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May 16, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XXI (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XXI (18+)

“Oh my god, it’s so huge.” She whispered, as she watched his 9-inches dick twitch and flex wildly in front of her still disbelieving eyes.

Tayo being Tayo had always considered the size of his dick to be yet another unattractive aspect about him. He wasn’t stupid, he knew it was big compared to most people, but he thought that, that was a problem not a positive attribute.

He stopped reading a blog about penis length when the first few women were discussing how painful large cocks could be.

“You don’t think it’s too big then?” He asked imploringly.

Chinyere shook her head slowly, still trying to take in every detail of its impressive length and girth. “How big is it?” She asked a worried-looking Tayo.

“I don’t know, I haven’t measured it in a while.” He lied. “I think it’s more than eight inches. Is that ok though? That’s not normal is it?”

“Not normal is a good thing…trust me.” With that, Chinyere kissed his large blacktip and Tayo fell deathly silent.

He could feel tears beginning to burn in his eyes as he watched the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, lovingly kiss and lick his throbbing bell. He urged himself to get a grip. Why did he feel like crying? Get it together! He inwardly screamed. This was his time to be…a man!

Chinyere wrapped her hand around the thick base of Tayo’s cock. She could only just fit her fingers around it. Then she started to suck the first few inches of his meaty cock into her soft warm mouth.

Tayo knew he couldn’t watch for long or he would cum even quicker than before. He laid back and stared at the ceiling for a while, trying to stop his vision from blurring as his body was subjected to the most incredibly pleasurable sensations imaginable.

Chinyere took her time with him. She sucked on the first 3 or 4 inches of his dick, while gently massaging his base. Whenever she felt him twitch in her mouth, she backed off, letting him calm down, before returning to her feast.

She could see his hands were clutching the bedsheets so tight that his knuckles were turning white. “It’s ok, just relax.” She whispered, running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft before plunging her mouth down around his engorged cock once again.

Tayo had made it to the Promised Land. This was heaven. This was his paradise. After a long time, or so it felt, he finally managed to master his breathing and calm himself down. Well as calm as he was ever going to get when a busty goddess had the first 6 inches of his cock lodged in her tight gripping throat, he thought.

He propped himself up on his elbows, convinced now that he could withstand watching the greatest show on earth unfold. Tayo shook his head slowly in disbelief as his eyes took in every detail of the scene. Chinyere’s hair flowing locks were brushed over to the side, so he could see her stunningly beautiful face, bouncing gracefully in his lap, as his dick disappeared past her soft plump lips. He could also see her magnificent breasts swaying gently under her slender bent over body.

“Oh my god!” He groaned rather too loudly, as Chinyere started getting a bit carried away. She was worshipping his huge cock with everything she had. It was stretching her throat like no cock ever had, causing her to gag and occasionally splutter, but nothing could stop her from enjoying her task. She managed to fit almost 8 inches of it inside her when she heard Tayo shout. “Ssshhh!” She pleaded, pulling her mouth free.

“Sorry.” He whispered back.

Chinyere moved down lower, licking his scrotum. Tayo clamped his hand over his mouth, hissing out a scream of euphoria, when he felt her sucking his testicles into her mouth one at a time, before lapping at them with her tongue.

She had been loving sucking on such a long hard cock, but she couldn’t deny her jaw was beginning to ache slightly. She had never had to stretch her mouth so wide for that long before. Knowing what Tayo might really like, Chinyere had a plan in mind to give her mouth a rest for a bit.

She got off the sofa bed and knelt at the foot of it, whilst slipping off her bikini top and letting it fall to the floor. Chinyere then ushered Tayo to slide down towards her. Once there, she bathed his cock in her saliva, before slapping it against her rippling breasts.

His face creased into an elated grin as she wrapped her large breasts around his thick cock and began to slowly squeeze them together. “Is this what you want Tayo? Is this what you were fantasizing about doing when you were masturbating over my holiday pictures?” She teased breathily.

Tayo nodded vigorously, his voice had left him once again. He watched in amazement as his slick, saliva covered dick, gilded easily between her two breasts.

When she started to bounce her breasts more vigorously, he felt his cock start to twinge and he knew that he couldn’t handle much more. The human body wasn’t designed to cope with these levels of pleasure, he thought madly while gripping the blanket tightly by his sides.

Chinyere craned her neck and flicked the tip of his pre-cum leaking cock with her tongue, as it burst up through her tightly squashed breasts.

Tayo propped himself up on his elbows again, to get a better view. He started to thrust his hips upwards into her rippling breasts, with more and more urgency as he felt his balls begin to churn.

“Ooohhh yeah fuck my big breasts, Tayo. Fuck them like that. Oh yeah, that feels good!” Chinyere cooed.

She could see his face contort into a snarl as he started to grunt and moan like crazy. “Oh god!Jesus o! UNGH! UUUUHHHHHHHHHH!” Chinyere had no time to tell him to be quiet, as right then a blast of cum shot past her nose and flew high into the air. She didn’t even see where it landed and wouldn’t have been surprised if it was stuck to the ceiling. Then another powerful jet struck her chin, dribbling down into her cleavage where it was met by a series of further squirts, which covered her now glistening breasts like glue.

Tayo slumped back onto the bed, throwing his hands over his face, trying to wipe away his tears before Chinyere saw them. He had cum so hard he was now seeing stars. Apparently, though there was more pleasure to endure if that was even possible. Chinyere had sucked his exhausted cock back into her mouth and was hungrily sucking the life right out of him.

He lay there for a while catching his breath, while Chinyere ran into the bathroom to wash the cum off her neck and chest. She normally liked to gather it up with her fingers and swallow it, but there was just so much of the stuff. It was drying hard against her skin, faster than she could consume it.

Her body was on fire now, she was so horny it was maddening. All of her pent up tensions from earlier that day and her anger with Gbenga’s earlier rudeness were bubbling around in her belly, turning her insides into a cauldron of passion. Her pussy was so wet already, she thought she might orgasm if he even breathed on her wet pussy.

Tayo watched her walk back into the room. He could tell that her demeanour had changed instantly. It was like she had become a different person. She pulled the string of her bikini bottoms loose, before bunching up the garment in her hand and throwing it forcefully to the floor. Her eyes never left him, they were burning into his soul with a fire that brought new life into his deflated cock.

She grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. Wrapping her leg around him, she kissed him with furious aggression. “Grab my breasts! That’s it! Yeah! Pinch my nipples! UNGH! Harder! Ah, fuck! Now slap them! Yeah, that’s it, slap my big breasts!” She barked the orders at him through gritted teeth. My god she was like a woman possessed, he thought.

Chinyere pushed Tayo down onto the bed and straddled his face. If she could have stopped to think about what she was doing, she might have felt sorry for him. He was an innocent virgin after all. But she couldn’t think straight, not at that moment. Her mind was being overrun by her primal urges and she was powerless to stop them.

She ground her pussy down into his face, rocking her hips hard and fast. Tayo was shocked but far from overwhelmed. He didn’t really know what to do, but he started licking and sucking on her dripping wet sex, trying to do his best to pleasure her as much as she had just done for him.

Whatever he was doing, he was doing something right. Chinyere was growling and moaning.

Tayo grabbed a firm hold of her fat ass and spanked her cheeks repeatedly, remembering how much she liked it.

“AH! Yes! Eat my pussy! Oh, you naughty boy!” Chinyere groaned while pinching and pulling on her stiff aching nipples.

Chinyere had obviously now noticed his rapidly swelling cock, as she threw herself down onto her chest and started to instantly devour it. Her hums of pleasure felt phenomenal as she choked herself on his cock with frenzied enthusiasm.

How long they went at it neither of them knew. All Tayo could do was urge himself not to cum, but she was sucking his cock so hard, so fast and so expertly, that he knew he couldn’t hold out forever. He lapped at her grinding pussy the best he could but knew he needed to do more.

Suddenly he remembered a tip from her sex with Kwesi. Maybe she would like it if he tried it too?

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