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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL II (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Edet & MIL II (18+)

“This is all about you tonight honey. You’re going to relax, and I hope you are totally satisfied. And” she added seductively

“I’m going to coax every last drop of cum out of that hard cock of yours.”

Edet was shocked to hear his normally demure mother in law talk like this.

“But first, would you like a massage? I know you are really tense and I want you to be totally relaxed.”

That sounded like a great idea to Edet and he undressed in a flash, his cock standing straight at attention.

Kemi was looking at his cock and licking her lips. Reaching for him, she led him to the side of the bed in the middle of the room.

“Will you help me?” Kemi asked innocently as she motioned to the satin bow that secured her lacy lingerie between her bountiful breasts.

Edet nodded and slowed trailed his fingers over the fabric, savouring the feel. They both jumped as he grazed one of her stiff nipples. Slowly, and with great care, he undid the large bow.

Grasping both sides of Kemi’s babydoll, he reverently spread open the thin material, savouring his first glimpse of Kemi’s creamy, unblemished breasts, her areolas and the stiff coral buds of her nipples.

He went to touch her breasts but she pushed his hand away and wagged her finger at him. He watched as his mother in law finished taking off her babydoll, kicked off her heels but left on her panties and stockings. She stood before him, a goddess, second only to his beloved Folake.

“Do you like what you see? Do you find me attractive? Do I excite you?” she asked as she eyed his impressive erection.

As if to emphasise this she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs. Her pubic triangle was dense but neat looking, and when she spread her legs slightly he could see her cleft. To Edet’s astonishment, Kemi ran her hand through the thick fur at the base of her belly. The hair was so thick and crisp that it rustled as Kemi’s fingers ploughed through the dense curls. It was perhaps the most erotic gesture Edet had ever seen.

Edet would only nod dumbly, his mouth open and cock harder than it had been in months. If she had touched him at that instant he would have exploded.

“Lie on your stomach, if you can” Kemi commanded with a giggle “And we will get the tension out of your shoulders.”

Edet wanted to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming as he lay on the towel Kemi had laid out for him. He quickly realized this was no dream as he felt Kemi drizzling warm massage oil over his back. A warm tingle spread through his body and for the first time in forever he felt the tension draining out of his body.

“Here we go sweetheart” Kemi said softly as she began to massage him with a surprisingly expert technique. For the next 20 minutes, she massaged and kneaded his back and shoulders, releasing all the stubborn knots of tension that Edet didn’t even know he had.

Almost imperceptibly, Edet felt Kemi shift and he realized that she was straddling his legs. He moaned as he felt two hardpoints sliding along his back. Kemi was running the stiff peaks of her nipples along his back, making circles and designs as she twisted and jiggled her body.

“Lie on your side honey.” Kemi told him softly.

At this point, Edet thought he would have murdered someone if she had asked him. As he did, Edet felt her shift suddenly so she was lying next to him. Edet almost went into overload as he felt her skin against his from his legs to his shoulders.

He felt her hand on his hip, and without warning began to caress his balls and hard cock. Her caress quickly became a fist wrapped around his cock as Kemi began to slowly jerk off her son in law.

Kemi began to gently kiss Edet’s neck. Edet was overwhelmed and knew that he would not last long.

“Yes honey, cum for me. Get the release you need. , please.”

Her words and the soft motion of her hand on the head of his cock were too much and Edet felt his balls tighten as his orgasm overtook him.

Again and again, Kemi’s soft hand coaxed a rope of cum from his cock. He felt his toes curl and he moaned as his orgasm shook him. Finally, his body went limp as he was spent. They lay together for a few minutes.

Edet wasn’t sure what to say because he was full of emotion and he was fearful that Kemi would tell him that they were done.

“I hope you saved some for me. I’ll be disappointed if I drained your ball that quick.” Kemi said with a grin as she looked down at the results of her ministrations. “I think you need a shower to get cleaned up.”

Edet just nodded as he got shakily to his feet, thrilled that this was not over.

“You can shower in my room. I’ll be waiting for you when you get back,” she added with a seductive grin.

Standing under the hot water, Edet was trying to get the massage oil off of his back when he heard the phone ring. He could only hear one side of the conversation but he knew it was Folake on the other end checking up.

“Yes, he’s in the shower now.”

“Only with my hand.”

“Of course. I promised you that I would.”

“As many times as he wants or can. Don’t expect him until morning.”

“He’s in good hands. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“You’re welcome. I love you too honey.”

The last part was said brightly and removed any lingering doubts that Edet had. He was going to enjoy this and make the most of the opportunity.

He quickly towelled off and returned to the love nest where Kemi was waiting for him. She had removed her thigh highs and was sitting demurely on the bed – legs crossed and arms covering her breasts.
Without a word, Edet took two quick steps and bent to kiss her full on the lips. Kemi broke the kiss and scooted back on the bed, laying her head on the pillow as she beckoned him to join her.

Edet again savoured the sight of his lush naked mother in law – full breasts hanging slightly to the side, big, stiff nipples, long legs spread for him, lush, thick pubic triangle, swollen labia glistening with her arousal.

She was an awesome sight, reinforced by the fact that he had not seen a live woman’s naked body in over a year. Not wanting to keep such a gorgeous creature waiting any longer, he crawled in between Kemi’s legs and held himself over her in his arms.

They said nothing but the longing in his mother in laws eyes told him that she was fully into this as well.

He lowered his lips to hers. Kemi’s hands came up and locked behind his head as they kissed, softly at first and with more intensity as their passions rose. Edet broke the kiss to kiss Kemi’s neck as she moaned her appreciation in his attention. She turned her head so she could kiss the other side.

Slowly and methodically Edet kissed lower and lower, burying his face in her cleavage. He kissed all the way through her cleavage until his chin was resting on her navel. Looking up, he was enthralled by the soft pillows of her breasts and the stiff points of her nipples.

Kemi shivered as he switched direction, moving up until he was kissing the soft undersides of her breasts. Looking up, he could not resist the stiff buds of her nipples any longer. Edet ran his tongue over the engorged nub and gently blew on it, thinking that Folake had nursed from that very nipple.

“Oh Edet.” Kemi sighed contentedly.

Smiling, Edet bent and began to suck on his mother in law’s nipple. Kemi began to squirm as he also began running his teeth over her nipples, biting now and then. She remembered Folake at her breast and for a brief second wished she had milk to reward her son in law’s efforts.

“Oh Edet, that feels amazing. I love it. But don’t forget that there are two of them.” she managed to pant before she resumed moaning.

He worshipped her breasts for a few minutes before he began to kiss his way down her belly, lower and lower, savouring the feel of her soft skin against his lips, until the first strands of her pubic triangle tickled his chin.

Kemi felt her body crackle in anticipation. She loved getting eaten out and hoped that Edet would move his mouth down just a little bit further. She didn’t want to ask because this was his night and she didn’t know if he was into eating pussy. Albert certainly wasn’t and it had been years since Kemi had had someone’s mouth on her.

Edet decided to take his time and enjoy this. He ran his fingers through Kemi’s amazing pubic triangle, down to each of her fur covered labia, feeling the increasing moisture as he inched closer to her cleft. They both jumped as he ran his fingers over the folds of her inner lips and then gently over the hood of Kemi’s clit.

“Oooohhhhhh gooooddd…Please Edet, I need to feel your tongue on my cunt. Please Edet, I need it! I’m going to be filled with your cum for the rest of the night, so we won’t get another chance.” Kemi said pleadingly.

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