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April 20, 2021

Zoe’s Scribbles: The Charming Nnanna II (18+)
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Zoe’s Scribbles: The Charming Nnanna II (18+)

I couldn’t concentrate all day at work, especially with the text Nnanna sent earlier. I was filled with both excitement and worry. Excited that we were probably going into a new level in our relationship and worried about what we had and if it could be termed a relationship. Of course, I packed a weekend bag but he refused to pick my calls or pick my messages so I knew he knew what I was thinking. After lunch break, I sent one of the office drivers to drop my car at home since Nnanna was going to pick me up from work.

Towards the close of work, it felt like my boss knew my plan and was determined to keep me at work way past closing time as report after report passed through my desk. I noticed the women kept walking around and were talking excitedly but I was just too busy to care.

“Planning to leave the office at all?” I looked up to see him in my office looking fake hurt.

“I’m done. Let me just turn off my computer and take my bag.” We left the office, went out for dinner before driving to his studio-apartment in Ikoyi. No sooner had we walked into the living room before we were tearing at each other’s clothes and boy could Nnanna kiss.

I even felt my toes curl of their own volition.

He laid me gently on the biggest couch I had ever seen and proceeded to kiss my naked body. As he got to my center, he kissed his way around before licking up and down my entrance. He expertly avoided the spot even though I was moving my hips down and willing him to hit it.

When he shoved his tongue into my pussy, oh boy, I never hesperred it! He took my clit, gently massaging it with his tongue. As I was prepared to ride his face, he held my waist down with one hand and slid his finger in. Tongue and finger fucking me at the same time, I couldn’t hold it in any longer as I came all over his face. When it looked like I was done, he picked me up and carried me into his bathroom. While in there, I wasn’t about to let him think he could take me to the heights of ecstasy and go scot free.

I just had to have my pound of flesh! I turned on the shower and began to kiss him, baby boy held on to me for his dear life and just wouldn’t let go. Nnanna adores kissing, he could do it all day if allowed. I moved from his mouth to his neck and shoulder, a nip at his pulse point eliciting a gasp from him. While his hands ran all over my body, I picked up on one of his nipples, drawing circles around it and gently biting it. From the corner of my eye, I saw him hang on to the wall. I moved over to the next nipple, doing the same thing and even sucking on it this time- his gasps music to my ears.

I moved further down to take his now rock hard penis into my mouth. I kissed his swollen head before taking the full length in while gently massaging his balls and in a move that surprised even me, I pulled out and took his balls into my mouth. That obviously proved too much for him to handle because he pulled me up, took a soap and sponge and quickly washed both of us up.

After rinsing, he took a towel, wrapped me in it and carried me into his bedroom. As he lowered me on the bed, he plunged into me with a ferocity that left me gasping but I loved. He thrust into me hard and fast and I matched him thrust for thrust. As I was so close to cumming, he flipped me over and I went hard at work. Riding atop him slowly and when he was getting used to it, I increased the tempo. We both came at the same time, the waves washing over us like the sea. As I dropped on the bed and cuddled, I knew spending this weekend with him was going to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

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