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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller IV (18+)

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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller IV (18+)

“Bayo…” Jessie said as she dragged her thong down to her thighs and removed just her left leg out of it, leaving the thong on her right thighs “I’m ready when you are.”

I stood up slowly from the chair, my heart pounding fast as I took small steps to meet her.

Damn, she looked good! Her massive boobs heaving up and down along with her chest, dark-cherry nipples trapped in between her fingers as she pinched and pulled at them.

My eyes trailed downwards, passed her bunched-up clothes on her waist, to her juicy pussy.

Gosh! Pussy never looked so good; she was clean-shaved with thick, swollen pussy lips, that had her juices glistening on them.

She was fucking wet.

I wanted to get in there, my dick hard and throbbing in my shorts, aching to feel her warmth and wetness, clenched tight around it.

“Eat her good Bayo,” Sam said with a chuckle, dragging me out of my thoughts, his hands still on Oma’s ass, squeezing the soft flesh, “treat my woman well o.”

I smiled as I replied, “Yes boss!”

“And you that’s talking,” Jude said to Sam, “You never spank finish? It’s your turn to spin the bottle.”

My gaze returned to Sam’s direction and caught the moment Oma’s head sprung up to look at Jude, her eyes half-closed with her lips slightly parted.

“J-Jude…Mmmmh.. he’s….A-aaah…busy naaa…” I knew Oma gave off a mean-girl vibe, but her moans were on a heavenly level.

Jude just chuckled, his head moving from side to side, “You want to cum abi?”

“Y-yeees…Nnnnghh…pleassse.” Oma moaned, her ass still getting spanked even as she spoke, slapping sounds punctuating her every word.

Jude had a wicked grin on his face as he picked the bottle up and pointed the mouth at Sam, “Sam-Sam, I dare you to finger that girl’s pussy till she’s screaming the hallelujahs!”

“Yes Sirrrr!” Sam roared, a wide grin on his face as he reverted his gaze back to Oma, “You heard the man, so open your leg wide for me mama…lemme see that pussy.”

Sam grabbed a handful of Oma’s ass and spanked it hard one last time, before his fingers slipped underneath her, thrusting in and out of her wetness.

“Damn Girl! You are soaking wet!” Sam groaned, his left hand pulling her right ass cheeks upwards – grabbing a handful – as his right hand thrust deeper into her cunt.

I couldn’t see the point of contact, but I knew the moment he started working his fingers in her; It was the moment Oma’s eyes clenched tightly shut as her mouth parted wide open – letting soft moans escape between those thick, juicy lips.

When I finally got to Jessie, there was no more reason to hold back, not when her boyfriend was just a few feet from us, fingering Oma senseless.

And besides, It wasn’t every day one got to give a girl ‘head’ with an eager audience watching, and I intended to enjoy every bit of it.

I bent low and picked Jessie up, holding her in my arms, as I walked towards the empty seat I had just vacated.

Jessie yelped in surprise at first, but then a small smile crept up her face when she saw where I was headed to, encircling her arms around my neck.

“Yaaaas boy! Eat that pussy nice and clean!” Michael screamed from the back of the room, pumping his fist in the air.

“Oooh….and he’s got a really large package.” Obiye chuckled, her eyes probably fixed on my rigid cock.

Jessie smiled at Obiye’s remark, her gaze drifted to her, “And I bet he’ll be a good fuck too!”

My brows cocked up. My dick got harder.

Was that an invitation?

The old me would have been terrified at all the attention I was getting, but just one freaking day in the midst of these mad people, and I became bolder than I’d ever been in my life.

When we got to the seat, Jessie sat down on it bare-bottom – she was practically naked, with the exception of her bunched up clothes and her thong dangling from her thighs.

She was the perfect picture of a beautiful mess.

“Don’t go easy on me!” She said in a low, seductive tone and my dick responded by pushing out of my shorts even more.

Jessie’s gaze went down south and her eyes lit up when she saw my boner;
“Someone’s getting really excited.” She said, her smile getting wider.

“Well you can’t blame the little guy, when…” my gaze travelled all over her hot bod, “all of this is in front of me.”

I knelt down between her legs, eager to touch her pussy as I placed my palm on her inner thighs and pulled them apart – placed her legs over each of my shoulders.

With my thumb and index finger, I parted her pussy lips, her pink entrance glistening with her juices, her scent blasting me in full force – intoxicating me.

“Your pussy looks soooo good!” I muttered, raising my eyes to meet hers, “But I’m sure it’ll taste even better.”

Jessie giggled, that sweet sound I had heard through the walls only a few hours ago, and my dick jumped from that thought.

“Then why not have a taste.” She said to me in a low sultry voice.

Three months without any gbenshing was long enough for me to loose my game, but I wasn’t going to fall my hands in the midst of this crazy set of people…as nerve-wracking as that was.

With the side of my eyes, I caught Jude staring. He was sitting right next to us, his position giving him a clear view of every single thing we were doing and dude was happy to watch. He had a wide smile on his face as his eyes captured the scene in front of him, his right hand on his cock, stroking it through his boxers

I returned my focused to Jessie, placed my mouth close to her opening and blew warm breath on her clits, her legs vibrating lightly on my shoulders as I blew harder before taking her in my mouth, burying my head in her pussy.

Jessie gasped and moaned softly, my tongue lapping in her juices, swirling over her clits and sucking hard on it.

She tasted so good. Sweet with a hint of vinegar.

“Aaaahhhh….Unnnghh….Mmmm!” Jessie moaned loudly. She was thrashing on the seat, her whole body trembling as I sucked her clits harder.

My hands grabbed a hold of her ass, pushing her pussy into my face, my fingers literally sinking into her soft flesh as I squeezed onto it.

Nyash way soft pass agege bread!

“Sam, this motherfucker is really eating your girl good!” I heard someone say, but my mind was too focused on the task in front of me to care who.

All I wanted to do was please the girl that I was eating out; all I wanted was to hear her scream as I worked my magic on her.

“Mmmm-mmmh… yeeeeees Bayo…that f-feels sooo guuuud!”

At her words, my lips spread in a small smile while I teased her, rolling my tongue between her inner labia, but not going in.

Jessie knew what I was doing and started to rebel – thrusting my pussy frantically, into my face.

“Fuck me Bayo! Pleaaase fuck me!” She pleaded, her moans louder and erratic, her heels digging hard into my back.

So I gave in to her, my tongue diving into her wet cunt.

Jessie gasped hard as I kept thrusting into her wetness – tongue fucking the hell out of her drenched pussy, my hands steady on her hips as she shuddered uncontrollably.

At the same time, I could hear Oma screaming – her loud moans intertwined with that of Jessie’s – high-pitched shouts filling the room from both ends.

Then beside us, the soft ‘fapping’ sound of Jude masturbating gets my attention. I glanced his way to see his hands stroking his dick in a quick rush as he watched me eat Jessie out.

Fuck! These guys were crazy.

I brought my tongue out of Jessie’s soaked pussy and sucked hard on her clit, flicked my tongue over it then sucked hard on it some more before I resumed fucking her with my tongue.

Jessie was a hot mess. She was shaking and quivering, her hands on the back of my head as she pressed me harder into her.

“Yeeees Bayo! Eat that pussy like it’s yours!” She commanded and I gladly obeyed, digging my tongue deeper into her cunt, my right hand leaving her fine ass as It moved to worked her clits – my thumb massaging the hard bud in quick, circular motions.

It didn’t take long before Jessie was screaming and shaking, a convulsing heap on top of the seat.

She came on my face with a loud shriek – her thighs pressed hard onto my cheeks as her creamy juices fill up my mouth. I lick her clean and swallowed every drop of it.

When I opened my eyes, I see hers tightly closed, her lips spread apart as she tries to catch her breath.

“That …was….so good!” She said in between soft gasps.

“Duuuuude! You sabiiiii!” Michael yelled!

“Guuuuy, you wan finish my woman?” Sam said from the bed, his gaze fixed on Jessie, who was still trembling slightly on the chair, “I could hear her screaming all the way from here.”

Jude, who had a front-row seat to the whole thing, had a small smile on his face. His hand was covering the head of his dick, cum seeping out between his fingers, “Now that is how you give a girl head!”

Someone yelled behind me and I turned to see the mouth of the bottle pointing towards Obiye. She crawled on all fours towards Jude and stopped when she got in front of him.

Taking his hands off his dick, she licked off his cum in slow, sensual slurps. One finger at a time.

When she was done, she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean; her left hand stroking him from the base to meet up with her lips encircling the head of his dick.

“Bayo, you can now call yourself our lodgemate.” Jude said in a low groan, Obiye’s head bouncing on his cock,

“Welcome to American Mueller!”

Story was written by Naughty Seun, and she blogs at Erotica Rated

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