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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller VII (18+)

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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller VII (18+)

“You taste so good, master,” she smiled, breathing hard, “now how about your fuck me.”

I glanced down at my limp dick and couldn’t help but chuckle. I was getting hard again.

“You want a hard dick inside you, don’t you?” I placed one finger underneath her chin, tilted her face to my direction and kissed her.

I sucked the taste of my cum off her lips. The salty-tangy taste filled my mouth as I nibbled on her lower lip and sunk my teeth into it.

Until that moment, I didn’t even know cum had a taste. And I never imagined I would get to find out personally.

But that’s the thing about American Muller, you get to do things you never thought you would.

Wild, crazy things that you could only dream of.

My new pet probably sensed my distracted thoughts and pushed her tongue past my lips, gliding it against mine as she moaned into my mouth.

Her nipples brushed slightly against my chest as I pulled her closer to me, my hands grabbing her soft nyash in a tight squeeze.

“Ahhhh…,” she moaned into my mouth and arched her back, pressing her breasts harder into my chest as her swollen nipples poked into me.

Then I moved my hand down to the round curve of her ass – where the thigh meets with ass – then travelled the small distance to her kitty cat.

She was freaking wet, like a reservoir-filled-to-the-brim wet.

I slid two fingers inside her scorching wetness, and my dick jumped in anticipation.

I started thrusting in and out of her pussy with fast strokes, my fingers sliding into it with great effort as it forged a path through her sealed passage.

Was she a virgin? I couldn’t help that thought from crossing my mind as my fingers sliced through her narrow opening.

She moaned loudly into my mouth, biting my bottom lips when I added another finger into her throbbing pussy and fucked her harder.

“See how wet you are?” I said after breaking the kiss, “You are just a little slut, aren’t you?”

I leaned down and took her nipples into my mouth, flicking my tongue over her hard nipple till she was shaking and trembling.

“Yes master, fuck me like your little slut,” she said, squirming underneath me.

Slut. A new word that was added to my personal dictionary after coming to American Muller; A new word that made my cock twitch in excitement just from uttering it.

But I didn’t just want to call her a slut, I wanted to fuck her so good till she felt like one.

Her body kept vibrating underneath mine as I nibbled on her tits, brushing my teeth against the hard bud while still working on her pussy with my fingers.

“Oh God, yeeeees,” She shouted, thrusting her hips in perfect sync with the movement of my fingers.

“Now look what you’ve done,” I flicked my tongue over her areola as I pressed my erect cock in her inner thigh, “how are you going to fix this?”

She smiled and spread her legs wide open.

“With this.”

I pulled my fingers out from her pussy to get a look at it. She was so wet – the pink entrance of her sex glistened with her juices.

I grabbed one of the condoms on the bed and wore it with shaky hands, excitement coursing through every fibre of my being. Then I spread her legs further apart and positioned myself between her toned thighs.

“Tell me how you want it,” I said as I pushed just the tip of my cock inside her wet pussy and brought it back out.

“Please master, fuck me hard, fuck me like your little slut.”

“You want it rough, huh?” I pushed just the head of my cock back inside her, rotated it inside her tight entrance, then brought it back out.

“Yeeeees,” she moaned.

The tip of my cock was coated with her juices as I dragged it up and down her slit, from her wet pussy to her hard clit and then held it there.

Then I moved it around her clit in a circular motion, rubbing the head of my cock over her erect knob till she was shaking and shivering like a leaf in the wind.

“You like this, don’t you?”

“Yeeees master,” she cried, “harder.”

I moved it faster, rubbing it in a circular motion – then I changed the direction and rubbed it up and down over her swollen clit and labia.

“Oh God, oh my fucking god,” she screamed. Her whole body trembled when I shoved my dick deep inside of her in one hard stroke.

She was tight. I gasped as her pussy walls tightened around my shaft, struggling to slice through her sealed vulva and then slipped out of her.

I waited for some seconds, then slammed back in, my dick buried in the deepest part of her sweet cunt.

“Fuuuuuuck,” she screamed, pulling on her restraints as she arched her back.

Then I started thrusting, taking slow strokes, enjoying the tight squeeze that her pussy offered as I plunged my dick in and out of her.

“Yes Master. Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

She was moaning and shaking all over. Her thighs trembling as I pounded deeper into her, slamming my pelvis into her soft ass.

“That feels so good Master,” she gasped, “fuck me…fuck me…oh god, fuck that pussy.”

I kept at it, pounding her pussy with deep thrust till she was nothing more than a screaming, trembling lump of flesh – begging to be fucked like a slut.

When her orgasms shot through her, she came with a loud cry. Her body was quivering as her pussy walls contracted on my cock and squeezed the cum out of it.

“Oh God,” I came with a loud grunt, still thrusting into that sweet pussy as my orgasm washed over me.

“That was so good Master,” she said with a sexy grin, breathing hard through her mouth, “would you want to go another round?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Me that was on the verge of fainting.

“Nah, I’m good.”

I loosened her restraint and she pulled off her sleeping mask to reveal her stunning blue eyes.

“I’m Ebony,” she flashed me a cute little smile, “room 26.”

She stood up, picked up her clothes from my table then walked towards the door, giving me a good view of her backside.

For someone who just got seriously fucked, she didn’t seem tired at all.

“Bayo,” I said, still trying to catch my breath.

“Come visit if you ever need a fuck,” she said then walked out of my room. Naked.

My lips dragged upward in a small smile as I closed my eyes and tried to get my much-needed sleep.

American Muller was on a different level of crazy and I loved every second of it.

Story was written by Naughty Seun, and she blogs at Erotica Rated

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