June 10, 2023

Crazy Lenny: The Obedience Class with Omolara [Finale] (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: The Obedience Class with Omolara [Finale] (18+)

When she finally stood back up and began walking toward us, I saw the boys get up and head towards the bathrooms/change rooms.

Omolara quickly knelt beside me and whispered,

“Did you bring the video camera?” When I nodded my head in the affirmative she replied, “good, bring it with you then.” She then turned to Chinaza who had been dozing quietly beside us, oblivious to what had just transpired and ordered,

“Get up whore. I have a job for you.” And with that, Omolara stood and began walking towards the change rooms. Chinaza scrambled to her feet and began following Omolara through the crowd.

With a grin, I grabbed the video camera and proceeded to follow the two ladies. When they reached the change rooms they didn’t head inside but instead walked around behind them.

There was a small fence in the way which was clearly marked with a sign ‘No Trespassing’. After stepping over the fence we found ourselves behind the change rooms with a round metal refuse bin mounted to the cement and a large garbage bag in the corner.

It was obvious this was where the garbage truck would come, once the large gated fence behind it was opened up in order to empty the dumpster. The place was deserted save for the 3 of us and the 3 young men Omolara had been speaking with earlier.

As nervous glances were passed between the guys, Omolara quickly took charge. “Thanks, guys for meeting us here. As I was telling you earlier, we have a whore here who is in need of some punishment and I wanted you guys to help me out with that punishment. You guys still OK with that?” she asked.

Glancing between the two scantily clad women in bikinis, they all quickly nodded their heads yes.

“Great.” Motioning to Chinaza she ordered, “go stand in front of these fine young gentlemen.” When Chinaza stood before them, eyes downcast in embarrassment, Omolara continued. “Whore, take your breasts out of your bikini so these boys can have a good look at them.”

With shaking hands, Chinaza reached up and pulled back the small amount of fabric covering each breast and tucked the material under them. When she removed her hands and let them fall to her sides, her now bare breasts were on display for the 3 strangers standing before her.

Turning to look at me, Omolara nudged me gently with her elbow and motioned toward the video camera I was holding in one of my hands. I had become so enthralled in the scene unfolding before me that I had completely forgotten that I was even holding the camera. With a sheepish grin, I quickly turned on the camera and began filming Chinaza’s humiliation.

Turning to the boys Omolara asked, “would you like to touch them, boys?” They all quickly nodded their heads in unison. “Well then go ahead. Grab those things.” As they reached out and began fondling her breasts, Omolara added, “Oh, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here boys.

This whore here likes it rough, so don’t worry about being gentle with them. You can pinch and twist those nipples as much as you’d like.” At that, the boys began attacking her breasts with gusto. They took turns pinching and twisting her nipples while watching her face screw up in pain.

“Don’t feel like you have to restrict yourselves to just her tits boys, go ahead and touch her everywhere.” When they looked at her in confusion Omolara ordered, “whore, take off your bikini bottoms and spread your legs nice and wide so that these gentlemen here can start sticking their fingers up your cunt and ass.” Hearing my wife use such vulgar language and dominating another woman in front of these strangers was turning me on immensely.

I wasn’t the only seeing a hard-on in their swimming suits.

Chinaza grasped the sides of her bikini bottom and with obviously shaking hands began to roll the material down her legs until she was able to step out of it. Once she was clear of the material she let her hands fall to her sides again and slowly spread her legs wide apart as she had been instructed, giving the three strangers an unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pussy lips.

Needing no further encouragement, the boys dove back in and continued their mauling of her breasts and began taking turns shoving fingers into her pussy and asshole. After several minutes Chinaza’s eyes began to flutter closed and her breathing began to get ragged. It was obvious she was enjoying the humiliation as wet squishy sounds could be heard coming from her pussy as the men drove their fingers in and out of her.

Not wanting Chinaza to cum yet, Omolara asked the boys to stop. “As a thank you for helping us out here, this whore here would like to give each of you a blowjob.” This time they needed no further encouragement from Omolara and quickly shed their swimsuit to stand proudly before Chinaza with raging hard-ons.

“On your knees whore,” Omolara ordered. When she was in place in front of the first boy, Omolara walked over and grabbing a handful of Chinaza’s hair, wrenched her head up to look at her as she spoke.

“Now remember whore how you’ve been taught to suck cocks. No hands and your nose had better be touching pubic hair on each thrust.” Letting go of her hair, Omolara turned to the three boys and instructed,

“Boys, she likes it rough. So when you have your cock in her mouth I want you to grab a handful of her hair and force her head down on your shafts until you’ve got the entire length buried in her mouth. I want you boys to fuck her mouth like you would a pussy. You OK with that?” she asked each of them.

When they simply nodded their heads yes, she motioned for them to begin. The boy standing in front of Chinaza took a step forward and placed the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth.

Remembering what he had been told to do, he grabbed a handful of hair at the back of Chinaza’s head and began pumping his cock into her mouth. After several thrusts he quickly found himself bumping against the back of her throat.

“Now don’t be shy. Force your cock past that barrier. While he’s enjoying that, why don’t you guys,” motioning to the 2 other boys,

“Get on either side of your friend so the whore can stroke your cocks for you?” They quickly moved into position and then placed their cocks into her waiting hands.

As Chinaza began stroking the other cocks, the first boy took a firm grip on her hair and pushing as hard as he could, buried the entire length into her throat with one violent thrust. Chinaza began gagging immediately but didn’t pull away as her air was cut off while the boy left his cock lodged in her throat.

He was obviously enjoying the gagging sensations as her throat massaged his shaft. Finally pulling out, he began pounding a steady rhythm into her mouth, bottoming out on each thrust as he had been instructed. All the while Chinaza continued stroking the other 2 cocks while attempting to accommodate the monster attacking her throat.

Kneeling down beside Chinaza and pinching her nipples hard, Omolara informed the guys,

“You see boys, this little whore here has a dirty little secret she doesn’t want you to know. She gets turned on by being humiliated, used and abused like this. Her nipples are hard as rocks and her cunt is soaking wet.” Omolara’s dirty talk was having an effect on the boy with his cock lodged in Chinaza’s throat, as his motions had quickened along with his breathing.

“I have only one request boys. When you cum, I want you to cum all over her face.” At that, the first boy quickly pulled out and began shooting his cum all over Chinaza’s face.

When he had wiped the last drop of cum off on her nose, the next boy stepped in and picked up where his friend had just left off.

It didn’t take long for the second boy to achieve orgasm and he quickly added his load of cum to his friend’s ensuring every square inch of Chinaza’s face was covered with the sticky stuff. The third boy practically shoved his friend out of the way in his eagerness to get his cock into her mouth.

By this point, Chinaza’s throat had loosened up enough that there was very little gagging anymore and he pounded away at her mouth. It still didn’t take long though until the third boy was adding his load to the first two.

Chinaza’s face and hair were now covered in white cum as she continued to kneel naked before her three young guys. Thinking it was all over, I reached up to turn off the camera, when my wife spoke up.

“Tell you what guys. Since you’ve been such good sports in helping me punish this whore, I’m going to let one of you fuck her in the ass.” Turning to the second boy she said,

“You have the largest cock so I think it would only be fitting if you had the honour of stretching her asshole.”

Motioning to Chinaza she ordered, “stand up whore, bend over that garbage can.” When Chinaza was in place the garbage can was just wide enough and tall enough to support her upper body. Her breasts hung over the edge and swung back and forth as she waited for the next order.

“Now reach back whore and pull your ass cheeks apart. Now hold your ass open and beg this young gentleman to stick his cock up your ass and fuck you like the whore you are.”

Reddening further, Chinaza held the cheeks of her ass open and looking over her shoulder began to beg, “please Sir, stick your cock in my ass. Fuck me like the whore I am. Hurt my ass with your cock. Please punish my ass.”

Needing no further prompting, the second boy stepped up behind Chinaza and placing his now hard cock at the entrance to her ass, began to thrust in as hard as he could. From the earlier fondling, Chinaza’s ass was already sufficiently loosened that it only took several thrusts before the boy was bottoming out in her asshole.

“Now grab hold of her hair and pull back hard as you pound that shithole,” Omolara ordered. As the boy yanked back hard on Chinaza’s hair and continued his pounding of her ass, Omolara walked around in front of Chinaza and continued her monologue.

“Aren’t you the little whore? Look at you. You’re naked, bent over a garbage can, holding your ass open so some stranger can ram his cock up your ass. And this is all after you’ve finished gobbling their cocks like a little whore and having them plaster your face and hair with their cum.”

“Now I think you should be honest with these boys. You’re turned on being treated like this, aren’t you?” Omolara asked.

Through gasps, Chinaza muttered a weak “yes.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think they heard you. Tell these boys what turns you on.”

Blushing furiously, Chinaza spoke louder. “Yes. I get turned on by being humiliated and treated like a piece of trash. The rougher you treat me, and the more humiliating the situation, the more turned on I become.” Her dark confession came out of her in a rush almost as if she had been dying to say it, but needed to first be coerced to admit it out loud.

As soon as she said it, Chinaza began panting like a dog in heat.

“Please Ma’am. May I cum?” Chinaza begged as her orgasm threatened to explode.

“You may, whore,” Omolara replied.

With that, Chinaza let out a gasp and began thrashing around in ecstasy, as her orgasm sent powerful shocks throughout her body. To her credit, she managed to stay bent over the garbage can and continued to hold her ass cheeks apart for the boy who was still pounding away in her ass.

Turning to the other two boys, Omolara saw that they were hard again and instructed, “why don’t you boys rub those cocks of yours and cum all over her body. Make sure you cover every inch of her with your cum.”

While the boys took up positions on either side of Chinaza and began masturbating, I grabbed hold of Omolara with my free hand (the other one was still taping Chinaza’s humiliation) and pulling aside her bottoms, bent her over in front of me, and drove my throbbing erection into her soaking wet pussy with one hard thrust. A gasp and then a soft moan quickly followed that as I pounded several times into her to get my cock nice and wet.

When it was sufficiently lubricated, I ordered Omolara, “now slut, I want you to hold your ass open for me so that I can fuck you in the ass just like the little whore over there.” With the two of them facing each other, I buried my cock in one hard thrust into Omolara’s asshole.

Grabbing hold of her hair and pulling back hard, just as the other boy was doing to Chinaza, I began to pound into my wife’s ass matching his rhythm and thrusts.

It wasn’t long after that the three boys were ready to cum again. The boy pounding away at her ass thrust once more in and then quickly pulled out and began shooting his second load of cum all over Chinaza’s back and ass. The other two boys seemed to take their cue from that and they also began to spurt their second loads onto Chinaza’s back and hair.

That was all it took for me, so after one last thrust into Omolara’s ass, I jerked my cock out and, running over to Chinaza, added my load to her hair and back.

After wiping the last strand of cum on Chinaza’s breast, I finally turned the camera off and stepped back to put my trunks back on. Taking their cue from me, the boys did the same and, with mumbled thanks, quickly dashed out of there.

This left us with Chinaza still bent over the garbage can holding her ass open, completely covered in cum. After Omolara had fixed her own bathing suit, I ordered, “slut, take this whore into the bathroom and get her cleaned up. I think we’ve had enough fun for today at the pool.”

As she helped Chinaza get her bikini back on I smiled to myself, knowing that the final humiliation for Chinaza was going to be her walking into the public change rooms which were sure to be packed with other women, covered in 7 loads of cum. Ah, life was good.


At the end of the month, my wife gave up her lease on her apartment and moved into Chinaza’s place. Now, instead of having the two of them fly down to see me every couple of weekends, I began flying up there for the weekends.

While there it gave us a chance to continue exploring our new relationships and discovering just how far I could push each of their boundaries. It also allowed us to begin the house-hunting process as my work had recently offered me the transfer I had been requesting.

Throughout this time, Chinaza continued to affirm to us that she wanted to live with us as our complete and abject slave. Neither the wife nor I had any problem with this as we were all enjoying our new situation immensely.

After several weeks of looking the three of us finally settled on a house on a large estate in a quiet town. 2 weeks after Omolara and I took possession of our house, Chinaza’s house sale was finalized and she quickly moved her belongings in with ours.

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