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Zoe’s scribbles : One night stand (18+)

“Renewable energy is natural energy which does not have a limited supply. Renewable energy can be used again and again, and will never run out…”
I can barely concentrate on what this lecturer is saying. Why do we have to have a lecture so late in the day?

Who fixes a class for 5pm anyway?

Doesn’t he have a wife to go fuck?

I have had a busy day & all I want is some food & a long sleep. It is 7pm and the lecturer has shown no sign of releasing us. I can’t even walk out of the class because we are so few. 5 students in energy law class with me being the only girl. What the hell was I thinking when I chose this course? Oh God, what’s that sound? My tummy. I hope nobody heard. Then again maybe if the lecturer heard, he’ll let us go.

“Renewable energy has been in use for thousands of years in one way or another. An example of this is how our ancestors used the wind for sailing, and we now use the wind to generate electricity”.

Oh my days, it’s 7:30pm and we’re still in this god forsaken class. Ok, maybe it’s not god forsaken. It’s actually my best course of all time.

But dammit! It’s a friday night. Ugh! I just remembered. I promised Alex I’ll go clubbing with her tonight. I really don’t feel like but I promised. I hope I get some tonight because I’ve been walking around with the female equivalent of a hard on and there’s only so much a clitoris stimulator can do. What will I wear? I need to look sexy if I must land a sexy guy this night.

I could wear the… “Zoe, can you give us examples of renewable energy sources?” Damn you to hell Prof. Why do you have to call me out? I said to myself

“Sir, examples of renewable energy sources include, biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, tidal, wave, wind, wood”.

Ugh! Dude is such a perv. Imagine him licking his lips at me. You ain’t getting a piece of this ass, bitch!

I so need to get me some before I implode. I want a guy to fuck me hard. Nibble on my ear lobes & neck while my lips down south take his hard dick in, over and over again. Arrrrghhh!!! This class needs to end. Fuck!  Alright class. For your assignment, I need you to explain the sources of renewable energy, the forms in which they can be manifested as well as the disadvantages and advantages. Do not forget to submit both your hard and soft copies. See you next week’. Oh thank goodness. Now time to prep for tonight, but first, I must satisfy my hunger for food.

Alex picks me up a few hours later, looking so sexy with her little black dress & red studded shoes. I look absofuckinlutely gorgeous myself. With a turquoise little dress that accentuates my curves and a pair of black stilettos that make my legs look like they go on forever, I’m ready for some action tonight.

We arrive at the club and as in on cue, all the hot guys mother nature has ever created happen to be there tonight. Am I lucky or what? Alex gets us drinks & we hit the dance floor. Now you see, dancing for me is like sex but without a naked body. Alex always says I turn her on every time I dance. As we dance, I notice this Adonis coming close. Alex notices him too but she really doesn’t care, seeing as she fucks pussy. Adonis comes close & boy do I feel dizzy. He smells so great, I just know that I’ve found my catch for tonight. Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’ comes on & I get my freak on.

I perform all the moves available & Adonis is left gasping for breath. He clearly hasn’t started.

I lead Adonis to a back room at the club. Rocky, the bouncer is a friend of ours and lets us use the room as long as we tip him. Without saying a word, I pull him to the couch, sit on him and start to kiss him. Hmmm… Adonis is such a good kisser.

I move to his neck, biting him lightly while my hands fiddle with the buttons on his shirt. I unbuckle his belt and release his dick which is now throbbing with pre cum. I kneel before him and take him fully in my mouth, sucking the tip of his dick like a lollipop, pulling his shaft playfully, I love the feeling of brushing his steel hard dick around his well formed stomach

Oh, how I’ve missed the feel of a penis in my mouth, i miss the tip of the dick touching the back of my throat. I love the way guys go crazy when I give them head. It gives me a sense of power. Adonis is already out of control as he’s shaking uncontrollably while I work him. He seems to know what he’s doing as he pulls me up, pushes me on the chair and widens my legs. He goes down and begins to tickle my clitoris with his tongue. He’s good, very good. I could feel sparks of pleasurable electricity surging from my inner thighs into my brain

Oh my! That felt awesome. Dammit! Stop teasing me. Just tongue fuck me already.

Ooooh. Oh yeah. Just as I’m about to climax, he pulls me up unzips my dress while I get a condom from my clutch. I slowly wear it for him and in a move that surprises me, he flips me over on my knees with my ass facing him.

Slowly he slides into my sexpot and starts to thrust me from behind. Going in and out while slapping me hard. I enjoyed the sharp pain of the slap on my ass as it mixes with the pleasure of his shaft ramming into my pussy.

I feel a tingle down my spine with each slap and my excitement heightens. One hand moves to my boobs while the other pulls my hair. I moaned at the way he pulled my nipple, OMG! I think I’m gonna die soon but a happy woman. If there was ever a competition for who fucks good, I’ll nominate Adonis. As if on cue, he slams my pussy hard and I moan louder. Adonis stops mid-fuck & teases the tip of my pussy with his dick, rendering me silly talking utter gibberish, I wasnt in control of my own faculty anymore, totally lost in the pleasure of his dick.

Are you fucking kidding me? I laugh out loud. Shit feels too good and my pussy is dripping so much with every stroke. My pussy was helplessly wet.

He stops and I step aside and order him to lie on the couch. I straddle him and slowly sit on his dick. I start to ride him slowly until I increase the tempo. Adonis is moaning loudly now and I join him. The feeling is even better than I expected, completely marvelous.

I lean towards him and he lightly bites my nipple. Dayum! I lose control and start to ride him so fast, the rhythm of our waist was melodic, I push my legs forward, close them shut and continue riding. I see the look on Adonis’ face and I know I have him where I want him. I alternate my speed till I can take it no more. Still sitting on him, I switch to the reverse cowgirl and fuck him harder. I’m on a row tonight, this is exactly the kind of fuck i need.

I’m at the point of no return and so is Adonis. I slam his dick hard into my pussy, grinding my waist endlessly into his groin. I can hear myself purr as I cum.

Adonis too has emptied his load into the condom and I can see he’s as well satisfied as I am. Mission accomplished!

While he’s busy catching his breath, I get into my clothes and quietly leave the room. Rocky gives me a knowing smile at the door and I wink at him.

Thankfully, I don’t have to search for Alex as she’s waiting for me in the car. ‘You had a nice time, I guess?’ She asks. “Better than nice hun” I said as I gave her a full mouth kiss .

As we head home, I realise I don’t even know his name and I chuckle. It’s after all a one night stand, it feels good to be thoroughly fucked.


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