September 28, 2023
DS Series: Birthday But Not ‘Exactly’ Birthday (18+)


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DS Series: Birthday But Not ‘Exactly’ Birthday (18+)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since you’ve read from me, as in this section of the blog where it’s actually my experience and not fiction like the rest of the website. It’s been fun writing here, and I’ve enjoyed it.

In creating this persona of The Oniranu, Deolu Oniranu Bubble, I just wanted to write sex stories and post them, but I also didn’t want to take away from the story by giving it my true identity, so therefore I created Deolu Bubble, which is popular in some circles today.

Also because I didn’t want to kill my mother when nosy people find me writing this with my true profile and then show my very Christian mother. You know, save her all the heartache and just do this anonymously.

Seems like the right thing to do, isn’t it?

I have learned a lot from writing as Deolu Bubble, it has helped shaped my sex life, helped me bond well with people, and made a better person. Made me a better lover, from my first story till now, like any good tv show, you can see the character arc develop into something much more endearing.

When I wrote my first story, I wrote it because I enjoyed it so much, and wondered why people don’t write about sex anymore. I used to read Hints, and the likes, but there were more romance and the likes, and at that time, it was more ewww than awww for me. So, I sort for more, and then I found Better Lover, which really blew my mind.

Better Lover expanded sex for me thought me a lot, the influences responsible for Deolu Oniranu today are Better Lover and Memoirs of a SlushhKid by Noble Igwe, I loved reading them so much back. I’m always happy when we connect, and I am happy that I’m part of your journey in this dark and cruel world.

Someone wrote me a few days ago, and said she was living her life vicariously through our characters, she has been telling me of how Grace stories now inspire her sex life especially the story about the guy from church, she thinks Darasimi is a tad bit too far, bordering on demonic. LOL

If you’ve got such stories, I would love to read them as well. If there is anything you wanna share, please hit me up on Instagram or Facebook on Deolu Bubble

You know when you’re bored, and the boredom doesn’t entail movies or tv shows, you’re looking for something more like a night out in town, pre-COVID era though. I grabbed my phone that lazy Sunday afternoon and kept chatting people up to see who is available. My mind went to a crazy acquaintance of mine, she is crazy, super flirtatious, and super amusing.

I had been posting her for a while, work and stuff, but this day I felt in the mood, I asked if she wanted to hang out, and she was game. She said she would pretend it’s my birthday and give me a birthday treat but it got my enthusiasm.

See, I’m sort of a part-time hedonist, I love to seek pleasure, the night held a promise of interesting shenanigans, so my hedonist self took over, and started getting interesting, and it turned out really amazing.

Quite funny, so I decided to pack a bag for work and head to the island, I might as well see where the night ends, who knows I may not have to come back to the mainland again.

So, the boredom began to abate a little with the promise of adventure coming up just ahead. We had never met one on one, we met online, through Instagram, she met me as me, not as Deolu.

Just Whatsapp and Instagram, so you know when you think you know someone because you’ve seen a bunch of their pictures, or even semi-nudes, and then you see the person, and you go WOW!

First, she was prettier in person, and good lawd, her boobs were even bigger than I thought, as she took time to laugh at me, and said, they’re bigger than the pictures right? Which I was gobsmacked to respond to.

It kinda felt like visiting a place in pictures and then arriving at the place in person, the proportion was bigger. So, in the argument about boobs or ass, I don’t know where I fall, sometimes I wake up as a boobs guy then I go to bed at night as an ass guy because I had a divine encounter, but essentially most times, I’m pretty much a boobs guy.

The flesh, the big heavy set bags, please…

Anyway back to the story, I was in awe of this way prettier than her pictures lady and her incredible rack. I couldn’t drive for a while because it was so revealing and it seemed like my eyes were bleeding into each other.

Not long after we began to drive, she started with the birthday songs, and everything, it felt amazing, the whole make-believe birthday that was just her agenda for the night. Playing all sort of naughty games while we were driving, she would ask me to look and see if she was covered up, that she didn’t want people to be peering at her boobs, and when I looked, the nipples were staring me back in the face because she removed them out of the outfit, and she was caressing them gently on her chest, playing with own nipples, kissing the boobs one after the other.

This should be classified as a war crime because I couldn’t do anything, I had to face front because I was the one driving, she really didn’t care much even if people saw her while we drove past. I laughed and just keep pointing. In the course of my life, I’ve met plenty Don’t-Give-A-Fuck people, but here was stratospherically further than anyone I’d previously met.

I cannot believe that I asked her to put them back in, because it was affecting my concentration on the wheel, and not forgetting the issue of what was happening in between my legs, then she asked the pretend birthday boy if I’d ever gotten head while driving before.

While I love to live dangerously like every other nutjob, I had never done this before. While the vehicle was immobile, sure, a few times even, but while driving, that was a new one, and I wanted it too.

Anything for the birthday boy she said, she was about to dive in, but since we were on Admiralty way at the entrance of Phase 1, I asked her to stop or at least suspend it till it got a bit quieter. My dick was more interested than I was, as it kept nodding back and forth inside my pants.

Sly fucker, that one, then when I found a quieter street, I undid my zipper, and unleashed him out, she brought her boobs out of the gown she was wearing and bent over the gear into my laps, her face on my laps, one hand over the dick, then she licked the shaft from the bottom to the top, slowly rubbing the flat side of her tongue over my dick before swallowing the top of the dick.

Damn, was the word that escaped my mind, I put one hand on the steering while the other caressing the openly exposed boobs, rubbing the tip of my inner finger around the areola, just around the nipple, I licked a finger, and then began to rub the finger softly around her, it felt so good.

This was already shattering my brain, but then she decided to deepthroat me while I was driving, my body reacting to my dick been swallowed deep down was that my leg pressed down hard on the accelerator, which means that I stopped cruising and then began accelerating like 80km/hr abruptly.

The feeling of the tip of my dick at the back of her throat was phenomenal, then she started making vibrating noise with her mouth, never knew that could feel so good.

I had to stop her because I was losing my shit right now, I loved it, but I still wanna be alive more, before I collide with a parked vehicle, because of what this naughty girl was doing to my dick. Anyway, we were so close to the hotel now, I don’t wanna walk into the hotel reception with a throbbing hard dick, Nah, they ain’t a good look, will never be a good look.

So, we sat in the car, while I waited for my erection to go down more so I can simply walk out and not be the object of glaring googly-eyed Nigerians, and a disappointment to my generation.

What was crazier was that she was asking if I liked it? Liked it?!?!? Liked it bawo?! I loved it, the way she giggled was so cute, she squeezed her boobs together, and said she wanted to ask me for a favor. Favor?

At this point, if Nigeria’s C of O was with me, I’ll gladly hand it over to her, for that 3 minutes of undiluted heavenly peace

Sure, I replied, she then wanted me to cum all over her boobs, as she squished them together again. It looked like Coldplay’s song, adventure of a lifetime, what was about to happen. I couldn’t say no, there is no way I’m saying no if all the words in my vocabulary vanished except no.

Soon enough, my erection went down a lot that I could walk in public without disgracing my entire lineage.

We got in, made the reservations, and went into the room, I dropped my keys on the little table beside the bed, and I was fiddling the remote for whatever else was going, then she comes over, and just pushes the boobs into my face, I pushed her back further into my face, suffocating myself with her giant boobs.

I let go, and pushed her in closer, and kissed her, it was such a sweet and long kiss, an expert with the use of her tongue, she pushed me to the bed, and tried to get off my pants, a task I was too happy to do, till my dick was free.

I stood up, and she bent down, what was even wilder was that there was a full-length mirror that was beside us. She took my dick into her mouth, and I could watch and experience what she was doing at the same time.

I was watching myself getting my dick sucked, and it was a different kind of feeling altogether. I watched her suck my dick, bopping head back and forth, her mouth sucking the tip of my dick while her wet saliva soaked hand jerked the rest of the shaft off. Intense was what I was feeling, no boredom could survive this bombardment of excitement.

I watched her add saliva to the head, as the saliva drooled down into her massive tits, and they shook left and right when she bopped back and forth.

She rubbed her pussy with her other hand, and moaned as she sucked on, she stopped and got on the bed, she assumed the position, doggy style, ass in the high, her chest and face buried into the bed, I took off my shirt, and brought out a condom, strapped it on.

And got with the program, she was thoroughly wet, in no time her cream stained the condom, and it got me harder, wet ass pussy? Sign me up immediately. I held her hands back over her ass and began to increase the speed and intensity of the strokes, soon enough she began to moan and scream, a screamer, I know her noise must have filtered into other rooms.

We were at it again for a little more before I blew my load into the condom, we collapsed side by side.

You forgot, she said. Oh, my days, the cum on her tits, I had forgotten, I was enjoying way too much to remember the promise I made.

Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you. I promise I said. No problem, it’s your birthday, you’re forgiven. I was happy to hear that, but that’s not the end of it just yet.

We should go and get pizza and yogurt. We should use the yogurt for oral, it’s amazing, you will enjoy the cold against your warm hard dick.

There was no way, I was saying no to that, we both went into the bathroom, played naughty a bit, freshened up and it was time to go get the pizza from Dominos and frozen yogurt on the right.

On our way back to the hotel, she asked, are you up for head while driving? Is this woman thinking I’ll turn it down? Fuck No. At least, if something happens, I’ll be coming and going at the same time, the greatest irony in human history.

I quickly adjusted and drove at a snail pace, this time, I hiked her leg up on the seat, so I can rub and play with her clitoris more, I enjoyed it a little longer, what I even enjoyed more was the sound she kept making as I played with her pussy rubbing the clit, and dropping my fingers into her pussy.

The moans that escaped her mouth were so sweet, we wouldn’t want to get back to the hotel.

We carried our yogurt nylon and pizza box in, and like our clothes were on fire, we took them all off instantly, I opened mine and rubbed some across her face like make-up, and licked it off her face, and did another to trace it down to her lips, which ended in a kiss, I put more on her boobs over the areola, some over her nipples exactly over them.

It was interesting, as I began to lick the yogurt, intentionally using the tip of my tongue to push the cold substance around her big boobs, so I could lick them, I noticed her rubbing her thighs together, slowly twisting and turning, which means that its a myth that ladies with big boobs don’t have sensitive nipples.

I was enjoying the play because it gave me time to pleasure her back, thinking back at how much she had blown my mind earlier, so I was happy that she was enjoying my tongue over her boobs.

I noticed that her nipples were more sensitive to tongue twirling around them, anytime I did that with or without yogurt, she arches her back up off the bed, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold, her mouth slightly open, her eyes completely shut, her hands caressing my head.

In between her back arching up and down, my hands go behind her, and hold unto her to sustain her as her back comes back up, and hold her there, and I plaster my tongue, slobbering my wet tongue over her boobs bag.

Paying attention to her areola and her now hardened nipples, sucking them and playing with them, her boobs were so soft. While holding her, my other hand rubs her other boobs, and straight down into her belly, and slowly towards her pussy.

I was holding her in my arms, I stayed on her knees, holding her like she was just shot, but instead, she was laying in my arm with pleasure coursing through her body.

I put her down, and grab the cup of yogurt close by. I went back to her head, and kissed her,

She kissed me back like her life depended on it, it was so frigging sexy. I put my hands into the yogurt and smudged it all over her body, and began my tour with my tongue.

From her boobs down to her belly button, it trailed down to her thighs, streaming towards her inner thighs, I licked it all, trailing down to her pussy, I slowly pushed her legs aside, her pussy was shaved clean, like an expressway.

She has a beautiful pussy too, the vulva looked exquisite, it was begging to be sucked, and anxiously waiting, as she slowly jerked from waist from left to right, and vice versa. I moved closer, and smudged more yogurt around her pussy, and began to lick the ones trailing down into the mattress.

Licking them back up and teasing her pussy lips, running the tip of my tongue from the bottom of the vulva to the top, rolling the tip of the tongue up and down over the clitoris.

Pushing the tongue into the pussy, gaining entrance into it. Her waist jerking sporadically against my face, I held onto her thighs, face buried into her pussy.

Kissing the vulva, wet fingers slowly going into the pussy while the tongue goes over her soft clit, and rubs back and forth over them, clit been massaged by tongue action while fingers burrow into her pussy, her waist movement became more and more involuntary as my finger dig deeper and increase the pace of the fingers going in and out.

She began to twitch and my fingers became covered with her pussy cream, licking the clitoris like a dog licking water, she held onto the bedsheet, lifting her waist off the bed and dropping it again.

Such an erotic sight.

Please fuck me, she pleaded, I grabbed the condom, strapped on, and positioned in between her legs, penis in front of her pussy lips, hands holding her legs away from her pussy, my hands at her ankle then I pressed the dick in slowly, pushing the dick shallow, and thrusting in shallow, not going in full length, also slow thrust, as her face is close shut, and her mouth opens wide, moaning and licking her lips.

Fuck me harder, she said, so I picked up the pace and increased the intensity of the strokes, and the speed, I hit it deep and a scream escaped her mouth,

Ahhh, I like that, do it again

She was now asking for deep and hard strokes, I held her legs apart like chicken laps and continued to fuck her deep and fast, she pulled me in and brought my head close to her, and kissed me, kissed me hard.

I resumed back, and buried my head just beside her face, above her shoulder, and allowed my waist to thrust into her, her hands were all over my back, hugging me tight, as our bodies continued to merge together, seeking orgasmic release.

Soon enough, her pussy got wetter and wetter, and she was calling my name, and screaming into my ears, I began to feel my cum pushing through.

I got up, and arranged her in doggy position, but a lot more closer to the bed, in between her legs, her body in the bed, while her ass was up, it was a wonderful sight to behold, her pussy entrance wet with her cream, I plunged in, feeling my dick running down her pussy, till the tip of my dick knocked at her cervix. It felt so good, she moaned deep, said Yesssssss.

We both felt how good this position was, I felt like my dick had superpowers because it felt so good, and her moans were a testament to that, I loved fucking her, her soft bed, her jiggly behind, I held unto her ass for support, and continued to dig in, hard and long, touching down as deep as I could, slow and deep penetration, I spanked her ass, as the slow thrust continued, and then I picked up steam.

She moved her face to the side, while her hands grabbed the sheets beside her, and then she moaned, this is why I came here. That sort of statement only makes your dick harder and rearing to go deeper than usual, and just pleasure the shit out of this woman.

I never thought I could have this much fun, just fucking her silly, spanking her delicious big ass, it was all getting too much, and I could feel my cum shooting through my balls like a Lockheed Martin F-35 Stealth Jet carrying a payload of my cum.

I removed my dick then the condom, tugged at it, and splattered my cum all over her chest as some spilled on her chin.

She kept giggling like Harley Quinn, as the cum was on her tits, she rubbed them over each other, spreading it across, I was lost at the sight, wonderful to watch.

Are you satisfied? I asked, she nodded and continued giggling, and playing with the cum over her chest.

Adventure of a lifetime, we went to wash up and resumed eating the pizza, sharing the yogurt left, to get enough energy in time to start it all over again. Let’s see if I will be able to go to work tomorrow, at least for now, my mood is up, and it seems like all is right with the universe…

Thanks for reading, we have something exciting coming up, you’ll be glad we’re doing this. Stay tuned.


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