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May 9, 2021

12 WWE Wrestlers’ Awkward High School Photos
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12 WWE Wrestlers’ Awkward High School Photos

Ever wondered what all your favorite WWE superstars looked like way before they’d ever stepped into the ring?

The pomp and spectacle surrounding wrestling’s most charismatic grapplers is so overblown that it becomes hard to see these bombastic superstars as grounded, ordinary people. The business often obscures the real human being behind the exaggerated personality, which is why it’s so fascinating when the curtain is lifted back, giving us a rare glimpse of who these high-flying caricatures really are.

Though it’s hard to believe, the Undertaker, Stone Cold and Brock Lesnar were all scared and confused teenagers at one point in their lives, busy hitting textbooks instead of ‘roid infused bodies.

These 12 awesome high school photos reveal the humble, pubescent origins of these now legendary warriors…

Hulk Hogan

Signature Catchphrase: “Oh, yeah!”

Finishing Move: The Atomic Legdrop

Iconic Wrestling Moment:

The Undertaker

Signature Catchphrase: “Rest in peace”

Finishing Move: Tombstone Piledriver

The Rock

Signature Catchphrase: “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?!”

Finishing Move: Rock Bottom

John Cena

Signature Catchphrase: “You can’t see me!”

Finishing Move: Attitude Adjustment/F-U

Iconic Wrestling Moment:

Vince McMahon

Signature Catchphrase: “You’re fired!”

Finishing Move: McMahon Stunner

Kurt Angle

Signature Catchphrase: “Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true”

Finishing Move: Angle Slam


Finishing Move: Pedigree

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Signature Catchphrase: “What?!”

Finishing Move: Stone Cold Stunner

Brock Lesnar

Signature Catchphrase: “Here comes the pain”

Finishing Move: F-5

Mick Foley/Mankind

Signature Catchphrase: “Bang, bang!”

Finishing Move: Mandible claw

Iconic Wrestling Moment:

Chris Jericho

Signature Catchphrase: “Would you please … SHUT. THE HELL. UP!”

Finishing Move: Walls of Jericho


Finishing Move: Sable Bomb

Check out Sable’s outrageously dated entrance video, which is basically thinly disguised soft porn (avert your eyes, children):

 Source: Rob Harris, MoviePilot.com

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