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May 8, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters IX (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters IX (18+)

I lazily stabbed my fork at the hot meal, puncturing the plastic before shoving it in the microwave. I set the timer before taking a long sip of my beer, my third of the evening. I tossed the package toward the garbage, already overflowing with similar boxes and the matching dirty trays.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, I scratched at the rough beard on his jaw. I really should get around to shaving this off, I thought. Maybe I’ll have a shower later tonight and do it then. Taking another swig from the beer, I chuckled to myself. Not likely, I thought. 

The microwave beeped and I pulled the tray out taking care not to burn myself on an errant burst of steam, yet again. It was a warm night and I wanted to escape the sight of my kitchen. I heard the shouts of laughter coming from the next door and resolutely sat with my back to the happy family.

The neighbors had tried to be friendly, welcoming me to the neighborhood and inviting me to visit. I had seen two of their daughters, and I guessed they were off to school. 

I was wallowing in memories of the sexual activities I had with Iheoma and Adaku when shouts of surprise from next door suddenly brought me back to the present.

“Oyinye, we didn’t expect you home today!” I heard the mother exclaim. “I thought your last exam was next week!”

“No Mom, it was yesterday. I knew you had it wrong and I wanted to surprise you!’ I heard an unfamiliar female voice answer.

I turned, twisting in my seat, my curiosity getting the better of me. “Whoa,” I muttered as my gaze settled on a young woman in the backyard next door. She was about twenty I figured, with long tumbling hair pulled back in a ponytail. I couldn’t make out the color of her eyes, but her tempting figure was easy to see. The t-shirt and tiny shorts showcased her full firm breasts, trim waist, flat stomach, and round ass atop long athletic legs.

“Oyinye, you’re home,” her father cried, coming out of the house, accompanied by the mother who ran to hug her sister.

I watched the happy reunion; my eyes drinking in the beauty of the just-returned daughter and felt a stirring in my body that her sisters had left me.

I suddenly realized she was staring up at me and I quickly turned away.

“Mom, who’s that guy?” Oyinye asked her mother, discreetly pointing at my now turned back.

“Oh, his name is Lenny. He moved in a couple of months ago. He’s very friendly,” she sniffed.

Oyinye couldn’t help but smile at her mother’s approval. She expected everyone to be as friendly and as outgoing as she was and if they weren’t, well then, they were just rude.

“I’ll just go over and say hi,” she said, heading towards the end of the corridor that divided the two yards.

Standing at the door that led to my room, she called up, “Hello? Do you mind if I enter?”

I moved to the door and gazed down at my neighbor. “Um, sure,” I mumbled, hoping she wouldn’t be offended by the sight of his kitchen through the glass doors.

Moving around to the far side of the table to keep some distance between us, I watched as walked into the room. When she reached the top and turned to me, I could see that her eyes were alluring. From this closeness, he noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra under the t-shirt and her nipples were pressing against the thin fabric. My God, she’s hot, I thought to myself.

“Hi, my name’s Oyinye, I live next door. At least during the holiday,” she smiled.

“I am Lenny,” he answered simply.

Looking down at the remains of my instant meal, she smiled. “Those things aren’t very satisfying, are they? My Dad’s about to barbeque a bunch of meats, far more than we all can eat if you like to join us,” she invited.

I was actually tempted to accept an invitation, but still, I hesitated. “Well, um, I’m not really in any condition to be a company,”.

“He hasn’t even started the barbeque, it’ll be a while yet,” she replied. “C’mon it’ll be fun. He makes great meat,” she tempted. For some reason, she was eager for me to come join them

“Well, go take a shower,” she urged, laughing.

“um, OK,” I replied unable to resist her. “Would you like a beer, there are some in the fridge,” he offered without thinking.

As I turned to the sliding glass doors, the sight of my kitchen assaulted me. Stepping over the threshold, he turned back to her. “Sorry for the mess. I’ve been really busy lately,” I said lamely, trying to come up with an excuse for the filth.

“Oh, it’s alright,” she said, trying to swallow her disgust. “I’ve just come from the university, you should see some of the communal kitchens in the dorms,” she laughed nervously.

“Well, as I said, help yourself to a beer,” I said before turning to my bathroom.

She pulled open my fridge, noting the emptiness. A bottle of ketchup, some hardened juice and a jar of cream. There were several cases of beer though. Pulling open the freezer she saw that it was jammed with packages of frozen meals.

Grabbing a beer, she twisted off the cap and began searching through my cupboards. Finding some large plastic garbage bags, she set about cleaning up the overflowing meal packages and bottle caps. She gathered up all the random beer bottles, putting them back in their discarded cases and stacked them against the wall. After washing her hands, she sat at my kitchen counter, drinking the beer.

I stood in his shower, leaning against the wall, my head tipped back, eyes closed, my hand quickly pumping my cock. Images of Oyinye filled my mind, picturing that young soft body naked, straddling my hips, fucking me, her lush breasts bouncing, crying out loudly with passion and desire as I pumped my cum into her. With a groan I came, my cum shooting into the spray of the shower.


I sagged against the wall, stunned that I had done that. Not necessarily the masturbating, it was the only type of sex I engaged in these days, but that I had fantasized about someone other than her sisters. With a small smile, I shook my head and reached for the shaving foam.

Oyinye was on her second beer and was beginning to wonder what was taking me so long when she finally heard the shower shut off. A door opened somewhere and a moment later I walked into the kitchen with a towel around my waist.

For a moment she didn’t recognize me. I had shaved and the body she had wondered about under the stretched-out t-shirt was firm and hard.

“I’m sorry, I thought you had gone,” he stammered, thinking that she had left. “You cleaned up?” he asked, suddenly noticing what she had done. “Was it that bad?” he winced.

“Yeah, it was,” she smiled. Her gaze took in my handsome face, uncovered by the beard, slid down his neck to his bare chest, over my covered hips and thighs to my calves and back up again. Her frank appraisal of me caused a stirring in my body and my cock began to rise beneath the towel.

She rose from her seat and approached me. Reaching out, she stroked my cheek. “So much better without the beard,” she said softly. Her sudden touch startled me and I took a step back.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly, not taking her eyes off me. “I guess your babe wouldn’t like that?” she asked.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” I managed. Please don’t notice, I thought, don’t look down. My cock was beginning to tent the towel and just as I made my silent plea, she did happen to look down.

With a knowing look in her eye, she again stepped closer, her finger boldly tracing a line across my abdomen, just above the towel. I again stepped back.

“Seriously?” she asked.

“Yes,” I gulped.

“Sure?” she persisted, raising her eyebrows and smiling.

“Yes,” I repeated.

“You just don’t like me touching you?” she asked, again stepping closer to me. Raising her hand, she brushed it against my temple, her fingers threading through my wet hair, down to the back of my neck.

I closed my eyes and sucked in a deep shuddering breath. It had been a long time since a woman had touched me like this and I was having trouble keeping control. What did she want, I wondered? I was standing before her wearing only a towel and I was obviously aroused; she must know what she’s doing.

I felt her tugging the towel from my grip and my eyes flew open just as she pulled it free. I was standing before her naked and without another thought, I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her to me, my lips landing hungrily on hers.

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