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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller V (18+)

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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller V (18+)

Today’s class was a bore. The lecturer stood at the front of the class whispering to himself, a pocket-sized book in his left hand while his right gesticulated all over the place.

But I didn’t really care about all that…

Three whole days had passed since we played ‘Dare or Die’ and each day since then was nothing but a pain.

I had turned into a chronic masturbator, jerking off endlessly in the confines of my bathroom as the images of that day played over and over in my head, as the image of Jessie naked and wet flashed in my mind’s eye.

It was torture.

Jessie was turning me mad, but the funny this is that she probably had no idea.

But then what could I do about it? She was still Sam’s girl and I didn’t really know what was permitted outside the game…

“…so with this, we have concluded this topic today and in our next class…” Mr Okafor, our lecturer, said with his eyes scanning the class as an amused look settled on his aged face,

“There will be a small test.”

The students groaned, loud murmurs echoing from every corner of the class, but Mr Okafor walked out of the class with a satisfied look etched on his face.


Stepping into the lodge the only thought I had in mind was sleep. I never wanted my bed as badly as I did at that moment.

I could already see it – my bed– covered with its thick navy blue blanket, and two soft pillows placed at the top.

With unsteady steps I walked through the dark hallway of the ground floor, my hand digging into my front-jean pocket to find my keys, the cold metal brushing against my fingertips as I pulled them out.

“Yo! Bayo,” Micheal called out above me, a diabolical grin on his face as he came down the stairs,
“We didn’t know you were around.”


“Michael howfa.” I said in a drowsy voice, ignoring his initial statement, my sleepy brain didn’t care to read any meaning into it, cause all I wanted to do was greet the guy then be on my way… but Baba didn’t seem to get the message cause he stood in my way, blocking the stairs.

“Guy, where your key dey?” He asked, his eyes already scanning my hands.

“For my room?” I was still trying to understand what Michael was saying when he grabbed my keys off my hands and started climbing back up the stairs.

I didn’t know what game he was playing but I was too tired to deal with whatever it was. I had taken a few steps to meet up with him when he halted in his tracks and turned to look at me, a sheepish smile on his face that brought deep creases to his cheeks.

“Guy no vex, just wait here small.” He said without waiting for my reply as he resumed his journey up the remaining flight of stairs,

“I’ll come get you in a minute or two.” He called out after him.

What the fuck was going on?!

I was tired, like really tired. My eyes were barely able to stay open as I leaned against the wall, arms crossed against my chest as I dreamed of the quick nap I was meant to be having.

But even that was too much of a luxury, as loud-hurried steps jolted me back to reality.

“Oyaaaaaa, Bayo where you dey?” Michael’s head appeared from above the stairs, a wide grin on his face, “so the rule is simple, have fun but…”

He handed me my keys and two packs of condoms,

“You’ve got to cover up,” he said, winking at me.

My eyes grew wide from seeing the condom, realisation dawning on me: we were playing another game, and this time around…I could go all the way.

I wanted to ask him more questions but Micheal had already breezed past me, taking hurried steps out the main entrance.

“Don’t do what I won’t do!” He called out after him.

My eyes returned to the condoms in my open palm and then it averted to the stairs as I sucked in a deep breath; my heart clogged in my throat

I could feel my heart beating fast from excitement as I climbed up the flight of stairs to my room.

Who would be waiting in my room?

Jessie? Oma? Or maybe even Obiye?

I mean, they were the only ones I really knew and, so far, the only ones that had displayed naughty tendencies.

Standing in front of my door I hesitated. I was trembling slightly, a sheer layer of sweat covering my forehead and cheeks.

“C’mon Bayo!” I muttered to myself as I rubbed the back of my neck with my right hand, the cold metal of my bunched up keys felt cool on my skin.

With shaky hands I opened my room and peeked in, my heart racing, my breathing rushed…and then I saw her.

Fuck she was gorgeous. And naked. And tied up to my bedpost.

Her dark skin caught the ray of sun that peeked through the drawn curtains, her outstretched hands held up with the help of a small black fabric, with a sleeping mask covering her eyes.

My gaze moved down to her chest to find two tiny breasts protruding out of it. They raised and fell lightly as she breathed softly. Her nipples, hard and erect.

Trailing down, my eyes caught sight of her quivering thighs, the soft thing trembling slightly.

Her legs were not tied up, knees propped up as her bare feet crushed my blanket underneath it.

“Master?” She called out.

“Yes…?” I mumbled, barely able to speak. My dick was getting hard, twitching madly in my pants.

“Master! Please come fuck your little slut.”

Story was written by Naughty Seun, and she blogs at Erotica Rated

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