August 9, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover [Finale] (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover [Finale] (18+)

“Sink my cock into this tight pussy,” I said, working my finger a moment and then hearing her groan as I inserted a second, pressing it knuckle deep in her, feeling her pussy clench.

“Just fuck the life out of you, huh, that’s what you want is it?” I asked, thrusting my fingers quickly in and out of her.

She moaned affirmatively, continuing to suck my cock, though going as deep as possible now as I pressed her head down.

I pulled my hand back and then brought up the third finger, rubbing it up her juicy slit to lube it before I pressed it to the back of her pussy.

Pressing it into her, having to work it a little to open her up before I pushed them deep inside her in a slow, smooth motion, feeling her vagina stretch around my fingers as she gave a low groan, a mix of pleasure and sensation at the slight stretch.

Pumping my fingers into her, she rocked back to meet them, moaning in pleasure.

“Maybe not as tight as I thought, but I’m still gonna fuck you,” I said with a smile, Yemi giving an intense, deep suck, making her shake before I suddenly yanked her off, throwing her back down on the bed.

Pinning her down on her back, I pulled her arm out and locked it into the cuffs, left hanging from my imprisonment shortly before. She just looked up lustily, breathing heavily as I locked her other arm in place, before quickly doing the same to her now bare ankles, leaving her chained down spread eagle on the bed, dripping wet and wanting a fuck.

My hard cock was bouncing before me, throbbing and eager to oblige, and with that I slid between her legs, slipping between her smooth thighs as I pushed up to her juicy, waiting pussy, and with one little nudge slipped my cock inside her.

We both groaned, her even more so as I pushed all the way in, balls deep with one long, slow stroke, feeling her squeeze down around me powerfully, thrusting her hips up towards me.

“Oh god fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped, head tilted back and eyes squeezed shut as she arched and tensed with pleasure.

I was more than happy to do that and began immediately thrusting, wasting no time just like with her ass, aiming to just give her an outright fucking. Leaning over her.

I pumped every inch of my cock from head to balls in and out with every thrust, going hard and fast on her, feeling her shuddering and twitching around me as I did, her whole body writhing in pleasure, pulling at the cuffs as she groaned and grunted under me, not too far from an orgasm given the anal, spanking and fingering.

The cuffs rattled as she shuddered and pulled at them, just needing a little push towards an orgasm, which I aimed to give her as I shortened my stroke to vastly increase my speed and power in burying my cock inside her.

Yemi reacted with a long, slow squealing moan, unable quite to get it out because she was solely focused on me fucking her so hard, the bed jolting and shaking, headboard smacking into the wall loudly, handcuffs rattling noisily as I pounded on her as hard as I could, our hips slamming noisily together as I gave her every inch of myself as deep as I possibly could.

Yemi came hard, with a loud, animated spasm, her entire body shuddering and bucking on the bed beneath me, trying to both push up and pull away from my pounding as she came, screaming deafeningly loud as she had a huge orgasm, her pussy squeezing and rippling around me, the velvet walls sucking at my hard cock deep inside as it drove in and out of her shaking, kicking body.

She was pulling at the cuffs so hard I was sure she’d draw blood, biting her lip as her orgasm faded, still continuing to fuck her tightened pussy hard.

“Don’t stop, come in me, come on,” she breathed, finally opening her eyes to look at me in need, looking absolutely exhausted as I pumped, her pussy releasing and loosening again now.

After a moment’s rest, as best she could, she started to squeeze her pussy on me as tight and fast as possible, aiming to make me come. I hadn’t intended to make this too quick, but she’d clearly got what she wanted and was looking pretty finished now, and her pussy was blissfully hot and tight.

As I thought about it, I felt the signal of the climax, knowing I could either push it back or chase it, and in this case opting to chase it, pounding her with renewed vigour in the hardest, more intense fuck I think I’ve ever given a girl, Yemi gasping and grunting beneath me in surprise as she was overwhelmed by how hard I was fucking her.

“Fuck here you go!” I managed to force out through gritted teeth, holding it back as much as possible, just slowing down before I burst inside her sweet pussy with a deep, final thrust to make sure it was deep in her womb as possible.

Making her all mine as I shook and pumped with every hard spurt inside her, growling through a gasping orgasm, turning to sighs of release as I finished, before just lowering myself down on top of her, resting my head on her chest, both of us now completely shagged out.

“Well, you really did fuck me, I don’t think I’ve ever…” she breathed, still breathing heavily, her perky breasts heaving under my head.

“Yeah, I just…that was something,” I breathed inanely, just going back to resting with her a moment before I remembered her cuffs and looked for the key. It’d slid to the floor, where I retrieved it from under the edge of the bed, tiredly uncuffing her, where she sat up to rub at her ankles and wrists, deep marks pressed into her soft skin from the harsh steel as she’d pulled at them.

Flipping the covers of the bed back, I climbed lazily under the sheets, helping Yemi back over them and in beside me, where she paused to push her corset together, releasing the front hooks and pulling it apart, throwing it off over the side of the bed, letting me see her perky breasts for the first time. I pulled her down in bed beside me, reaching over to give her humble chest a squeeze as we snuggled up together.

“It’s always something with you,” she giggled tiredly.

“It won’t be the last time either,” I said, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“I sure hope not,” she murmured, which I definitely concurred with as we quickly dozed off, completely exhausted in the best possible way and totally sated, Yemi completely satisfied for the first time in years.

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