besides her

“Someone looks excited,” she said smirking
I plopped beside her and took a piece of her meat

“A very much needed pipping” I declared before taking a swing of my drink
“Ohhh must have been really good,” she said
“Hope you were safe” she added

When I didn’t respond she shifted into her professional sitting posture that always indicated a lecture was coming

“Safe the lecture I’ll be careful,” I said as my eyes wander to a hot chunk of chocolate man who had been staring at me as he downed his drink

Blessing caught my eyes and looked back before giving me a look

“Look I know you’ve been through a lot but we need to talk about things going on back home,” she said looking serious
I wanted to roll my eyes, she was killing my buzz and I knew just who could reignite it.

“You’re right, Bee I should be careful and like you said there are plenty of fishes in the sea,” I said as I made to leave

I took one swing at her drink and made to leave when she grabbed my hand and placed a condom in my palm.

This girl, I thought with a smile, I leaned in and kissed her forehead gently before I walked towards the fine black man.

I walked over my eyes locked with the guy as I walked toward him
“Holla Mami,” he said with a smirk

I couldn’t place his accent and honestly, I couldn’t care less, he was gorgeous with a body that looked a bit ripped. He looked like those kinds of guys that fanfic writers base their characters off, I couldn’t wait to do unholy things on top of him.

“I have twenty minutes and I am not wearing any panties,” I said looking him dead in the eyes and smirking

He said something in a language I couldn’t make out before he smiled at me and said

“I know a spot”
I raised an eyebrow slightly before sliding in beside him

“How about you buy me a drink first” I said
“Absolutely, anything for you queen,” he said as we got up and walked towards the beach bar

If we had met under different conditions I would have tried to figure out his accent over a long dinner date but at that moment all I needed was the short-lived pleasure he could offer me.

As we drew closer to the bar I couldn’t help but ogle the bartender as he mixed and served drinks in his shirt with the first few buttons opened to form a long v-line that showed off his delicious-looking abs

“What can I get you gorgeous,” he asked with the sexiest voice I’ve heard in a while
“Rum and coke,” I said smiling sweetly
“Coming right up! And for the gentleman” he said
“Dry martini on the rocks” my new date answered

Our drinks didn’t take long to get ready, we took our drinks and walked away from the bar talking

“So this spot you mentioned, where is it? I asked curiously
“Umm you see those mountains,” he said pointing in a pitch-black direction
“It’s a small hike but they’re this lovely spring” he started
“Immediately no,” I said and giggled

I was going to suggest we go back to my cabin but I wasn’t sure we won’t end up in the wrong cabin, we walked down the sand making small talk. We both stopped when we came to a dark area with some abandoned chairs, we looked at each other silently signalling to each other.

Our bodies moved towards each other and our lips softly pressed against each other’s.

I melted into his warm tender kiss as his hands snaked around my waist, and my hands ran over his back up to his solid arms. We kissed deeply as we moved slowly to the abandoned bench while slowly peeling off his clothes, I could feel his boner through his shorts and couldn’t wait to pull it out.

I savoured his deep moaning as he played with my nipples which were hard and sensitive. I would have savoured the moment in a different scenario but at that point I only wanted his hard dick plunging deep into my heated pussy.

I pushed him to sit on the bench while I went to work on pulling out his dick, I was disappointed with the fleshy cock in my hands. I stroked it down before expertly tearing the condom I had palmed with my teeth and rolling it down his shaft

“Are you ready?” I asked staring up at him
“Always” he replied

His dick did a little jerk in response which made me smile, I stood up and turned around before I sat slowly on him.

I moaned as his dick slowly sank into me, I took every inch of him till he was fully buried in my soaking wet pussy. He grabbed my boobs and kissed me on the shoulder before slowly grabbing my waist. I threw my head back and slowly started to move up and down his lengthy dick.

One hand moved up to grab me by the throat as he picked up the pace fucking me with raw primal passion, I couldn’t help moaning loudly as he slammed roughly into me. He whispered and growled into my ears as he fucked me harder and harder making my toes curl in the sand. With my eyes closed, I could feel the waves of pleasure crashing inside me, he was grunting more at it turned me on so much how he struggled not to explore.

The hand around my neck tightened as he bit into my shoulder, I let out an ecstatic scream as my orgasm exploded sending euphoric waves crashing all over my body. My insides clamped and squeezed around him as he plunged deeper inside me, we held unto each other as we both rode out our orgasms.

That night I slept like a baby beside Blessing with no recollection of how we got back to our cabin. I had slept well into the afternoon before I got woken up by my grumbling stomach, I woke up feeling refreshed and made my way into the kitchen to get something to eat. I had just finished eating when Blessing walked in

“You’re finally awake,” she said before walking over to plant a kiss on my head
I could tell she wanted us to finally talk
“I’m ready, let’s hear it,” I said to her
“Let’s sit,” she said, making me nervous.

We sat down and after a few minutes of gathering her thoughts she told me about how when Priye kidnapped me she had stolen from her father and some of his powerful business associates and how the Nigerian police wanted her but the part that got my insides twisted was how she told me all about how I was also wanted for being an accomplice.

I didn’t know how to feel or react to the news of me being a wanted fugitive, I was running through a lot of different emotions with anger burning behind my eyes as Blessing tried to assure me that her lawyers were trying to sort things out.
I couldn’t believe how I went from being a victim to being wanted for crimes that were committed against me.

I wanted to scream but instead, I told her I needed to clear my head as I grabbed her wallet and headed out, there were a lot of things running through my head all at once but I didn’t want to think of anything as I walked down the warm beach filled with different good looking people.

The End

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