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Fatima + Diezani: Papi The Tormentor! (18+)

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Fatima + Diezani: Papi The Tormentor! (18+)

I’m a weird Yoruba lady based in Port Harcourt.

Single to a fault and I ain’t doing anything to change this phase of my life.

Let’s just say I have had my fair share of breakfasts. I’m a plus-size chick and that’s a thing of pride for me.

I’m a natural dominatrix….. well let’s just say I always love to be in charge all the time. Ain’t breaking for anyone

So let me tell you a story. Don’t worry it ain’t as long as “How I met your mother”. I’m pretty considerate. LOL

It’s a chilled evening and I’m home alone. I decided to put on a short black dress and head out for drinks alone
(Well, it’s not my fault I’m going alone. I don’t really have that many friends to hang out with me…. perks of being a loner)

I arrived at BCON (Boys Club Of Nigeria) to chill. I love this place because it’s filled with mature people and I could be alone and no one would bother speaking to me.

I spoke to a familiar face and she smiled at me and took my order. She knows my brand but I asked for more this time.

4 shots of gin, lemon, ice and tonic water. she goes ahead to get my order.

I’m sitting at the far end and I spot a cute ass man sitting across from me.

Wait a minute, I can’t tell if he is cute because he is wearing a mask, hoodie and a face cap. there is something about his aura that is speaking to me. His eyes hid so much secret and it was dark AF.

He caught me staring and he held the gaze not blinking one second. I can’t even tell if he is smiling or not behind the mask. “What a weirdo”, I said to myself

My drink came and I was happy to have been distracted by it. I started to flip through my phone but all I could see were his eyes piercing through me.

For every time I raised up my head, he was staring at me.

Damn!!!! Man! Can he just take off his mask for me to see his face at least? Need to know if he is smiling or being irritated. Well, he stayed that way and I couldn’t do anything about it.
maybe if I stare long enough, I would see his lips when he sips his Heineken

The waitress comes back to me with the food menu, another round of my order and a note

me: I didn’t ask for the menu or more drinks
The waiter said, “That man over there asked me to give this to you”
“What man?” I asked
She points at the mystery man and he kept staring at me. I smiled and put my hands together in an attempt to say thank you and he points to the waitress. She hands me a note, I open it and boom mystery man sent a message.

What a weird order! Well, I didn’t pass on it because his eyes were scary AF and I don’t think I would want to annoy this mysterious human.

I placed an order for chips and butterfly prawns and he watched me eat from afar and this man kept nodding with every bite I had.

I finished eating and the waitress brings me freshly squeezed juice and I asked again why she did. she smiled and handed me a note again.


I looked at him and gave a signal saying no and he looked away. Now I’m worried. did I offend the mysterious man?

A little while later, I see a girl with him and I had no clue why I felt jealous. She looked at me for a while and took her eyes off. The waitress brings me another round of drinks and a note again and this time I declined saying I didn’t need it.

She left and came back again with the drink and said he asked her not to return it

I ignored her and asked for my bill, she said it had been paid for. Like mysterious oga has done busy body and paid for my bills. Mad o!!!! okay na…

I tipped her, got up and ensured he saw me adjust my dress. I started to walk to the gate and remembered I hadn’t ordered a ride.

Kai…. Bolt now will take at least 5 minutes to get here.

While waiting for my ride, I saw the mysterious man walking towards me and I legit froze.

He was tall and slightly chubby but I still couldn’t see his face.

WTF man!!!

There was this authority he oozed with every step he took, and I loved every bit of it.
“Where are you going to?” He asked,
“I’m going home” I replied,
“Where is home?”
“Nowhere that concerns you” I replied
“What’s your name?” He asked
I drew a blank
“Don’t be quiet, when I ask you questions, you must answer me immediately”
“I’m Funke” I replied
“Let’s go, Funke,” he said firmly

He grabs me by my arm in a firm yet gentle way and leads me to his car. He shut the door behind me and walked over to his spot behind and he instructs the driver to move to the hotel
I kept asking why I have to go with him and he said nothing.

I said I was going to scream and he asked me to try and if I do, I was going to get punished
now that information got me wet instantly and I had no clue why. Now let’s not forget that I’m a domme. You don’t control me!!! I call the shots here. Now I’m confused…. How am I turned on by his command to purnish me? WTF is wrong with me? Why can’t I say no??

Maybe because I hadn’t had a real dick in a long time or maybe it’s the way it was said

We got to the hotel and he takes me to his room. I had no clue why I wasn’t trying to run anymore. I got inside and I saw a white lingerie spread on the bed and damn I wished it was mine.

He saw my amazement and asked me to go freshen up and put it on. I took it to the bathroom, had a shower and got dressed.

Damn, I looked so sexy! The thigh-high socks had a strap connected to the outfit and damn it made my legs look so sexy

My boobs were perfectly cupped in it and my curves didn’t even try to hide

“This man has got taste,” I said to myself

I came out so shy and he was staring at me with so much lust in his eyes like he was going to eat me up
“What’s your name?” I gathered the courage to ask
“You don’t need to know. call me PAPI”
“Why am I here, Papi?”
“Get on your knees,” Papi said

I do as instructed and he dims the light. He takes off his mask and I still couldn’t place his face. He moves to me and starts to run his fingers through my back, he brings me up to my feet and started to kiss my ear while his hands run freely on my body.

I start to shiver and he pulls me close to him and starts to kiss my lips like his life depended on it. I matched his energy and he bit my lower lip when he grabbed my butt.

He moved away from me and I couldn’t stop panting. Damn, this man is going to kill me tonight. He started to walk around me while trailing little kisses and boy, I was getting soaked down there.

I could feel the heat and he wasn’t even trying to stop this tease

He came back to my lips and started kissing them again while slowly taking off my lingerie.

He frees one boob and starts to suck on them like he hadn’t been fed for long. I threw my head back while moaning slowly to his craftsmanship.

Damn, Papi is good!

He takes off the other boob and starts to squeeze on the nipples and I let out a loud moan and he didn’t stop, before I knew it, my outfit was off and I was standing naked before my tormentor.
He whispered in my ears,
“You are mine to have and to do as I please and I love every bit of your body, Funke”

I could barely understand anything anymore because he had spread my legs apart while running his fingers through my wet pussy.He kept sucking on my boobs and damn I could hear how wet I was.

He went down and spread my legs open and started to kiss my thighs and around my clit but not my clit alone. Jeeez man! what is this? why torment me this way.

I started to beg and he asked me to keep quiet and ensure I don’t fall. He moved his lips to my clit and starts to suck on it.

Damnit!!! his tongue kept going round in circles and every time I couldn’t get my shaky legs in control, he spanked my ass as hard as he could. He pushed me on the bed and stared at me with so much lust.

He got back to my pussy and this time, he spread my legs apart like he was trying to test my elasticity and he started to finger fuck me while eating me out
good heavens!

WTF!!! I start to moan so loud and begged for mercy but he didn’t stop

I came all over his fingers and my legs couldn’t stop shaking. He pulled me up and pushed his dick in my mouth. I started to suck on it like a lollipop and loved it because I could hear him moan.
“Look at me” He barks at me like Heath Ledger’s Joker.

I did as instructed while I kept sucking him and all I could see still were his eyes and damn they had so many demons in them.

He stopped me, took out a condom and put it on

I saw his monster stick and I wondered how that would fit into me. He starts to rub on my clit and I began to lose my mind when he slid it in.

Damn!!!!!!!!! good heavens!!! what?!!!!

He starts to fuck me hard and my moans couldn’t be controlled. I felt every inch of it and it sure as hell felt good

“Good girl”
“This pussy is mine baby”
“I own this”

My tormentor bellowed.

He flipped me over and starts to bang me hard! I clenched the sheets and wished for my womb to remain intact after this and he kept spanking that ass.

“Oh papi…… yes papi….. fuck me please…… shit……. papi……. damn papi…….”
He asked me to ride and I did as instructed. I rode my waist like I was trying to spell coconut and he loved it. His finger played with my pussy while I rode and his free hand squeezed the life out of my boobs

He pushed me off him and pinned me by the wall with my hands up. He held them in place and slammed that monster dick in me. Damn Papi!!
He started to fuck me hard and fast and everytime I moved my hands, I got spanked hard! Oh yeah PAPI, I have been a bad girl

Damn, I was going to cum again

I announced my arrival like the voice at Muritala Muhammed International Airport, he kept jamming the fucking life out of my pussy. I came so hard and he did the same almost immediately and I could see a tiny hint of a smile on the face of my tormentor and I woke up!!!

OMG! it was all a fucking dream WTF!!!!!! I’m so fucking wet and that was a dream? Like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Moral of the story: Not all sex dreams are bad! Some are fun as hell!

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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