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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller II (18+)

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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller II (18+)

“Hello…is someone in there?”

It was the girl I met on the stairs.

I looked at myself and wanted to laugh…and cry at the same time. There I was standing behind the door with my trousers down, cum on my hand and a whole lot more of it splattered on the wall.

Her timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“Yeah…yes, just give me a second.” I rushed to the bathroom, pulled off my soiled clothes, rinsed off my dick and my hands, then grabbed a pair of shorts and wore them.

A tissue wasn’t my first option, but it was all I could use to clean the cum off the wall, before I opened the door.

‘Hi… again.” I had one of those smiles that could either be interpreted as excitement or guilt, but by the looks of it, she wasn’t happy about any of it–she just stared at me with cold eyes, jaw clenched and with a bored expression on her face.

So much for making a good second impression.

“You dropped this by the gate…” she held out a sealed package, “…or at least I think you did.”

Then Her right brows arched up, ” It’s yours shey?”

“Yes …yes, it is.” I took the package from her, my fingers grazing hers briefly, “Thank you.”

“Sure.” She said, turning to walk away, but I didn’t want our second meeting to end on such a sour note. I knew at the rate things were going, we could end up being ‘acquaintances’.

And that might just be worse than being enemies.

“Would you like to come in …” I pushed back on my door, making space, “It’s in a bit of a mess though, but I could get you a drink or something, just to say thank you.”

She said nothing at first, just a pair of cold eyes staring back at me, before she burst into a throaty laugh.

“You really are new.” She said. And just when she was about to resume her journey upstairs, the next door opened up.

“Eve! I thought I heard your voice.” My next-door neighbour said, her baby voice just a tone shy of a moan.

It was really her, the mystery girl in the flesh. Minutes ago I was masturbating to her voice, but now I couldn’t bring myself to look at her face. I swallowed hard as I took a step back, my clenched fist-shaking.

“Are you going upstairs? Wait up, let’s come with you.” A guy appeared behind her. It was the lucky bastard.

He had on a loose, black singlet with the ‘Rick and Morty’ character on it and dark-blue shorts. Clean shaved, dark chocolate skin, a deep pair of dimples when he smiled and also, a fine ass bae to bang in the early hours of the morning–lucky was an understatement.

“What were you doing in Jessie’s room?” Eve asked with a small smile spreading on her lips.

“He was fucking me na….what else?” Jessie said, and Eve just laughed it off like it was nothing.

“Guys, isn’t it too early for that?” Eve asked, the smile still on her lips.

And Jessie replied and they kept talking. I can’t remember what exactly they were talking about, cause I was too stunned to comprehend shit.

My former lodge was hush-hush, people barely related with each other and when they did, it was mostly during our monthly lodge meetings. Everybody minded their business, but apparently, this was not the case in American Mueller, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I could ever get used to it–the blunt honesty, the craziness.

“Let’s go naaaah…” Jessie said, all giddy. She grabbed the guy behind her but halted in her tracks. It took me some seconds to realize that I was the reason why.

“Are you my new neighbour???” She squealed, embracing me in a tight hug. I felt her boobs squishing themselves on my chest, her nipples still hard as they poked into me.

“So they finally rented out this room huh?” The guy said.

“Oh my gosh! She pulled back quickly and looked at me with her eyes wide open, biting her lower lips to stifle a laugh, “We were a bit loud weren’t we?”

“Oh shit!” The dude said as he chuckled, “Sorry about that my gee, we thought we were all alone. I’m Sam by the way and this nasty girl here is–”

“Jessica!” She beamed a cute smile, “but all my friends call me Jessie.”

“I’m…um…Bayo.” I stuttered, glancing from Jessie to Sam, as I tried to put a smile on my face.

“Oya let’s go na.” Eve called out, taking lazy steps as she climbed the stairs.

“And she’s Eve.” Jessie pointed to my new enemy, but my eyes were focused on that tight bum-short and her round bum that peeked out of it, “She’s naturally grumpy, so if she said anything to you, don’t take it to heart.

“I heard that o!” Eve called out, turning instantly to glare daggers at Jessie.

“What if he comes with us?” Sam said and the other two stopped talking. They looked at Sam with a wide grin, then focused their attention on me. All three of them.

“American Mueller is a little bit… naughty.” Jessie said as her fingers played with her long wavy hair, “Do you think you can handle it?”

I should have asked, you know? I should open my fucking mouth and inquired what craziness I would be getting myself into. But no! I was curious and more than anything I was hoping I could end up doing something crazy with the girls, my dick getting hard from the anticipation.

“Lead the way.”


Sam knocked on room 42 and a fair dude, with just his boxers on, opened the door.

“Took you guys long enough, we are about to start.” He beamed, stepping back to let Sam, Jessie and me in. Eve didn’t come.

“Who is the new guy?” He asked as he shut the door.

“My new neighbour.” Jessie said with a smile, “So let’s go easy on him.”

My dick twitched in my shorts. After the guilt and shock from our initial meeting had worn off, I couldn’t help but notice how Jessie’s voice made everything sound sexual.

I swear, her voice could be mistaken for a moan–tiny, high pitched and a bit nasal. She could be talking about playing a simple game of Ludo and I’ll still think it was something nasty.

“Welcome my Gee…” The fair dude said as he took my hand in a firm handshake, “I hope you are ready for some fun.”

I looked around the room and two guys and two girls were already there, coupled together. The first set of couples were laying on the bed, a blanket covering them, while the others were on the floor.

“Guy howfa.” I shook the guy on the floor, “Hello.” I said to the girl who beamed at me. She had on a transparent blue singlet, showing off her white bra underneath.

“Hey.” I said to the couple on the bed before taking the seat close to the window.

The guy on the bed looked at me and smiled, while the girl had her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, soft gasping sounds escaping her lips.

I might be wrong, but it seemed like he was fingering her and she was loving every bit of it.

“So a quick introduction…” the fair guy said, “I’m Jude. My man over there on the floor is Michael and the girl next to him is Obiye.”

He pointed to the couple on the bed, “And that’s Isaac and Oma.”

A smile spread across Jude’s face, “don’t mind what they are doing, they are just a bunch of horny bastards.” Then he looked at me keenly, as if I was a commodity he was accessing to buy, “So what’s the name.”

“Bayo…” I said with a straight face, afraid if I tried to show any emotion, my uneasiness would show, “I’m Bayo.”

“Welcome to American Muller Bayo,” he smirked, “I’m sure you’ll fit in perfectly.”

“Oya… enough with the introductions,” Sam stood up, tapping on the couple on the bed, “let the games begin.”

“Are you ready to play,” Jessie said giggling.

“Sure,” I muttered, my eyes glancing to the bed. Oma’s moans had gotten louder and for some reason, I was the only one affected by it.

I felt my dick get even harder.

“Michael get the bottle…” Jude said, “It’s time for dare or die!”

Story was written by Naughty Seun, and he blogs at Erotic Rated

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